Volunteer opportunities available

Care and Share’s new leader appeals to community for help.
Tom Jackson
Nov 11, 2013


Care and Share urgently needs clothing for kids, and it also could use volunteer help, the charity’s new leader says.

Linda Miller-Moore took over on Oct. 14 as the agency’s executive director, replacing Dan Ward, who retired.

Miller-Moore, a retired English teacher who taught in Margaretta Schools, is no stranger to nonprofits. She’s president of Erie County’s health board and also president of Serving Our Seniors.

Care and Share
• WHERE: 241 Jackson St., Sandusky
• CONTACT: Call 419-624-1411
• MORE: The agency is seeking donated children’s clothing. It’s also in need of volunteers.

She said this week she’s giving up the Serving Our Seniors post, as she wants to devote more time and attention to her new job. She plans to stay on at the health board.

Miller-Moore said she’s noticed a considerable overlap among the people Care and Share serves and the folks who receive services from the health department. She’s used Care and Share as a place to hand out packets explaining the health department’s new dental clinic, which serves clients regardless of ability to pay. Interest in the dental clinic has been strong, she said.

Anita Stotz, president of the Care and Share board, said Miller-Moore’s experience with nonprofits and her enthusiasm helped persuade the board to hire her.

Care and Share provides emergency food and clothing aid to Erie County residents. It also provides other household items, such as linens. First Presbyterian Church provides the charity a home, leasing space to it for the token cost of $1 a year. If you’re willing to clean out your closets, Miller-Moore would like to hear from you.

“We need children’s clothing desperately,” she said.

The agency is also looking for extra help. It has only three paid staffers, including Miller-Moore, and relies upon volunteers to get the work done.

“If you want to feel good about what you do, give me a call and volunteer,” Miller-Moore said.

Stotz said her board wants Miller-Moore to speak to local organizations and help Care and Share become better known.

“She’s open to speak to organizations and churches and things like that, and tell our story,” Stotz said.

Miller-Moore said she’ll try to follow the example of Sue Daugherty, executive director of Serving Our Seniors, and Pete Schade, Erie County’s health commissioner, who have both represented their agencies well.

“I’ve had two great teachers,” she said, referring to Daugherty and Schade.


mimi's word

I had the great pleasure of being an adult student of Mrs. Miller-Moore at EHOVE. She is an outstanding and funny lady who is extremely passionate and very ambitious! I know the program will be in great hands. Congratulations Mrs. Miller-Moore! Michelle Mancuso PBS ’10-‘11


First she needs to get rid of some of the rude people that help there they are there to help people not rush them out the door as soon as its closing time that is a big issue there. And glad Dan is gone lost my info twice not very organized

Tiredofthe BS

I think people need to appreciate more that there are people trying to help and stop demanding it like it is owed to them and was your info lost or was it decided you were not as in need as someone else and denied? I will probably get slaughtered for saying this but how is it you need free food and clothing but can find time and resources to get online and complain?


I agree. I think I could guess who the rude one was.