Will travel be booming this holiday weekend?

Though AAA has predicted Independence Day travel will be down 2.5 percent from last year, local tourism officials are optimistic we'll start the summer off right this weekend.
Jasmine Pace
Jun 30, 2011


Though AAA has predicted Independence Day travel will be down 2.5 percent from last year, local tourism officials are optimistic we'll start the summer off right this weekend.

Jill Bauer, spokeswoman for Lake Erie Shores and Islands, said plenty of visitors are expected travel to Northwest Ohio to enjoy rides, slides and some good old fashioned Fourth of July festivities.

AAA predicts 1.6 million Ohioans will travel at least 50 miles from home this weekend, as 39 million people take trips nationwide.

A recent survey from AAA, the Oil Price Information Service and Wright Express put Ohio's average price for regular-grade gasoline at $3.63 a gallon, down from $3.84 a month ago.




I hope people will be able to travel during the celebration and birthday of our NATION, but it appears the theory of "staycation" will prevail.  Even as gas prices from depleting our oil reserves has eased the price at the pump, I do not think or believe there will be a huge influx of traveling.  I do hope people will SPEND their money and travel to Perkins and then to Cedar Point.  I hope they have record breaking attendance for the 4th of July weekend.  You miserable, liberal, crybabies and haters of CP might want to consider what happens when CP makes PROFIT and PAYS their taxes and shareholders.  Here is a tip.  It has something to do with CAPITALISM.  "Ooo, those EVIL capitalists."  Ha! Ha!  You know, return on INVESTMENT and JOBS like in a private business?  Oops, you liberals are all used to the SOCIALIST and COMMUNIST theory of free tax paid entitlements, welfare, reparations, and freeloading.  "Where be my check?"  Exactly.  Happy Birthday America.  Hey, veterans.  How does that ORDER by the 0bama Veteran's Administration about BANNING God, prayer and the flag folding recital feel?  Man, you progressive liberal socialists, communists and loser 0bama supporters sure are making a great impact on the "social justice" of our great military and the HONOR for those who died for us.  Yep, absolutely incredible.  I can see WHY most veterans (NOT all) and active duty military personnel (NOT all of them) have a dim view of the commander-in-thief,...sorry, I meant chief.  Here is a tip.  Be good little liberals and learn how to OBEY or else!  And YOU voted for this and want to PAY more for this?  You ALL get what you deserve and voted for.  Four more years!  Ha! Ha!  GOD bless America!!       

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 As the price of Oil and Gas has rise the Traveling will become too expensive. Most of the people have decided to spend there weekend with there friends and rather going out for a tour. I had plan to visit Sikkim India this weekend but, my budget has disturbed due to this hike in the fuel price.  And just today i have heard that America will be facing the Recession very soon. This will effect all the countries.