Driver refuses to stop for police

Woman taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center for evaluation.
Jessica Cuffman
Oct 9, 2013


An erratic driver led Ottawa County deputies on a slow pursuit Tuesday afternoon before her car crashed into a cruiser.

A U.S. Border Patrol agent first called in the suspicious vehicle at about 2 p.m. He spotted the car driving east in a construction area on Ohio 2 near Davis-Besse, according to a news release.

Ottawa County Deputy Jayson Hale caught up to the vehicle on Ohio 2 at Ohio 53. He followed along as it made several driving violations, then activated his emergency lights and siren. But the car didn’t stop, according to deputies.

Deputy Kent Davis then set up stop sticks near the Ohio 163 exit. The vehicle drove over the sticks, which deflated the tires, but the vehicle kept going. It exited at Ohio 163, where it struck a guardrail and a concrete bridge.

Hale then pulled in front of the vehicle to block its path, but the vehicle slammed into his cruiser. During the pursuit, the vehicle’s speed fluctuated between 30 mph and 50 mph. It crashed for good once it’s tires were flattened, Davis said.

“It was basically like she was driving on ice,” he said. “She had to slow down just to make that turn.”

Even after the vehicle was stopped, the driver wouldn’t get out, deputies said. They had to break open a window and shut the vehicle off. The driver — identified as Deborah Sailor, 60, of Curtice — suffered a few minor cuts but was otherwise uninjured, Davis said. None of the deputies were injured.

Sailor was taken to the Magruder Hospital for treatment, where Davis spoke to her briefly.

“All I heard her say was she was scared to stop,” he said.

Sailor faces charges of failure to comply with police orders and felonious assault on a police officer. After she was released from Magruder Hospital, authorities took her to Firelands Regional Medical Center for an evaluation.



We have money if the Federal Budget for Border Patrol on Lake Erie, but yet do not have people at the CDC tracking the flu or other harmful diseases?

Stop It

WTF does the CDC have to do with the article presented?

Back off

Hmmm let's see if it wasn't for border patrol calling this in there could have been a wrong direction accident or another involved yet you think with the government shut down they are getting paid.... Try again stop complaining read the story don't pick thru it!


I assume the evaluation relates to mental health issues. Lets hope she gets the help she needs to get well.


The voices in her head told her not to stop.