Huron County residents can dial up free legal advice

Have a burning legal question? Help is on the line.
Annie Zelm
May 3, 2011


Have a burning legal question? Help is on the line.

For two days this week, attorneys with the Huron County Bar Association will provide free legal advice about a variety of subjects.

Attorney Kate Wieczorek of Freeman & Freeman started the service in Huron County about 20 years ago, and it's been an annual event the past few years in honor of Law Day on May 1.

Six attorneys fielded 101 calls last year during the four-hour event, she said.

They received almost as many voicemails -- although the attorneys didn't have time to return those messages after it ended.

Many of the questions relate to estate planning, custody and guardianship of elderly people, Wieczorek said.

Huron County assistant prosecutor and bar association president Daivia Kasper said the program is a good way for lawyers to connect with the public and educate them about legal issues.

This year lawyers will stand by from 5-7 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, using the offices of Tucker Abstract & Title.

All calls are anonymous.

If callers can't get through during those times or have a question any other time, Wieczorek encourages them to call an attorney.

"We answer questions all the time, and it's usually free of charge," she said.

• Residents in Huron County can call 419-668-2081, or toll-free at 800-331-4157 from 5-7 p.m. May 4-5.
• The attorneys will not be scheduling appointments at this time.
• Be patient and stay on the line if you don’t get through right away; someone should be with you shortly.
• Don’t leave a message; your call won’t be returned.
• Still need legal help? Visit for a list of area lawyers and their specialties.



Julie R.

Wow! These guys sure are going to get a lot of questions from me ---- so many I won't know where to begin! I'll start with what a double-dipper rent-a-judge mouthpiece for the Erie County Probate said a few months ago:

Can issues in the Erie County Probate estate of a life-long Erie County resident against Prudential Life Insurance Company and Key Bank be resolved by an attorney filing and dismissing a bogus lawsuit in the jurisdiction of Cuyahoga County on behalf of clients without the clients knowledge? 


Phone number?


Phone number?


The mothership has returned Julie R from her plant I see.

Julie R.

Can attorneys prepare "new" Powers of Attorney for a client when the client is seriously ill and totally incompetent diagnosed to be in the advanced stages of Alzheimers a few months prior to her death? Can the attorney name two of the incompetent client's children to be her attorneys-in-fact to act individually or jointly.......and can the attorneys do this without the knowledge of the client's third child or another beneficiary ---- the incompetent person's grandchild --- named in her Will?  Can the attorneys also prepare "new" Wills for an incompetent client?

In corrupt Erie County they sure can!


Honestly, how did I know that the first comment would be from our resident law loonie

Julie R.

If property --- a home in Huron --- is owned one-half undivided, tenants-in-common by a married couple for over 40 years, 36 of those years owned scot-free and clear of all liens and mortgages, can two of the beneficiaries to the elderly 1st owner's half ( a few months prior to her death) transfer her half over to their wealthy old Italian stepfather without the knowledge or consent of the other two beneficiaries -------- under a quitclaims deed prepared by a Lorain County law firm that falsely states a forged POA concealed in the Lorain County Recorder's office is on file in Erie County? 

Can the fraud attorneys-in-fact then as the "attorneys-in-fact" for the 1st incompetent owner sign a "new" Transfer on Death Deed prepared by the Lorain County law firm for their wealthy old Italian stepfather that is contrary to the 1st owner's intent and defrauds the 1st owner's 4th beneficiary ---- her grandchild?

Sure can! It's a matter of public record. For some reason Sessler won't make these fraud documents viewable on the recorder's website!

Julie R.

So if a rent-a-judge in Probate in 2011 could tell some attorney that he could not file a lawsuit against any issues in the Erie County Probate estate that had already been "resolved" in 2005 through a bogus lawsuit that was filed and dismissed in the jurisdiction of Cuyahoga County ---- how come the Probate Court didn't say that when Complaints were filed? They sure never said that the Complaints had already been "resolved" in Cuyahoga County. Only thing they said was --- better have the money up front when you file Complaints in this Court or the Complaints won't get filed.

Also, if the issues had already been "resolved" in Cuyahoga County how come when the Lorain County law firm, the attorneys for Key Bank and the goon out-of-state attorneys for Prudential Life Insurance Company all filed Motions to Dismiss the Complaints ---- why didn't they say the issues had already been resolved through a (bogus)  lawsuit filed and dismissed in Cuyahoga County?   

Also, how could the Probate Court charge the Complainant with all the Motions that were filed to dismiss the Complaints? They even charged the Complainant with Prudential's request that the Court allow them not to release the records of the 9 contracts of their elderly, incompetent client's that they tried to say "all got cancelled due to lack of payment during the few months she was in a nursing home?"  They even charged the Complainant with a Response from another Defendant (one of the fraud attorneys-in-fact that fraudulently transferred property) yet the Probate Court wouldn't even accept his Response. They said it was because he addressed it to the Probate Court Judge instead of the Probate Court Clerk of Courts. He then refiled the Response and addressed it to the Probate Court Clerk of Courts --- yet when McGookey dismissed the Complaints in 2009 without ever addressing them she stated in the Dismissal that she never received any Response at all from that Defendant ---- yet in the bills the Probate Court keeps sending to the Complainant they have the Complainant charged with BOTH Responses from that Defendant.

What a joke Erie County is. Right, Sam?


 #1........WHERE IS THE PHONE #  ANNIE ZELM?!  It would be very helpful for those that wish to make use of the service!  Does one call the # of the title co.?  I assume the atty.'s office will be closed. Would the Law office appreciate 100's of calls questioning the # ??  Or perhaps the Register/Reflector would like to field those calls....


#2....@julie;  I am somewhat sympathetic to your cause, not knowing you or the whole story behind your troubles. BUT!!  This is for HURON Cty. RESIDENTS!!  PLEASE!  DO NOT tie up the phone lines with your issues that are CLEARLY above and beyond the heads of the local lawyers!  Otherwise, one of them would have taken up your cause.  PLEASE!  Leave it to the citizens of Huron cty. that REALLY need some help, that could not afford it otherwise, to ask their questions and hopefully get some answers.


That is, IF THEY GET A PHONE #!!!

Annie Zelm

The phone number is posted below and I'll repost it now: 419-668-2081, or toll-free at 800-331-4157 from 5-7 p.m. May 4-5.

I'm sorry we overlooked the information box with the phone numbers when we first posted the story; sometimes that happens when the story and box are in two separate files as we post to the web.

Hope this helps!

Julie R.

@ iamrevolutionary:

I know its just for Huron County residents............I'm just being sarcastic about the corrupt and dirty ( and I do mean dirty ) Erie County legal system. After over 8 years of putting up with those unprofessional high-school thugs at the Erie County courthouse with all their dirty scams and conspiracies I have no desire at all to put up with the thugs for another 8 years, anyway.  And besides --- I already know everything they did was illegal so I certainly don't need a Huron County attorney to tell me that.  

But I would like to give you some good advice. When choosing an attorney to prepare your Will and other legal documents do yourself a favor and don't ever, ever, ever make the grave mistake of choosing attorneys that are also JUDGES. Those are the worst --- and I do mean the WORST --- kind of attorneys around. In corrupt Erie County, anyway.  


There was a saying in the late 60's and early seventies that college students use to say," never trust any one over thirty". The saying today is," never trust any one that wears a suit and tie".

Julie R.

Hey Sammy, the Erie County Auditor's office must be wearing tin-foil hats! They have it stated on their website that the Erie County Common Pleas Court's forced Sheriff Sale of a home in Huron to Maximal Properties LLC ( an Erie County realtor)  at a substantial discount of $30,000.00 less than its true value was INVALID.


Julie R.

Gee Sammy, one thing about these Erie County Courts ---- they sure did engage in a pattern of corrupt activity to shave as much value off of that home in Huron as they possibly could --- a pattern that they never would have had the opportunity to do had it not been for the criminal transfer of the 1st owner's half a few months prior to her death.   

They not only forced the property to be sold at an invalid sheriff sale at a substantial discount of $30,000.00 less than its true value they even took right off the top of the scam invalid sale the $50,000.00 flat-out fraud Home Equity Loan that Huron's Key Bank allowed the thief from Huron as her stepfather's POA to take out seven weeks prior to his death by stating she was on the title. Considering how we all know that Transfer on Death deeds, even invalid ones, don't go into effect until AFTER a person's death and then the fact that a big chunk of that fraud Loan went to the Lorain County law firm at a Probate Court hearing that the other beneficiaries were never notified of, what does that tell ya?

* Now compare that to that black lady Krista Harris that corrupt Erie County sentenced to prison for 5 years on mutiple charges of stealing $40,000.00 from her elderly aunt as the aunt's legal power of attorney.