Dine out for a good cause

Eating for a good cause has returned to Sandusky.
Tom Jackson
Oct 18, 2013


Nine restaurants will participate in Dine Out for United Way of Erie County, hosting events and pledging portions of the day’s sales to United Way.

Three restaurants have already held their events — Mr. Smith’s Coffee House, Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken and Cold Creek Cafe. Six more remain.

Pamela Brumbaugh, executive director of United Way of Erie County, said that while she hopes local residents will support the agency’s current pledge drive, the event also offers a way to support the agency and local businesses.    “It’s supporting a local restaurant and helping that local restaurant support United Way,” Brumbaugh said.

Maria Berardi-Nainee, owner of Berardi’s Family Kitchen, said her eatery has been supporting the event for years.

“It’s just an organization that we believe in,” she said. “We want to help whenever we can. It’s just something we feel good about supporting.”

Want to eat?
The remaining Dine Out for United Way events in Erie County:

• Tuesday: Berardi’s Family Kitchen, 1019 W. Perkins Ave., Sandusky

• Wednesday: Zinc Brasserie, downtown Sandusky

• Thursday: Crush Wine Bar, downtown Sandusky

• Oct. 28: Buffalo Wild Wings, 814 Crossing Road, Perkins Township

• Oct. 29: Angry Bull Steakhouse, 3317 Cleveland Road E., Berlin Township

• Oct. 31: Perkins Restaurant and Bakery, 4710 Milan Road, Perkins Township



What does the Erie County United Way Fund Director make a year? I think you'll be shocked on how much someone makes to collect your 'gifts' and pass out what, 30% of it?

When basically threatened to loose my job years ago unless I contributed I've decided in retirement to NEVER GIVE United Way another cent!


Truth2u, I'm not sure about recent numbers, but ten or so years ago, 30% would have been high.

That's not the only reason I don't support the United Way, though. It's because agencies I DON'T support get money through the program. I give contributions directly to those things I believe in. Problem solved, and no "deductions" are made to cover anybody else's administrative costs. Win/win!


Give to DAV or Salvation Army.