Scrap thief identified

A Fremont scrap metal business, suspicious of multiple pieces of brass rods being turned in for cash, helped an employer peg a thief last week.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 21, 2013


The scrap metal business alerted factory owners Wednesday that it received several pieces of brass rod brought in on different occasions and suspected the metal could be coming from the plant, according to a Fremont police report. 

Managers checked the suspected stolen goods, and the material matched what is used at the factory.

Through scrap metal logs, they identified the seller as the wife of a factory employee.

Since December 2011, she sold almost 1,900 pounds of the brass and received almost $3,000 for it, according to the police report.

When factory managers confronted the employee about the allegations, he didn’t deny them and was fired.

Charges have not been filed.



Wow, fired. Now that's a kick in the Brass!

Simple Enough II

Really, no company name or anything else to go with the story? Pretty vague if You ask me.

sandtown born a...

no criminal charges? Maybe the just haven't been filed yet.