Rolling into the new year

Obama eyes modest momentum on Capitol Hill in 2014.
Associated Press
Jan 4, 2014


President Barack Obama returns to Washington this weekend eager to test whether a modest budget deal passed in the waning days of 2013 can spark bipartisan momentum on Capitol Hill. As he opens his sixth year in office, he also faces legacy-defining decisions on the future of government surveillance programs and the American-led war in Afghanistan.

Looming over it all will be the November congressional elections, Obama's last chance to stock Capitol Hill with more Democratic lawmakers who could help him expand his presidential playing field.

For Republicans, those contests are an opportunity to seize control of the Senate, which would render Obama a lame duck for his final two years in the White House.

The wild card in 2014, for the White House and congressional Democrats facing re-election, will be the fate of the president's health care law. The website woes that tainted its launch have largely been resolved and enrollment has picked up. But the White House has been tight-lipped about who has enrolled, raising uncertainty about whether the insurance exchanges are on track to get the percentage of young and healthy people who are critical to keeping prices down.

The health care questions aside, Obama spokesman Josh Earnest said the White House enters the new year buoyed by the "modest amount of legislative momentum" generated by the December budget deal.

"We're hopeful Congress can build on it and make progress on other priorities where common ground exists," Earnest said.

It won't take long to test that proposition, with debates on unemployment insurance, budget spending and the government's borrowing limit expected in quick succession in the opening weeks of the year.

If all three can be resolved in drama-free fashion — by Washington standards — the White House believes it could create a more favorable atmosphere for Obama to pursue second-term priorities such as an immigration overhaul and a higher minimum wage, though both would still face steep odds.

The president is scheduled to arrive in Washington on Sunday morning after an overnight flight from his home state of Hawaii. He's spent two quiet weeks on the island of Oahu golfing and spending time with his family and childhood friends.

Upon his return, Obama will step back quickly into the debate over expired unemployment benefits for 1.3 million Americans. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has scheduled a vote Monday night on a bill that would reinstate the benefits for three months.

Obama will try to make his case the following day, holding a White House event with some of those whose benefits expired at the end of December.

"For decades, Republicans and Democrats put partisanship and ideology aside to offer some security for job-seekers, even when the unemployment rate was lower than it is today," Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address. "Instead of punishing families who can least afford it, Republicans should make it their New Year's resolution to do the right thing and restore this vital economic security for their constituents right now."

The issue with the greatest potential to upset the tepid truce forged in December's budget deal is the debt ceiling. As part of the agreement that ended the 16-day partial government shutdown in October, Congress suspended the $16 trillion-plus debt limit. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew says bookkeeping maneuvers he can use to keep under that ceiling will last only until late February or early March.

Obama once again has pledged that he won't negotiate on the matter. House Republicans will plot their strategy at a caucus retreat later this month.

Aside from fiscal matters, the president also must make decisions on what changes he wants in the government's vast surveillance powers. He's expected to announce those changes before his Jan. 28 State of the Union address, though an exact date has not been set.

A presidential commission presented Obama with more than 40 recommendations and the president signaled at a year-end news conference that he was open to many of the proposals. But he's facing pushback from his intelligence advisers, who argue that the widespread collection of telephone and Internet records is crucial to national security.

The president also must make a decision on the future of the American force presence in Afghanistan. Afghan President Hamid Karzai is yet to sign a bilateral security agreement with the U.S. that the Obama administration says is crucial if American troops are to stay in the country after the war formally concludes at the end of 2014.

The White House had hoped to have the agreement signed before Jan. 1, but indicated there was some flexibility on that timing. Officials say that without an agreement soon, the U.S. will be forced to start making plans to bring all of its troops home.

"We are talking about weeks, not months, left on the clock," said Caitlin Hayden, Obama's National Security Council spokeswoman.

Aides say January's packed agenda will keep the president in Washington for much of the lead up to his State of the Union address, though some brief domestic travel may occur.



Darwin's choice

Snake oil salesmen smile.....


A question that was popular during the Nixon admin.:

Why is this man smiling?

Kottage Kat

He read Bob's E-mail.


I would trust a snake oil salesman over this P O S


Re: "whether the insurance exchanges are on track to get the percentage of young and healthy people who are critical to keeping prices down."

According to an Oregon Medicaid study:

"People who got access to Medicaid used doctors more than people who didn’t. But they also used the ER more."

"The law isn't designed to save money. It's designed to improve health, and that's going to cost money."

Google: "Another Problem Obamacare Won't Solve: Health Costs" (Bloomberg)

That's right boys and girls; prepare for healthcare 'sticker shock' in 2014 & beyond compliments of Doctor Obama.


At least if you were dumb enough to buy snake oil, it probably wouldn't actively HURT you...Obama's policies, on the other hand, are a different story!

The Big Dog's back

Right wingnuts just can't stand prosperity under a Black President. Get over yourselves already.


Re: "prosperity under a Black President."

Thank you for that report from Bizarro World.


Honey, you need to use the OTHER dictionary when you use big words like "prosperity." You know, the one that DOESN'T say "Dictionary of Antonyms" on the spine?

Bottom Line

Oh please stop with the race card. It only proves YOU are the racist. Get a life.

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You pulled it.

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Confession of a former Rush Limbaugh fan
I'm 52 yrs old. 25 years ago I was fully employed and living the American dream. I listened to Rush everyday and thought Rush was right. I hated unions and poor people because they were leeches off my tax dollars. I voted GOP in every election.
A couple of years ago after a long life of working and living fit I had a massive heart attack caused by a genetic defect.
My non-union job fired me for not showing up for work while I was in the hospital. I lost my health insurance thirty days later while I recuperated in a skilled nursing home. The bills ran close to $100,000 dollars. I finally recovered six months later, but no one would hire me for a job after submitting over a hundred resumes and getting only two interviews that ended as soon as the interviewer say that I was older.
My house went into foreclosure and the wife split for a more stable man. I finally was able to get a job with about 35 hours a week with no benefits and barely above minimum wage. After 3 months on the job I had another heart attack that left me severely disabled. I ended up on Social Security Disability and food stamps. I finally filed for bankruptcy admitting that the 'I did it all by myself' is just not true.

I don't listen to Rush or other right wing talk show host any longer. After all Rush is a member of the 1% and his solution for people like me is to end all assistance and let us die in the gutter.

A large majority of Rush's listeners are just like me. One paycheck or health crisis away from living in the gutter. Today I'm glad that democrats have provided a safety net for people like me. If the republicans were in charge all people like me would be dead due to lack of care and no place to live.

God Bless America and it's safety net.

There you go again

How is a $6000 deductible with Obamacare a "safety net?" More like a fishing net and we are all caught in it!

PS-You didn't cite your reference for this story, why?


Re: "Confession of a former Rush Limbaugh fan"

Thanks for that report from Bizarro World, aka ""

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Flagged for off-topic bull$h1t.


Basement dweller does a copy and paste from the Democratic Underground and posts it as fact. http://www.democraticunderground(dot)com/10024277065

That's a new kind of st---d there.


Someone needs to tell piddle puppy that when you use an article or even something published on a leftwing wacco blog that you should give credit to the one who wrote it instead of having people think it was yours. It really lowers your already low creditability. This from someone who never links anything to show proof of his statements. Why am I not surprised? Not only a left winged wacco, but lazy and willing to claim others work as their own.


Are things perfect under Obama? Of course not. Are they better than they were under Bush? Absolutely, in every respect. As of January 5, 2014, the best evidence we have that Republicans do not have the answers are #1: the state of our economy in 2008 at the end of the last GOP presidency, and #2 the well-documented long list of things GOP leadership has done to slow the recovery since that time.

They are, however, very good at taking care of the 1%, aren't they? Which is why they nominate out of touch plutocrats like Romney, in a misguided attempt to regain the White House. That strategy isn't working too well for them, is it?


There are more 1% democrats in Washington than republicans. You may have overlooked the fact that Congress (The people in charge of actual spending)was Democrat controlled in 2008.

JudgeMeNot's picture

The word fact is not in Coasters 0-bama bible. :)

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bush wanted it that's why he didn't veto it.


The Democrats had to vote it into law first. Unlike this President Bush at least did not completely ignore the Constitution.

The Big Dog's back



Not compared to Mr "Constitutional lawyer", They guy ignores congress and the law and issues directives. You may want a king but the rest of us know better.

The Big Dog's back

You do know bush had 291 directives and Obama has only 168 don't you?


You are not including Obama's directives to ignore laws made and passed by congress. I can count at least 6 just with Obamacare. Admit it, Thinking is hard for you so you want someone else to do it for you.

The Big Dog's back

Yes, 168. Fact.


You are talking executive orders, Not directives. Obama does not even bother with executive orders. He just tells his gun salesmen...Err the thugs at the DOJ to ignore congress. As I said before Thinking hurts you doesn't it?

The Big Dog's back

I understand, you live in a fact free zone.


The Fact is you do not know the difference between a presidential directive and a executive order.

Really are you ...

Compare our strengths to weaknesses.
Unites States Armed Forces to United States Congress.

Must be pretty bad, everything I have tried to compare was blocked.


Figures don't lie but liars figure. Obama was voted in. The 1 before him was selected. It will be interesting to see who the GOP has in this election.

Dr. Information

Bush was voted in. Sorry you keep living in the past. Must be miserable.

Dr. Information

Bush was voted in. Sorry you keep living in the past. Must be miserable.


Go to Wikipedia 2000 presidential election results, by state. It shows the totals by state for every candidate. The Electorial College clearly shows who won according to the Constitution It was and still is the law of the land till an Amendment is passed and signed. Did that oath you took as a marine, to support and defend the Constitution mean anything to you, or were they just words you mumbled?


Re: "2000 presidential election"

As has been previously observed:

If VP Gore would have ONLY won his home state of TN, the election results in FL would have been inconsequential and he would have been elected POTUS.

Also, it was the Gore campaign which sued over FL, causing it to end up with the Supremes.

VP Gore conceded - end of story.

With an estimated net worth of $230 million, ol' Al has done alright with his crony investments in taxpayer subsidized green industries and programs.

Don't cry too hard for him. :)

BTW: Even Tipper dumped his *ss.

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0-bama thinks the American people are idiots. We know for a fact that this administration has poured money down a black hole of uncountable spending. 2014 is the start of 0-bama and his lame duck dynasty.


Paint him green and he would like the Grinch!!


Someone needs to smack those big teeth right down his throat.


What about Melissa Harris Perry getting her big mouth smacked. LMAO!

The Big Dog's back

What about Repub Congressman trey radel doing smack?

Darwin's choice

Larry Davis doing his mentor....


coasterfan writes:

"Are things perfect under Obama? Of course not,"

The main reason for worldwide economic improvement - Debt

"Debt as a proportion of the economies of the 34 members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development will rise to 72.6 percent this year from 70.9 percent last year and 39 percent in 2007,"

See: "Bond Tab for Biggest Economies Seen at $7.43 Trillion in ’14 " (Bloomberg)

We merely 'papered over' the systemic problems & forestalled the 'day of reckoning.’

The illusion of a solution has been monetary, NOT political.

Dr. Information

Old donkey tooth and his ADD will try his best to direct everything away from the failure obamacare.