Woman kicks Sandusky police officer

Police charged a Sandusky woman with resisting arrest and assault after she kicked an officer in the chest early Wednesday morning.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 16, 2011


Police charged a Sandusky woman with resisting arrest and assault after she kicked an officer in the chest early Wednesday morning.

Three officers attempted to arrest Heather L. Fox, 37, for disorderly conduct after she walked into a man’s house in the 300 block of Fulton Street and started bothering his dogs, according police.

The officers noted she had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech, and she smelled of alcohol. As they attempted to handcuff her, she shouted profanities and started kicking the officers.

She struck Officer Major Ruffin in the chest and he grabbed her foot to restrain her, police said. Police warned her to stop, but she continued her aggressive behavior.

She finally stopped when officers released pepper spray into her face.



I'd be mad too if I had to pay for a haircut like that.  If she is 37 I am 25...shows what crack and meth do to you and probably a little Black Velvet and V.O to boot.


What the heck is really going on in this city? Good grief the pepper spray has her looking like that geesh.

Return of Dragon II

I don't think I would want to play with her puppies

Julie R.

She must have had one hard life to look like that at the age of 37!


Heather Fox again!!. Save money, recycle mug shots.


This is hardly news...Heather Fox is ALWAYS in the police blotter for something or another. I would rather the Sandusky Register post the article about Steve Dice retiring from the Erie MetroParks. I would LOVE to see the comments on that article! Where is it SR?


now all you kids out there take a good look this is what 20 plus years of drug abuse will make u look like


PLEASE resist in posting her arrest record.  It is definitely NOT needed.  I am sure she is a supporter of the criminal justice system.  She SHOULD be as her liberal social circle involves local LE and the JAIL!  She is obviously a mean drunk!  I am sorry to say she is another in the city who is GUILTY of a wasted life.  I hope Ofc. Ruffin is OK.  Don't let her get away with this Major.  She has proven she could care less about anything. 


she looks like the Landlord in the movie "Kingpin."  Wonder if she will be Charlie Sheens next girlfriend?


That must have been a rough 37 years.  There comes a time in life when one must change their lifestyle or the outcome will not be a positive one.  Maybe this will be her wake up call and she will make some positive improvements to herself and lifestyle.  It's pretty evident by looking at her that she has more than one addiction.  God Bless her.  Help is out there.

Bleeding Turnips

 Yes sir, good clean living pays off. She looks fresh as a daisy. WOW

Me and Only Me

Good Lord! I guess I am so glad I never did drugs or cared for alcohol, because I'm 64 and look younger than she does! I'll never understand why some people make their lives such tragic messes. What a waste of a life. Geesh!



Some undereye concealer, a fresh set of dentures and a palm full of Vidal Sassoon and she'd be good to go!


"Do not judge, lest you be judged."


SHE IS HAWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She was just trying to get her precious.  That's a bad Gollum

Peninsula Pundit

All this article states is that she smelled like ALCOHOL!

It does not state that any drugs were abused or on her person.

So why are all you self-righteous types bringing 'drugs' into this?

She was abusing a legal chemical.

Ethyl alcohol is a chemical, look it up.

If she'd been smokin' weed, I surely doubt she'd kick the po-po in the chest.

Alcohol will put you in a mind to do that.

Most of us know that, one way or another.

Shall we make alcohol illegal again?

After all, it kills more folks annually that all the other drugs COMBINED.


sorta looks like one of those creatures Capt. Kirk use to fight......


whether the article mentioned drugs or not, you can tell by looking at this 37 year old she has been doing more than alcohol.. and as for "if she was smokin weed, she wouldnt of kicked him" ya because we all know smokin weed makes you so calm you would never do something like that.. haha.. What a waste of life! 


What our LE has to put up with~and people wonder why they lose their cool, not hard to figure out why around here anymore.


Whadda                    hottie!!!!!!!!!!!


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This woman............is a mess.  She has been for years.  take one look at her local police record, and you will see she is one SICK person.  She is alcoholic and is unable to manage her own life.  I think they should FORCE her to get and stay clean.  Get a job.  She looks like HELL.3hrwm


Erie County Resident

Dream date for brutus.


124 matches on the Sandusky Muni Court website.  That's so many!  http://www.sanduskymunicipalcourt.org/search.shtml  It's really sad, too.  I hope she doesn't have any children.


Yes , she does . I would be surprised if she remembers their names . Sad , for them .