Huron woman dies in train-pedestrian accident

A 26-year-old Huron woman died Sunday evening after she apparently walked in front of a moving train.
Tom Jackson
Nov 11, 2013


A 26-year-old Huron woman died Sunday evening after she apparently walked in front of a moving train.

The death of Ryan Boldman took place about two railroad car lengths west of the train crossing on Berlin Road, said Huron Police Chief Bob Lippert.

“It looks like it was a suicide,” Lippert said. “Our investigation shows that she had made suicidal statements earlier in the day.”

If you or someone you know needs help, the National Suicide Prevention Line is 800-273-TALK

The local Firelands Mental Health Hotline is 800-826-1306

Boldman was the mother of two young children.

No autopsy is planned.

“It’s quite apparent what the cause of death was,” Lippert said.

He said tests would be run, however, for the presence of alcohol or drugs. Police released the name after notifying Boldman’s parents, who live in the area.

Lippert said the Norfolk Southern train operator said Boldman stepped in front of his train.

“It was quite obvious this was an intentional act on her part,” he said. “It is a very traumatic experience for the operator of the train.”

There was nothing the train operator could do to save her, Lippert said.

The train moved away from the railroad crossing at 7:40 p.m. Huron police and firefighters then examined the tracks. The intersection was opened up again at about 8:05 p.m.

The Erie County Sheriff’s Office dispatched deputies who also assisted at the scene, Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said.


he said she said

I will keep this family in my thoughts. It is traumatic enough to lose someone to death but to lose someone so young and with kids with answers that cannot and will not be answered as to why she felt this was her only choice.

The train engineer can and should be taken out of service so that he can speak to someone about this. I can not imagine being in his place and not be able to stop when he sees someone on the tracks; trains can not swerve or stop on a dime.


Well said!




Agreed. I cannot imagine how anyone will explain this to her children, who will no doubt blame themselves. Poor babies.


Just seen her obit with her piture she was a beautiful women with kids too such a sad sitution. Ive experience a family member who commited suicide its so tough on the family to deal with God bless her family and her children.