Dryer, chimney fires extinguished

Sandusky firefighters responded to two small fires this weekend.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 21, 2013


Firefighters were called out to a chimney fire at 11:49 p.m. Saturday at 1123 Franklin St. Flames were showing from the chimney when they arrived, Capt. James Green said.

A fire in the fireplace ignited a buildup in the chimney, Green said.

Firefighters quickly put the fire out, and there was no dollar loss.

Firefighters responded Sunday afternoon to a dryer fire at 533 Jackson St. Heavy smoke was rolling from the side porch after the dryer’s wiring ignited, setting the appliance on fire, Green said. The basement has concrete walls, which saved the home from significant damage.

There was some smoke damage to clothing in the room, and the dryer was a loss, Green said. He estimated the damage to be about $1,000.



this happened to me years ago fire dept said you need to clean lint from all parts of dryer i.e. remove panel at bottom of dryer and clean not just lint filter


I do that once a year. Take the back panel off and vacuum out the interior of the dryer. I also take the vent pipe loose and clean that out. You won't believe how much lint bypasses the lint filter.