Woman allegedly beat son, 5, with belt

A Sandusky woman was arrested Wednesday afternoon after her 5-year-old son told his teacher she hit him with a belt, according to a Sandusky police report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 2, 2013


Courtney Yancey, 23, 1100 block E. Farwell St., was charged with child endangering.

Officers went to Ontario School around 2 p.m., after school officials alerted them to the boy’s comments.

The child said Yancey hit him in the face with a belt when he got an answer wrong on his homework, the report said. After showing a social worker his bruised face, he revealed belt marks on his back and shoulder blade and a scar on his knee caused by a previous blow from the belt, the report said.

The boy repeated the same story to three school officials, the police officer and a social worker, the report said. Yancey’s brother picked the child up from school. He allegedly insisted the marks were from the boy’s brother.

Yancey also blamed the marks on the boy’s sibling when officers confronted her with the allegations, the report said.

Yancey was arrested and taken to the Erie County jail.




How can a mother do this to a child!!! And to say it was done by a brother?? If it were being done by the child's brother why wasn't it reported or why wasn't the child taken to the hospital to be checked to make sure there was no injury? If there was honestly no foul play here, then why not allow someone the chance to make sure he's ok. I'm sorry but I really hope there's a special place in h.e. double hockey sticks for people that cause harm to innocent children!!!


Farwell Street does that tell you anything

No Wake

No, please enlighten me?

Colonel Angus

That education is stressed on that street?


Tells me she was trying to help her son learn.


I had a friend when I was growing up that had a dad that did this to his 5 girls any time they did anything wrong. It didn't even have to be major and he did it in front of anyone that was staying over and then he would make us go home. I thought it was awful then and I still think it's awful. There is no reason to beat a child. None.


Question: What became of your friend? Where is she now?

Is she a productive, contributing member of society, or an axe murderer?

It seems that should have some bearing on the quality of her upbringing.

dorothy gale

Hitting a 5-year-old in the face with ANYTHING is unconscionable. I got beat with a belt constantly as a child and teen, most of the time for no reason other than that my father was an angry, hateful bassturd, and it taught me several things --- to fear, to hate, to distrust. Beating a child is wrong, it is evil, it should be a punishable offense just like any other form of assault.


This particular woman mistreated her child. But corporal discipline is LEGAL and warranted in the proper manor.

Of course there are those posters who will attack this post, all I can say is don't waist your breath, use it to congratulate those parents who have kids in prison, or been divorced or have illegitimate children etc etc. You who are such pacifists are dreamers who in reality wish to punish people for raising their kids differently than yourself.

We punished when necessary our children, and they CRIED, and they are all professionals and one is in the mission field. And I and my wife didn't die when we were punished either!

I remember one time my son was being told a bed time story about a bear and my wife heard me coming up stairs and she said. "Whats that noise, I bet its the bear!" The kids screamed but one said, "We don't have to worry, if that bear try's anything dad will spank it!" Moral of the story: the kids actually took comfort in knowing dads protection was readily available.

And many of us in our youth got the belt, just not across the face etc. And if you got it the discipline wasn't out of rage or anger but based on JUSTICE, teaching us that there are consequences to our actions and decisions.


You're right on with your comments. This woman did indeed go too far if she is in fact found guilty. I continually find myself arguing against the "time out" folks as that form of punishment is nothing but laughable for a child. Even nature punishes with pain. A puppy playing with his mother bites too hard. What does the mother do? She bites it back letting it know it's being too rough. Case closed.


So in your world, people are only animals with no rational thoughts and no feelings of regret, respect, or moral compass?

thinkagain's picture

Not all people, just liberals.


That would be in alignment with the leftist progressive ideals you typically advocate here.


I agree. I got the belt more than once while I was growing up. It didn't kill me. I learned from that not to steal, lie, cheat, and to be respectful. Did the deed warrant the belt in this instance. No.


My children and myself learned that without corporal punishment.


Maybe you did. For some kids, other methods work. That doesn't mean you should tell others how to raise kids you don't know. In the same family, there will be one compliant child, and one who always pushes the envelope and only responds to physical punishment.

Stop It



Most parents still spank their children. Most people in prison were disciplined with corporal punishment. Most honor students with educated parents are not disciplined with corporal punishment Therefore, your argument is invalid.
Hitting with an object is never appropriate.


You make some grandiose statistical claims with no basis. I thought you said you learned not to lie and cheat without being spanked.

It's been my casual observation that those who were raised by pacifist parents generally have a worldview that denies personal responsibility and expects the government to wipe everyone's nose for them.


Sounds like hogwash to me!



In most cases, abusers were abused, so this kind of thing ran in the family. So the poor kid gets sent home with an uncle that is mad at the kid for "lying" about his mom, and the uncle takes it out on the kid for getting his mom arrested !

This makes no sense to me, the brother made excuses for child abuse, and the cops let the kid go to him. The brother called the kid a liar, basically, and the cops hand the kid over to him? Now the brother can brainwash the kid all weekend about "what really happened".

Way to put the kid in harms way.


Why on the jail roster does it state that Ms. Yancey is in for complicity to robbery? Is this simply an error or did her beatings as a child not do the trick?


getting an answer wrong on schoolwork should not = the belt.

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I got spankings form my mother. When I did something really awful, I had to wait till my dad got home, he spanked with his belt. As a teen I called my mother the B word. That got me a slap in the face.
Both my parents were abused physically and emotionally while they were growing up. What they did to me was to teach me right from wrong. I never felt like it was abuse, and I believe the word gets overused.
I'm glad to say I've never had to spank my kiddos, yet anyways, but if they ever do cross a line, I would not hesitate to do it.


When a 5 year old has bruises and scars, it has gone beyond discipline and into abuse. Discipline is supposed to teach a lesson. What lesson did that poor kid learn? That Mom's violent and out of control, and can't communicate any more effectively than by using a weapon of sorts. And kids grow up and get bigger than their parents, and stronger. And if they are angry enough, dangerous.


At five I had LOTS of bruises, cuts, and a few scars. None were inflicted by my parents, rather, they were the result of active outdoor fun.

Kottage Kat

Dad said belts were to hold your pants up.Daddys hands weren't always gentle, there was always love in Daddys hands. Taught us right from wrong and respect. We are educated and hopefully responsible citizens today. Mom and Dad were our family SWAT team.

yea right

wooden spoon from mom then dad got home i got the belt..and i grew up great

Good 2 B Me

This is why the current generation is afraid of their children and let them get away with EVERYTHING!


We see a story on these pages about misbehaving kids, and half of the people commenting wonder why the parents didn't discipline the kid (the other half are bleeding heart morons who want to forgive the little monsters and blame anything and everything EXCEPT the evil-doer or his mommy).

I can't argue that, if it's true, a belt in the face goes too far. But too many people here aren't posting about going too far, but rather that ANY corporal punishment is tantamount to criminal abuse! I'm assuming these are the usual bleeding heart morons...

The fact is that "time out" doesn't work with many kids. It's also true that spankings don't work with all kids. Punishment needs to be tailored to the child, but the point is that it must be PUNISHMENT. It SHOULD hurt (physically and/or otherwise). It SHOULD be something to be remembered — and feared. It SHOULD be sufficient to teach an indelible lesson.

Yea right, I feel for you. My mom used wooden spoons, too, and Dad was the one with the belt. But you know what? I've STILL never been arrested. And looking back, I can't remember ever being afraid of my parents hurting me, either. Unless, of course, I'd done something wrong. In that case, I was shaking in my boots! Too bad more kids aren't these days...!


You hit the nail on the head. Punishment needs to be unpleasant. Time outs are only unpleasant for a child with no imagination. Taking away TV or video games? If that constitutes meaningful punishment, it only proves that TV/video games are FAR too important to your child, and you have even bigger problems. A sufficiently smart child can rationalize the unpleasantness out of anything except corporal punishment.


Shoot! My mom used a bible to bust my rear end. There were times I wished she would have used a belt because whatever she did, she made it hurt! BUT, It was to teach us, to make us a better person. Do I spank my kids, Absolutely if they are deserving of it. I would NEVER beat my kids. Discipline is to show your kids how to be better people, respectful members of society and how to be respectful among many other things.

what works for some children may not work for others, HOWEVER, if more children were disciplined, there would be more productive members of society instead of criminals.


I fail to see how anyone could defend a parent hitting a kid in the face with a belt for getting an answer wrong. A 5-year-old at that. I am not totally against spanking, but I still believe that it sends a message to the kid that it is ok to hit someone smaller or younger to get them to do what you want. Different parents have different styles, but when the kid becomes an outlet for the parent's frustrations and anger, that is not discipline. It's not consistent and it will mess the kid up. I still question the effectiveness of spanking. It might work on a little child, but what about when they are bigger than you? I was no pushover as a parent, that's for sure. Having a fit in the store, are we? Well go right ahead, you are not getting a thing! And stick to it! My kids had very few tantrums, and learned that I wasn't their maid or personal assistant, but that they could be honest with me and that I was there to guide them. Respect, not fear.

dorothy gale

I agree 100%. The only thing a child learns from being brutalized is that it's okay to use violence when you are angry or when someone doesn't do what you want them to do. What I fail to understand is why, when one adult beats another adult, it is called "assault" but when an adult beats a child it is called "discipline." Totally skewed system we have and THAT is what is wrong with this country.