Boys charged in vacant home fire

A house fire in the 1500 block of S. Forest Drive was stamped out in a matter of minutes Thursday evening, but it still warranted serious charges for those who caused it.
Courtney Astolfi
Oct 5, 2013


A 14-year-old boy from the 2200 block of Forest Drive was charged with arson, and a warrant for the same charge was issued for his friend, whom police have yet to arrest.

Sandusky firefighters responded to the vacant home at 6 p.m. after a report of a small fire in the home’s main room, Sandusky fire Capt. Brian Cowie said.

The house was filled with various trash, some of which caught fire. Firefighters were unable to locate matches, cigarettes or any other accidental cause of the blaze, Cowie said.

A neighbor soon approached Cowie with information that two boys entered and exited the property just before firefighters arrived, according to a Sandusky police report.

Officers tracked one boy down at his parents’ home. He initially denied any involvement, but as officers left, the boy broke down in tears and admitted his role, the report said.

The child said he and a friend noticed the home’s door open and they began exploring inside, the report said. The boy said his friend set pieces of paper on fire and left them on the floor before they left, the report said.

The boy was taken to the Erie County Juvenile Justice Center.



Maybe Damon Newell thinks they are only kids! Eh?


At 14 they are kids.


No at 14 they are a teenager, a young teenager, but a teenager that most definitely should KNOW better.


If it was vacant they probably should have used the call as a training exercise!

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: )

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Maybe these homes are a good place for EHOVE student equipment operators to learn and practice.


Well if the entire building was vacant, they should of just let that baby burn, it's called clean your neighborhood act! Starting with that dump of an area,,,