Local counties’ unemployment rates improve

Area unemployment rates improved slightly from July to August, according to new data from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.
Melissa Topey
Sep 26, 2013


Sandusky saw about 200 people fall off the unemployment rolls, with the city logging a 6.6 percent rate in August, down from 7.6 percent in July.

“I am cautiously optimistic,” city commissioner Diedre Cole said of the new numbers, “but I feel this is lag time of the summer tourist season. We will probably see a seasonal shift again.”

Cole, like other local officials, is always hoping the region can offer well-paying jobs all year long.

One possible way to help in that effort: establish a bus line from Toledo to Sandusky to Cleveland, she said. “Even one bus a day, to and from, opens up the job market to residents,” Cole said.

Erie County, meanwhile, saw an unemployment rate of 6.2 percent in August, down from 6.9 percent the month prior, but up slightly from the 5.9 rate in August 2012.

Ottawa County saw an unemployment rate of 7.4 percent, down from 8 percent in July, while Sandusky County’s rate was 6.6 percent, down from 7.2 percent the month prior.

Locally, Huron County had the highest unemployment rate last month, with 8.6 percent. This was well below the 11 percent in July, but still up from 8.1 percent in August last year. “I don’t understand it,” Huron County commissioner Joe Hintz said. “You look at our sales tax — that is up again. I also have a friend in construction who said they are working steady.”

Huron County officials know they’ll take another hit when Janesville Acoustics closes its plant. They’d like to prevent it from happening, but it’s a losing proposition.

“We have an industrial park that is looking like a ghost town. I hate that,” Hintz said. “My wife and I pray about it.”

Local leaders and business owners have long been trying to brainstorm new ways to retain jobs while also luring new businesses.

“We offer tax breaks,” Hintz said. “I don’t know if that is the way to go. They take advantage of it and you lose them anyway.”



Huron County commissioner Joe Hintz: “We have an industrial park that is looking like a ghost town. I hate that,”

And yet, Norwalk and Huron Co. taxpayers continue to fund their respective economic development corps. to the tune of several hundreds of thousands of dollars per yr.

In the private sector, few-to-no results tends to prompt changes in personnel or the elimination of the department.

In the public sector, good money continues to be thrown after bad.


These numbers are already irrelevant. People have already been laid off and more will be soon. There are many that go on unemployment every year because they have a seasonal job. Most of the jobs in this area are seasonal actually. How can one be optimistic about that?


Not irrelevant, because it's not just locally. National media reported today that unemployment claims are the lowest in 6 years. If you're a gloom-and-doom kind of person, I guess it's possible to find bad news in every single possible statistic or story. All it takes is a willingness to ignore any information that could be interpreted as good news. That's the recipe for being a Republican in 2013, isn't it? I choose to look on the bright side.

I only wish I could have heard what Contango had to say in 2007-2008 when the economy was in free-fall and unemployment was skyrocketing to hundreds of thousands of jobs lost each month. Considering his comments about how "bad" things are in 2013, he absolutely must have been suicidal in 2008 when every economic indicator was exponentially worse than it is today. I'm guessing his memory, like many of the more vocal in his party, has an automatic pre-2009 erasure feature...

Darwin's choice

48 million on some form of government assistance, which is the largest amount of poor souls in HISTORY, says your full of crap!

Smooch any way you can, but, Obama has had 5+ years and has failed.

Also, Contango isn't a government employee, he's not responsible for the mess, however, you on the other hand must be getting paid for all sh!t you ingest and spew out.


Re: "he absolutely must have been suicidal in 2008,'

Actually weathered the "storm" quite well thank you.

Again: Thank Mr. Bernanke for pumping money into the system for this moribund economy.

The U.S. (and much of the developed world) has been merely transforming private debt into public debt.

Sub-prime is alive and well.

"Federal Housing Administration Said to Take Taxpayer Subsidy":


Damn! Those inconvenient facts tend to mess up those Progressive fantasies!


"Not irrelevant, because it's not just locally."

True, nationally people are giving up looking for work or having to work in Pres. Obama's "McJobs" economy.