Erie County commissioners name new treasurer

Officials appoint retired administrator to temporarily fill in.
Andy Ouriel
Dec 12, 2013


The Erie County commissioners called upon former county administrator Mike Bixler to become the interim treasurer.

A vacancy occurred about a week ago when treasurer Jo Dee Fantozz abruptly announced her retirement, effective Dec. 15.

The Erie County Democratic Party is now charged with finding a replacement. That decision will likely occur sometime between late December and late January.

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Julie R.

Geez, another double-dipper?

As an afterthought, didn't the county commissioners also appoint Luvada Wilson as the interim Clerk of Court when Barb Johnson passed away? Unlike certain others in that office during the time Mrs. Johnson was on a medical leave, I have nothing against Luvada Wilson, but didn't she come from the court of Tygh Tone?


What qualifies Bixler to be seated in the position? Another double dipper.

Keep Focused

When you have an immediate need you have move forward with someone who has a great reputation. Bixler has great credibility and a ton of administrative experience.

Great choice. Let's hope the Democratic Party can do as well with thier choice.


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I don't like double-dippers, either. I won't argue Bixler's qualifications, but I WILL debate whether or not retirement monies should be paid while somebody is working for the same entity from which they retired!

No Wake

Would you argue that he didn't earn his retirement pay? Otherwise, I don't see how you could take something like that away. Sure it's expensive to pay a person twice, but it's not as if he isn't earning it. If he's the right person for the job in the interim, he could be well worth the money over hiring the wrong one.