Police use force during traffic stop

Sandusky police used force to take a car passenger into custody after he allegedly refused to pull his hand out of his pocket and started pulling away from police during a traffic stop late Thursday night.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 4, 2014

Paul Barnhart, 32, 500 block W. Madison St., was one of two passengers in a vehicle when police stopped the car for a license plate covered with snow at about 11 p.m., according to a police report.

The driver allowed police to search the vehicle, then asked Barnhart to step out of the car.

An officer started to pat him down for weapons and noticed he smelled of raw marijuana, the report said.

At first, Barnhart placed his hand on the vehicle, but then placed his right hand in his coat pocket, refused to take it out and started to pull away from police, the report said.

Officers then used force to place him into handcuffs and charged him with obstructing and resisting arrest.

Barnhart told police he didn’t know what was going on and that he had had a seizure, according to the report.



ok then..

Darwin's choice

"for a license plate covered with snow"

Serious crime there.......


So the police shouldn't use every trick they can to get a piece of dirt like any of the barnharts? Are you insane? Shows how little you think

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Not nearly as insane as you are stupid.

pigeon farmer

Remember you see a Barnhart almost everyday.


This is wrong in so many ways. Somebody needs to explain to the SPD that this is not Afghanistan.

For a snow covered license plate? Nearly every car that was outdoors had a snow covered license plate.

The smell of raw marijuana? But none was found? Is more training needed? or should they just quit lying?

What was in the kid's pocket? Nothing but his hand?

So now this kid has a record for a trumped up no good reason.

Why to go SPD.


Check the courts this "kid" already has an extensive record there genius....they use minor traffic violations to catch bigger fish, I'm sure they knew it was Barnhart, you're an idiot

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So, how long has your wife been running around on you with them?


what record driving charges or misdermeanor charges he don't have stealing or robbery or murder charges...


he does have seizers there genius. he got tazer 3 times by 3 different cops lets get the truth out there and all of spd knows this kid has seizers also so they could of killed him by tazing him while having a seizer. and no they didn't find any drugs on him and he should of never been asked to get out of car if there was no wearrent for him this is called harassment...and yeas im a lawyer goiong to help sue the police they took it to far


You are a lawyer, who can not spell SEIZURE or WARRANT?


Sorry been up all night reviewing my case and was half asleep.
For ppl calling the Barnharts low wigger trash, that is consider slander and you can be sued for that also...


magiclady, Quit it please and thankyou!

There you go again

Liars like you don't belong here. "Seizers", "yeas", "wearrent" and no punctuation? Where did you go to "law skool?"


Was wondering the same thing!! LOL!!! The attorney I worked for may have had really bad hand writing but knew how to spell


Mr. Barnhart has two different types of seizures, and the police dept. knows this. There is plenty of medical records to prove it.
He was already searched before he stuck his hands in his pockets. He was already lying on the ground ,so he did not need to be teased.

Seen it All

Oh goodness, the cops were teasing him too!?! Buhaha, If your a lawyer, I am a brain surgeon! :)


I believe you are not getting the point of this situation if this was your father or child you would be in outraged. The police dropped the ball here and need to be held accountable for there actions plain and simple!


Maybe I'm expecting too much out of humanity, but something tells me if you've been Tasered three times by three different cops, you're generally not a trustworthy person. If he was so concerned about having a seizure and being Tased, maybe he shouldn't commit crimes or become uncooperative with authorities.

Also, the police can ask you to do anything if they have probable cause (suspicion). You don't have to agree with it, and you're allowed to ask "Officer, respectfully, do I have to step out of the car/answer questions?". In most cases, you do not have to comply with an officer's wishes, and it is not an admission of guilt. Yes, you have to show your hands to prove you do not have a weapon (suspicion). No, you do not have to answer questions or get out of your car. Officers are trained to be intimidating and make you believe you have to do whatever they say, but unless you are being arrested or are showing probable cause (not showing hands), you don't have to comply.

But oh, I forgot, you're a "lawyer", so you already knew all of that! Have fun "defending" your client, as he basically got himself into trouble.

Also: Like it or not, having a license plate covered by snow is illegal. Save yourself a traffic stop and a pricey ticket by taking an extra 10 seconds to dust off license plates, tail lights, head lights, and brake lights when it's been snowing. Common sense.


He started to have his seizure after he was searched. Therefore they knew he didn't have anything on him. The police claim he was resisting arrest cause he wouldn't comply well he couldn't he on the ground having a medical problem and than the police never took Barnhart to the hospital. There was pictures taken at the police department and by the lay firm.


Even the LAY firm took pics ??? Magic, you are as close to being a lawyer as I am a porn star.. please stop posting like you are... Your going to make me pee myself !!!


^^^ Lol


@kasey We see you like to gab well here is a few things you should know for your next paragraph. I didn't know every diabetic or a person with medical seizure has to walk around worrying about getting Tased by the people of power "police". Second I believe he was in the backseat of the vehicle so its not his job to clean a licence plate that three quarters of Ohio had covered. Third he had no warrents because they ran his name so why did they make him step out the car? Forth thing you 'police' didn't smell raw marijuana when he first pulled them over but smelled it outside on him when he got out of the car hmmmmmm. Three police officers outside the car bullying him and after they search him and find nothing, the three set there and question him again bullying him O and when he starts to have a seizure all three police Taser him in the middle of the road in front of two passengers. Than while they know there wrong and people r freaking out the 'police' ask them why are you with Mr Barnhart he is trouble. Don't get him 'Mr barnhart' no medical attention but take him to jail. Where another officer hurrys up and lets him out why??? I'll tell you why because that officer knew that the three fellow officers involved were in the wrong!! They need to be held accountable!! I believe the register needs to get to the bottom of this to because 'alittle force' is a understatement. When they Tased this man three times by three different officers! Thank you, now you can rant about something and actually have a clue about what your talking about and about this article!


Magiclady, your post must have really shaken up the whole Police department! When I stopped in there this morning to drop off coffee and donuts to them, they were all talking about getting sued! They are terrified! They even called in Don Icsman, on a Sunday, so they can start making up their defense. You have them shaking in their boots!

Please contact me in private, I am looking for a good, tough as nails lawyer, for my tenth DUI, I need someone like you on my side!

Go get 'em magic, you're awesome! Sandusky needs more lawyers like you!


Badge or not , when your wrong your wrong.


No need for a warrant to have a driver or passenger exit a vehicle and by no means is this harassment. If you are really an attorney, I feel terribly sad for your clients.

Pennsylvania vs. Mimms (1977) would definitely ring a bell, if you were actually an attorney, with having a driver exit the vehicle during a traffic stop. Or, Maryland vs. Wilson (1997) of having passengers exit the vehicle during a traffic stop.


If they pulled him over because they knew who he was they targeted him, That makes it worse.

pigeon farmer

That is a common lie most police forces use. It is an excuse to search. The police have no repercussions if thet are wrong / lying. The dogs are less than 27% accurate yet it will hold up in court 100% of the time. I wish the police departments would start bringing the dogs to search every commissioner meeting. The state patrol should seach the Ohio General Assembly before and during every session.


Please back up your claim that police dogs are less then 27% accurate.


@Kilroy ^^^^+1