Huron woman wins Facebook contest

She 'likes' the Register
Jan 6, 2014


Brittany Witter is the first-ever winner of an iPad mini from 

"Awesome," she said upon learning Monday afternoon that she'd won. 

Witter, 23, of Huron, was randomly selected from among the nearly 12,000 residents who have "liked"'s Facebook page. The contest was designed to promote the Register's social media links to news of the day and the community news stories in the daily digital Register. 

"I wasn't really expecting to win," said Witter, 23, who works at the Kalahari Resort. "I told my family so they're pretty excited for me." 

Witter said she likes keeping up-to-date.

"Sometimes I see (the Register's) posts at Facebook and it's nice to know what's going on. I don't like feeling like I'm falling behind on the news."




Hopefully she'll use the iPad to find a better job. When's the next contest? I never heard about the first one.


Aside from being an idiot, what is your job? She's 23, employed, not a sponge on society (whereas you probably are), and possibly doing the best she can. Congratulations to her!!!

red white and blue

Don't be a poor sport unassumer and we all can't have a great job like yourself let us all know when there's room on that pedestal your on.


not being a poor sport, I'm glad she won. I just don't like Kalahari or how they treat their employees (like prisoners). and as for the trolling, aren't you the pot calling the kettle black?


its funny that the treatment that people who work there got , is not the first time I have heard something about that place .So one would have to wander if maybe there is more to it then meets the eye

red white and blue

And as much as you are on here trolling I'm surprised you didn't know.

Tsu Dho Nimh



But does she "like like" the register. I feel a headline coming

Seriously though congrats on the new device. Enjoy it!


Congratulations. And at least you are working. I admire someone who works in a service job. It is one of the hardest jobs to hold.


it's where she works that I don't like and hope she can find something much more rewarding. right now she's just making Todd Nelson richer.


Yes big congrats.