Church finds home downtown

The Rev. Tom Hayes Sr. began his church in a storefront at Perkins Plaza, but Faith Christian Ministries has graduated to its own building
Tom Jackson
Dec 8, 2013


The church has moved to 200 Hancock St. — the old location of Sandusky’s Social Security offices — and it marked the occasion by celebrating a grand opening Saturday afternoon.

T & D Hayes Group Ltd., Hayes and his wife, paid $186,000 for the building on April 1, purchasing it from Shiff-Gary Inc., according to the Erie County auditor’s records. The new space provides the church about 6,500 square feet, versus 4,000 square feet at the old location.

Hayes, the senior pastor, is pleased by the new location because it’s within walking distance of many people who live downtown.

“We are truly grateful for this opportunity to serve the downtown community” he said. “The area is ripe for ministry, and we believe the Lord placed us here for His greater purpose to serve our neighbors and church family alike”

Major renovations were needed to turn the former government office building into a house of worship, including removing the old carpet, painting and putting together a sanctuary, said Hayes and a church spokeswoman, Mary Irby.

“It’s a major renovation,” Irby said. “They tried to maintain the integrity of the building as much as they can”

Hayes and his wife, Diane, founded Faith Christian Ministries as a Bible-based, independent, nondenominational church.

There’s room for growth, Hayes said. The church has 35 active members.

“When they all show up, a little bit more,” he said.


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SR articles concerning the ministry of a bible based church – 1

Oh well, at least it’s a start…

The Answer Person

@thinkagain -- Kinda creepy that you keep track of all of what you perceive as "homosexual". Just sayin'...sounds like a personal problem.


Churches (not-for-profits) cropping up in downtown commercial areas - one of the signs of urban decline.

Due to an erosion of the tax base, some communities attempt to limit their number.

Coram Deo

Welcome Faith Christian Ministries! Glad to see that old building be put to use for the Kingdom of God. You couldn't be in a better place for ministry. God bless your endeavors.

Kottage Kat

May God richly bless this ministry.


Congrats and I hope your ministry succeeds.


"This area is ripe for ministry," anything positive is great. Hope this church goes fwd.