Huron County airport reworking contract with sex offender manager

The Huron County airport board is renegotiating its contract with Doug Arnold because of his status as a sex offender -- a fact board members didn't realize when they hired him to be the airport manager.
Annie Zelm
Jun 25, 2011


The Huron County airport board is renegotiating its contract with Doug Arnold because of his status as a sex offender -- a fact board members didn't realize when they hired him to be the airport manager.

Arnold, 35, had been serving as secretary and treasurer of the airport board, among other duties involved with the overall operation of the airport.

The board this week decided he'll no longer serve as treasurer but will continue to serve as the secretary until his contract is renegotiated.

In recent months, the airport board committed to a requirement that its treasurer be bonded to comply with Ohio law. Previous airport managers who fulfilled the duties of a treasurer had not been bonded.

But Arnold's status as a convicted felon makes him ineligible to be bonded, according to state law.

The board hired him May 1 on a six-month contract.

It later discovered he was convicted of use of a minor in nudity-oriented material in Licking County, a low-level sex offense.

After meeting several times in executive session and seeking legal advice from county legal representative Daivia Kasper, the board decided to rethink the contract.

Board member John Cross has been tasked with meeting with Arnold to reach a settlement, expected to be announced at the board's July 12 meeting.

That could involve Arnold continuing in a more limited capacity or leaving the airport altogether.

In the meantime, board president Dennis Sokol will be in charge of all financial transactions, including the transfer of fuel sales and hand-delivering checks to the county auditor's office.

"I was involved very directly in the recruiting process, so I thought it was best that I not be involved at all in renegotiating the contract," Sokol said. "(John Cross) has got his marching orders. Hopefully he'll get it done, and we can move forward."

Huron County commissioner Larry Silcox expressed frustration at a recent meeting, saying the board should have done its homework before hiring Arnold. Nine others expressed interest in the job, including former board member Debbie Lake-Wagner.

The board said it simply took guidance from the county's employment application, which does not specifically ask if applicants have been convicted of a felony.

Commissioners updated the applications to include that question and others, but Silcox said those changes had already been in the works before the airport debacle.

He said he'd wait until the board finished its negotiations with Arnold before commenting further.



Well said butterfly. 

Give the guy a chance to become 'a successful person in society'.  He's mowing the lawn and keeping the books (he wasn't convicted of embezzlement). 

Captain Gutz

"The video clip that brought upon this conviction mostly likely originated in Europe..."

Proof please.

"All the participants in the video were willing participants."

And yet, at least one was a minor.

"Mr. Arnold had been viewing internet pornography for many years up to this point. "

Well, that's reassuring. Does he have internet access at work?

"He does not get sexual gratification from children."

How do you know this?

"Obviously Mr. Arnold was chosen as the best candidate for the job. Mr. Arnold, given his aviation and business experience, was considered the most qualified for the job"

Not obvious at all, perhaps one or more of the other resume' submitters were offered the position but turned it down?





I am really interested in knowing how this happened. No background check, finger printing, references, if the guy is a convicted felon that might have been an instant clue. Just wondering...

Captain Gutz

So because he likes little boys/girls he can't be trusted with money.

Does that mean if you steal money you are a pervert?


@Captain Gutz: I think the issue is that if your moral values are so screwed up that you like little boys and girls then, due to your sick sense of what is right and wrong, no, you can't be trusted with money.

Captain Gutz


I'd like to see how many convicted sex offenders are bonded in Ohio. Any idea where I could start looking?


I would ask, if the bonding process was a requirement of the job then why didn't his conviction turn up?  Would that be due to the commission not doing their due diligence?  If they dropped the ball why does this person who has paid his debt to society get the shaft?  What people fail to realize is probably 80% of the people on the sex offender registry really don't need to be on there.  It's just feel good legislation that past representatives passed to look tough on crime and will never be repealed because even though it would be prudent, and cost effective, it would make those in power look soft on crime.  He may have just been downloading a huge amount of porn and accidently downloaded something with a young person in it.  Even if it was an accident the law doesn't care, it has happened before and will happen again.  Again, if our elected and appointed officials dropped the ball on their due diligence on a policy they supposedly instituted just before this man was hired then the honus is on them.  This man shouldn't be punished a second time because of government's error.

Captain Gutz


You're joking, right?

The man isn't being punished a second time becuase of "government's error", he just slipped through the cracks then was found out. Should he not tell his prospective employer about his criminal record during hte hiring process?

And what does Honus Wagner have to do with all of this?


Sloppy hiring to say the least.  This guy handles money and no one did a proper background check.


Let thee without sin throw the first stone. Do you know how many married men go looking for other men? How many woman have affairs with other woman? How many kids are having sex? The sexual revolution of the 60"s opened a virtual Pandoras Box. Satan came out screaming and jumping for joy. He saw his opportunuty to destroy a whole nation. With GOD and therepy a person can change. Our prisons recieve money for therepy but the offenders rarely ever get it. It's a proven fact that most offenders were victims first. So you pity and defend the victims unless they fall through the cracks. Then you want there heads. Yes I want to know who is living by me. Weather it is a pedaphile, drug dealer or muderer. Do we register the latter? Do you want drug dealers or muderers around your kids? Then why eren't they registered? Joblessness in excons is one of the causes for repeat offending in any category. Yet society makes it almost impossible for an excon to get a job.

Unless you are part of the solution. You are part of the problem.


@StillFree -- there was not a "sexual revolution of the 60's." Everything that is has always been (in one form or another) throughout history. Please step out of the sheltered, naive world you live in and look around before you speak. You come on here, like others, to rant about the same thing for every article. "We lost God, we're living by Satan's rules, we're going to burn in hell, etc." 1) The same rant gets old. 2) Give me a reason you believe we've lost God, pick any time in human history, and then realize that the reason you think we lost God was actually present long before you ever lived. Every generation thinks the next has ruined everything. The "Greatest Generation" believes they lived during a more simplistic era. The "sexual revolution" you discuss during the 60's was not a revolution. Instead, people became more open about what was already going on. In the 50's, teens went to "makeout point" to do more than just makeout. In the early 1900's, the same sexual activity was called "necking." Instead of giving the graphic details we used politically correct terms. It goes beyond sex, though. Everyone says we live in a violent age,  etc. Have you ever studied Prohibition and the gangs which formed during the time? Have you ever read about the countless acts of violence throughout history (many committed by the very religious institutions you put so much faith in). Even today, the religious institutions you put your faith into are rocked with sex scandals, etc. How then, am I a worse person for not going to church than those in religious positions who commit these terrible crimes??? The only point I'm trying to make is that we didn't lose God over night. If we use your metrics as the standard then we can conclude that we never had God to lose, in the first place, because the arguments you make are not new issues. The issues you use for your arguments are issues which have existed since the first men walked the Earth. Now I need Taxpayer to give his FOX rant and Julie R to explain how it's all related to the corruption of Erie County Probate Court.


"it was later discovered he was convicted of use of a minor in nudity-oriented material in Licking county, a low level sex offense". My question is: could he have taken pictures of one of his children and showed it to others? Because I did that when my children were young and running around the house nude. At that time, it was cute, now if you do it, it is a sex offense. I don't know what he did, but it does say it is a "low level" sex offense. Before we hang him, we need to know more.


His wife turned him in because she caught him downloading pictures of a naked girl to a disc that he said was about 13.

Anonymous (not ...

I would like to take the time to clarify some points on this issue. The media has done a wonderful job at sensationalizing and keeping this issue at the front of everyone’s minds. The county commissioners have voiced their thoughts and opinions. Many citizens, none of who personally know Mr. Arnold, have voiced their thoughts, opinions and concerns. I believe it’s time for a new voice to be head. The following post may be a tad lengthy (therefore some of you with short attention spans may get a bit bored), but it’s necessary to address all the important points.   Mr. Arnold was tied and convicted for child pornography, that fact it not disputed. The video clip that brought upon this conviction mostly likely originated in Europe where nudism/nudism camps are more common than here in the states. He was not looking up child porn specifically. All the participants in the video were willing participants. There was no “helpless victim”. Mr. Arnold had been viewing internet pornography for many years up to this point. Yes, he knew the video contained minors and choose to view it. Upon his arrest, Mr. Arnold gave police the permission to search his home and personal computers. No other illegal material was found. What was found was an abundance of ADULT pornography. He has never, as implied by some people, prowled the internet looking for children. He has never, and is not now, prowled(ing) the neighborhood looking at children. He does not get sexual gratification from children. For all those concerned parents, your children are safe and not being stalked by the “boggie man” or monster.   Mr. Arnold was sentenced to one year in prison, of which he served five (5) months and then was released. He is on community control(aka probation) for a period of no less than five (5) years, must report to a probation officer once a month, and must register as a tier I sex offender for 15 years. Since his release, Mr. Arnold has followed all terms of his probation. He relocated to Norwalk to care for his elderly grandfather, who would be in a nursing home verses the comfort of his own home, without Doug’s presence. He has tried to obtain and hold steady employment, which is one of the terms of his probation. He has two young children, whom he pays child support to.   Before his crime, Mr. Arnold was a successful person in society. He held (and currently has) a commercial pilot’s license, flew for a major airline carrier, was a certified ground and flight instructor, and had logged over 4,000 flight hours. He has a degree in Aviation Engineering from Ohio State University. He worked as a database administrator for a major glass repair company in Columbus. When the job at the airport became available Mr. Arnold applied. He has both aviation and business experience. It seemed like a job that he could excel at and at the same time full-fill his probation (and life survival) requirement. He never filled out a job application. Like the other applicants, he submitted a letter of interest and a resume. During the interview process the question regarding a criminal past was never brought up. If it was important it should have been asked. Its the employers responsibility to ask all the appropriate questions.  He did nothing wrong by not divulging it. The comment was made that he only divulged the good points of himself. Duh!!! That’s the point of a resume. Many think he should have. Put yourself in his shoes. Would you have? If you answer yes, you are lying. They didn’t ask and he didn’t tell. The bonding issue was not an issue at the time. Do any of you know that the previous manager, who worked there for MANY years, was not bonded? All of a sudden it’s an issue? Gee, I wonder why? Its a law that's been on the books, but yet they wait until now to enforce it? They say he can’t be bonded, but they haven’t even given him a chance to try. Is it unlikely that he could be bonded? Sure, but there’s always that chance! Mr. Arnold was never given the title "manager" by the airport. This is inaccurate reporting by the press. He has limited duties which he performs. The day to day operations are run by the board.  As for dredging up the other applicants, I say why? Obviously Mr. Arnold was chosen as the best candidate for the job. I’m sure all candidates were all judged and considered equally. Mr. Arnold, given his aviation and business experience, was considered the most qualified for the job. Mr. Arnold is not friends with any of the board members, and holds no vested interest in the airport, other than he wants to see it succeed. Of course, given the current “feud” between the airport and county commissioners, some are taking this situation and working it for their own personal/political gain. To that I say shame on you. All Mr. Arnold wants is a chance to prove that he can do the job he was hired to do. He wants a chance to “meld back into society”, to enjoy being a productive, successful, self-sufficient person.  


God created Adam and Eve and all around them. He saw that it was good. Then they sinned and fell out of his grace. Time went on and every time man strayed to far God called him back. The flood, the tower of babel or their lands getting overtaken by a stronger army. It finally got so bad that God sent His son to personally tell His people what He wanted of them. Yes man has fallen into sin repeatedly throughout history. Before the 60's sexual sin was still a thing to be ashamed of. Men knew it was instinctivly wrong. The flower children (socialisms first real converts) brought you free love and cohabitation on a much larger scale. They told you it was their right to run around naked and have sex with whomever you wanted. And use drugs to find their inner self. Yes we had social sins before, but we didn't try to legalize them. Abortion, homosexuality, fornification, the list goes on, are all sins against God and nature. You can argue all day but it doesn't alleviate the fact that God will have the final say. And yes Satan has entered into every facet of life. Even the Church. But Jesus Christ assures us that satan will not conquer or prevail. I know we are not supposed to assume but I just wonder how many of you would have followed Jesus or screamed out "Crucify Him" if you would have been born 2000 years ago. No, I do not think I am any better than you. I just know that Jesus Christ has saved me and forgiven me of my sins. I know the world has come short of the Glory of the Lord all throughout history. But I also think it has gotten to the point in this generation that I feel the Lord will return shortly. I am going to make a prediction. First, society insisted they needed birth control. Then they needed abortions. After that they insisted on same sex marraiges and the acceptance of homosexuality. There are members of congress who belong to a group,the name flees me, that believe men and boys should be free to 'love' each other. After the special interests get all they want, this will be the new frontier.


StillFree is very sheltered. Less than 20% of the world has any form of monogamy. Homosexuality has been embraced throughout different historical periods and is seen in animals other than humans. Sex was never anything to be ashamed of, people were only less graphic in expressing sexuality to others (people would chuckle about two kids 'necking' instead of saying 'Bob got laid'). The 60's saw us open up about something which was always there and which we always, privately, embraced. But, what do I know?



Seriously all I have to say is let the man live his life!  Just because he has the title of a sex offender does not mean it was a full blown out crime.  Some people get in trouble for things that wasn't really worth it and sit in jail for time that they should not be doing while others that should be there get off on their crimes.  You see murderers and continuous drug dealers roaming the streets but the minute a "sex offender" is seen everybody wants to pass judgement.   Nobody ever bothers to figure out the truth they just see the title and assume!  If everyone were to assume the worst about everything they hear or see for themselves, there would be no good in anybody.  Everybody makes some sort of mistakes in their lives and some people just have to pay more of a price for the ones they make.  And i read it earlier a lot of the sex offenders were the victims in the first place.

You see all types of different offenders but I am viewing sex offenders at this time.

Everybody wants to say that they do nothing for the community and they are nothing but bad news but what people fail to realize is they are nothing to the community because you as the people will not let them be because you decide to judge a book by its cover.  They are told when they are released from prison and put on community control or parole that they are required to get a job and hold it down and live so far from a school, and if they dont get a job and become a part of the community they face the chance of going back to prison for not following guidelines put on them.  But what people fail to realize is that there really isnt much of a chance for them to get a job because everybody frowns on them being a part of the community.  But yet all of you that dont want them to be in the community want to complain because our tax money goes to our prison system to board them. So with all of you its a lose lose situation..  Everybody just needs to get off their high horse and get the facts before they start judging.


I agree!  Let him work to support himself or WE (the taxpayer) will be.