Bomb scare evacuates Huron High School

School officials evacuated Huron High School briefly on Wednesday after a student found a bomb threat written on a chalkboard.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 12, 2011


School officials evacuated Huron High School briefly on Wednesday after a student found a bomb threat written on a chalkboard.

The student found the note at about 11:15 a.m. It stated, "bomb" and "1 o'clock," police Chief John Majoy said.

Police and firefighters responded to the school, which was quickly put on lockdown while officers and school employees searched the building.

They didn't find anything, but activated the fire alarm to get everyone out of the building safely and speedily.

The students were outside for about 10 minutes, from 12:55 to 1:05 p.m., superintendent Fred Fox said. Once back inside the school, the students returned to their normal schedules until dismissal at 2:30 p.m.

Police are still trying to determine who wrote the message.

"It could have been written a day ago, a week ago or right before the student noticed it," Majoy said.



My thought... They only looked for 10 mins for this bomb? And they started looking at 12:55..... Not sure but that just doesn't sound very good?!?


@ Gunner10: It sounds like (to me) that they locked down the school somewhere after 11:15 (possibly the amount of time it took officers to arrive).  I am guessing that the students were in the building still during this lockdown period where the officers and school employees searched for a bomb.  The school employees??  Really??  Since when did school employees become qualified bomb technicians??  What if it was a "school employee" that had written that message?  Did they even think that through? 

So, apparently while the school was on lockdown they searched the school for a bomb and when they didn't find anything they thought it would be safe to evacuate everyone out with a 5 min buffer on each side of the 1:00 threat time.  Wow...   That seems safe.  

Yes, I realize that a bored student might just want to get out of class, but this seemed like it was handled so horribly wrong. 


Actually dbstr there are multiple teachers at huron who are former military members. One of them actually carried the football for the president in the 70's.


Well - being fair to Huron, might this be a blunder of reporting on the SR's part?  Doubt it!  Huron mentality - "can't happen here".  I'd like to know where the students were evacuated to for 10 minutes.  Were they in the parking lot, at the stadium?  Couldn't have gone very far if they were only out for 10 minutes.  And - heaven forbid the bomb would have been for 1 o'clock and failed to go off until 1:05.  Just sayin'!

Tool Shed

Huron, who wrote your SOP book on discovering a bomb?  I would have evacuated the school first.  What if someone would have disturbed the bomb, if there was a bomb, and it would have gone off?  Just FYI, it's easier to counsel a live student than to try to sort through a bunch of dead ones.  With handwriting on the wall, it's only a matter of time until the kid gets caught. That is if you didn't screw that up also and clean the blackboard!

Julie R.

Well, at least it gave the Huron Police something to do..................just kidding.



yes julie r ...... at least they won't be on the huron river bridge, by lemmy's, at the lighthouse realtor's area, on that concrete pad on the north side of mudbrook on rt. 13, at huron market parking lot, at mallard run parking lot, commerce plaza parking lot .... trying to catch speeders ..... while drinking coffee and eating donuts from donut shop!


Typical teenagers thinking they are being funny. I would have expected this to have been handled a bit differently, especially if it was a "bomb scare." They were only evacuated for 10 minutes? Hmm..


I hope the school board gets busy with many phone calls from parents asking questions.  In fact, they should attend the next meeting and ask to see the district's safety plan.  Maybe they need to update it due to the things happening in this day and age.  Glad this was only a threat!


I find it interesting that they haven't shared anything with the parents yet.  Everything I know, I've had to find out from my teenager......who was under lockdown in a classroom for close to 2 hours.  Not a very reliable or accurate source of information. 

Darwin's choice

I didn't  think there were any Taliban living in Huron............

grannie G

I was told by a Huron High student that they know the name of the student ( students )that made the  bomb threat.If this is correct where is the update in the SR?


There are many rumors flying around the high school right now, many of which are careful what you believe.


My thing was, that if they locked the school down, why would you keep all the kids IN the school? Why not notify the parents? If everything was on lockdown and everyone might havebeen scared... how much LEARNING do you think got done that day? I do agree with clementine... how do you know that there wasn't a problem with the bomb and it went off at the wrong time? I guess it's something to think about.......


A bomb threat may seem funny to the student that makes it up, but that joke won't be so hilarious to them when they find out how much panic it can actually induce, and how stupidly the school can respond to it...


With only a couple weeks left until summer break, this kind of stuff happens. I'm not condoning it and any threat needs to be taken seriously. They should have evacuated the school immediately, then brought in the bomb sniffing dogs. The students should have been taken a safe distance away from the building. Now that may not be a SOP, but I think it would be a reasonable thing to do. School administrators should have waited until 1:45 or 2:00pm to even let one kid back in that building. Finally, if it can be proven who made this bomb threat, then that person should be punished with the full extent of the law. If it means jail time, it means jail time. As a society, we need to make a statement that this kind of thing will not be tolerated and that student or adult who wrote the bomb scare should be made an example. Until a student that is screwing off takes a moment to realize he/she will go to jail for writing "bomb"' on a chalkboard, it might make them think differently. Now, what will happen? In all likelihood, it will become known who created this bomb scare, it will be a Huron "name" (someone whose parents are treated like a big deal in little old Huron) and nothing will come of this. God forbid the kid who may have done this actually transfered in from another school or moved to Huron recently. That person will be dealt some serious punishment. Thats how things work in Huron, if you are "one of their own", you get off easy. If you are a transplant, well, you know how it is.