LAST DAY: Local military away for the holidays? Send us their addresses

If someone close to you is in the military and won’t be home for the holidays, the Register would like to recognize them.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 5, 2013
To include your loved one in our special section, send in:
• The person’s name, rank and full military mailing address. If it’s not obvious in the address, include the branch of service and where the person is stationed.

• An optional photo of the person.

• Note the person’s connection to the area. Names of parents, spouses and children may be included.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, Dec. 13. The information will appear in the Register later this month.

Email a photo and the information to , or mail to:

Away For the Holidays
Sandusky Register
314 W. Market St.
Sandusky, OH   44870



You've included the deadline date for submission now how about actually giving the date the addresses will be published. It would be beneficial to those people who are outside the circulation area but close enough to drive to a store that sells the paper that wish to participate.

Jason Werling

bayshore, we were shoring that up and will run them this Sunday in order for people to have time to send them to those serving.

Thank you for your interest.

We had a glitch with the e-mail and it is working now. Please try to resend if you had tried before.


Dude. TMI. Loose lips sink ships. And I'm sorry that I feel you have to get a clue.
If you feel this opinion is excessive and that your exercise has been successful then I apologize for thinking you don't have a clue.


To clarify your confusion, I live outside the Register circulation area, thus my request for the date of publication so I can purchase a copy and, again, participate in this worthwhile project.

As to your reference to "Too much information" and "Loose lips sink ships" I fail to see the relevence.

Merry Christmas.