Man arrested after high-speed chase

Sheriff's deputies arrested a man Wednesday who allegedly drove recklessly and started a high-speed chase from Norwalk into Erie County.
Annie Zelm
Mar 11, 2011


Sheriff's deputies arrested a man Wednesday who allegedly drove recklessly and started a high-speed chase from Norwalk into Erie County.

Norwalk police Sgt. Jim Montana tried to stop a driver who swerved through the Walmart parking lot in Norwalk, but the man sped away, fleeing north on U.S. 250.

The man continued on for several minutes at speeds of 60-70 mph, officials said. He was later identified as Michael Ungerer, 36, of the Midtown Manor mobile home park on Milan Avenue.

Erie County Sheriff's Capt. Paul Sigsworth said Ungerer turned onto Ohio 13, accelerating rapidly and passing two vehicles while police and deputies chased him.

As they entered Milan, officials called off the search because they were close to a residential area and heavy rains made the pavement slick, Sigsworth said.

Deputies gathered enough information about Ungerer during the pursuit to track him down and arrest him later Wednesday evening. He's in the Erie County jail on charges of fleeing and eluding and driving under suspension, a jail spokeswoman said.

Norwalk police Capt. Eric Hipp said his department also issued a warrant for fleeing and eluding.

Ungerer is scheduled to appear in court this morning for a bond hearing.






If no one "actually" recognized him through those rain covered windows while the car was being operated recklessly and at high speeds in the rain and they can not PROVE he was the driver, they may not have a case if he did not "fess" up.  If he gets an attorney, he will beat the charges.  Here is a tip.  Stopping the chase because of a school zone or the village of Milan is very good LE decision made by good deputies and police officers.  Losing the case may be disappointing, but you know a person of such outstanding liberal conduct will eventually do it again and again.  Good job Erie County and Norwalk P.D.  You will get him later.  There is no doubt he has NO regard for the safety of others, just the usual premise of thinking of himself to get away from a two-bit driving charge.   


Good work Taxpayer!  You proved he is a liberal.  You ought to be a detective!


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Taxpayer needs something constructive to do!

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thats what usually happens after a high speed chase if everybody survives..i would love to see the headline MAN HI FIVED AFTER HIGH SPEED CHASE.. then i might read the article..


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