State IT worker investigated for mass pirating

Ohio’s government watchdog said an employee at the state’s health department circumvented computer security measures and improperly downloaded thousands of copyrighted movies, TV shows and comic books.
Associated Press
Oct 25, 2013


A report issued Thursday by Inspector General Randall Meyer said the 21-year information technology worker pirated copyright-protected media over the Internet using filesharing websites and what are called “torrent” files that allow multiple users to access the materials.

The findings are being forwarded to prosecutors.

Meyer’s probe came after Viacom Inc. complained in March 2012 of detecting an improper download of “Big Time Rush — Season Two” from an Internet address registered to the state.

A health department spokesman said the employee remains on the job pending an administrative disciplinary review and any action from law enforcement.


From the Grave

He'll probably go to jail for 10 years, and the guy that killed the baby will be free to go because he's insane...

Simple Enough II

I bet you are right. SMH.