Send us your Thanksgiving/Black Friday shopping photos

What else do you have to do while waiting in line?
Jason Werling
Nov 28, 2013




It's a jungle out there. This evening on Route 250 it looked like opening day at Cedar Point. A checkout told me at Target they have 100% of employees working tonight and on Saturday. Not till Sunday do they start returning to normal staffing. Best Buy had folks lined up and Perkins Police were busy just patroling and watching and keeping everyone lined up at various stores orderly. I will give a big hat's off to Perkins Police for they were intently checking all the handicapped parking slots at the Sandusky Mall to see only authorized people were there and saw them later at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond. One car had a hard to see handicapped mirror hanger and the patrolman got out of the Dodge Charger and walked over to it to verify it was legally parked. Again, hats off to Perkins Police and I am assuming unauthorized parkers are ticketed. Noticed they were also moving people along temporarily parked in the fire lane at the mall.

Dont Worry Be Happy

I also noticed the PPD had everything under control. There were officers present at many locations through the TWP. I'm glad many businesses spent that extra money to have the police near by, made me feel safer shopping.