Castro's death may not have been suicide

Authorities say the Cleveland kidnapper may have died from autoerotic asphyxiation.
Associated Press
Oct 10, 2013


Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro's death by hanging in his prison cell may not have been suicide after all but an ill-fated attempt to choke himself for a sexual thrill, authorities said in a report issued Thursday.

The report also said two guards falsified logs documenting the number of times they checked on Castro before he died.

Castro, 53, was found hanging from a bedsheet Sept. 3 just weeks into a life sentence after pleading guilty in August to kidnapping three women off the streets, imprisoning them in his home for a decade and repeatedly raping and beating them.

The report from Ohio's prison system raised the possibility that Castro died as a result of autoerotic asphyxiation, in which people achieve sexual satisfaction while choking themselves into unconsciousness.

Castro's pants and underwear were down around his ankles when he was found, the report said.

He did not leave a suicide note, a full psychological evaluation had found no sign he was seriously mentally ill or contemplating suicide, and investigators could find no reason he would have taken his own life, according to the report.

In fact, the day Castro died, the warden had recommended he serve his time apart from the other inmates, an option Castro expressed interest in, the investigation found.

The findings were forwarded to the Ohio Highway Patrol "for consideration of the possibility of autoerotic asphyxiation," the report said.

The Highway Patrol said it would have no comment pending the release of its own investigation.

Franklin County Coroner Jan Gorniak, who classified Castro's death as a suicide last week, said Thursday that her office was never told his pants were down. But she said she stands by her finding of suicide.

In Castro's cell, officials found a Bible open to John Chapters 2 and 3 and pictures of Castro's family arranged "in a poster-board fashion," according to the report.

Surveillance video indicates guards did not do at least eight required checks on Castro the afternoon and evening before his death and falsified the logs, according to the report. Two checks were done properly just before Castro died.

The report also said staff failed to make sure Castro watched a suicide-prevention video when he first arrived in August.

Similar allegations of falsified logs have been made against two other guards in the Aug. 4 suicide of a death row inmate just days before he was to be executed.

After Thursday's report came out, the prison system announced that supervisors will conduct random checks at all prisons to make sure guards are doing their rounds.

Castro's lawyer brushed off the suggestion of autoerotic asphyxiation and said the prison bears responsibility for his death.

"Castro committed heinous and intolerable crimes that required lifetime punishment, but correctional facilities are still responsible for protecting the health and safety of all of the inmates," defense attorney Craig Weintraub said in an email.

The prison guards union accused the state of scapegoating employees instead of dealing with overcrowding and violence behind bars.

The Castro report also said that an ambulance was significantly late in arriving but that the delay probably didn't affect the outcome.

In court, Castro blamed his problems on an addiction to pornography. He described himself as a sex addict and said: "I'm not a monster. I'm sick."



Darwin's choice

It's over. Quit wasting ink on this felon.

Stop It

yep...who freakin' cares? He solved the problem himself.


the ONLY thing that disturbs me is that the State did not do its duty of killing him but instead gave him a way out, even though he screwed that up too, it still was the STATES responsibility to the citizens to cook this creep.


Only it never happens FAST enough. We have to pay to house him first. for what twenty years?


If he was addicted to sex, why wouldn't they throw him in with all the others? Could of gotten all the sex he could handle. Other than that WHO THE HELL CARES. The world is a far better place.


He was spanking his monkey and it fought back.


Thanks for my big laugh today!!--I'm still laughing over your comment as I type this... too darn funny!


As long as he's dead, who cares?



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AS long as he stays dead, So what?

Do they think anyone gives a SH** ?


I have never understood why inmates are ever on suicide watch. They're far less trouble, less costly, and less dangerous dead! And isn't the point of any incarceration to keep US safer?

For everybody here who says, "Who cares?" I can only say that I do. But my "caring" stops right after my gratitude that I (and other taxpayers) aren't feeding, sheltering, or giving medical care to a man who made his OWN choice to defy humanity!


If this is true, then it just goes to show how truly sick this guy really is, (not that we didn't already know that)very disturbing!!!! Glad we don't have to waste our tax dollars on him anymore!


What ought to disturb everyone is that the Corrections Officers, falsified their logs and failed to do their jobs. As a taxpayer, I am not happy knowing that high profile inmates are not supervised and allowed to engage in acts such as auto erotic asphyxiation. These corrections officers just handed the family of Ariel Castro a big lawsuit.

It also might explain why 4 inmates are dead in Toledo at the hands of other inmates. You may say so what, but again the inmates did not have death sentences and their families will sue and be paid handsomely for the malfeasance of state corrections officers.