Train keeps a rollin' in Marblehead

Train-O-Rama the cure for winter boredom.
Alex Green
Dec 27, 2013


Terry Timmons has a solution for families suffering from winter boredom: Train-O-Rama. 
His store in Marblehead is open year-round, with train displays coinciding with the seasons.
“Christmas and trains just go together,” Timmons said.
This was his thinking in the mid ’90s, when he decided to make the store a full-year attraction rather than a mostly summer offering. The holiday season has proven to be the perfect time for people to check out the 4,000-square-foot display room.
The displays are incredibly detailed, with trains circling the perimeters of little worlds. Some have “Plasticville” hospitals and nurses, while others have Christmas-themed villages.
The Christmas displays will remain up until mid-January, Timmons said.


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