SPD dons pink to raise awareness

Sandusky police will fully unveil their new navy-blue uniforms by the First of November, but in the meantime, local residents may spot another addition to their garb.
Courtney Astolfi
Sep 22, 2013
During the month of October, as homage to Breast Cancer Awareness month, Sandusky police will sport pink badges.

The special-occasion badges mirror officers’ everyday badges — the state Seal framed by the words “Sandusky Ohio,” with each officer’s information etched into the metal. But the badge’s rose-pink hue will surely inspire residents to take a second glance.

Sandusky police Chief John Orzech first pitched the idea to various supervisors in a meeting earlier this year.

“I was hoping a dozen or so guys maybe would be interested,” Orzech said.

But the response was overwhelming. All but one officer decided to don the pink placards. “Cancer affects so many people throughout our community,” Orzech said. “There’s a stigma of wearing pink, but I figured if NFL football players can do it for a month, so can we.”

The city’s top cop hopes the badges will bring awareness to residents and inspire some jovial conversations between them and officers. “And I’m sure there’ll be some goodnatured ribbing from others,” Orzech said. Orzech foresees the pink badges will become an annual tradition for his police force. “That’s kind of the goal. Once they do it this year, it’ll just turn into a tradition,” he said. Orzech said officers purchased the badges with their own money, or they used their annual uniform allotment.

Sandusky firefighters said they’re also planning to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month.



Seems to me that the pink badge is doing its job. People are talking about it and they haven't even started wearing them yet so awareness is spreading! Good job SPD!

Dont Worry Be Happy





I was aware of the awareness years ago. Don't need a color or a month for it.

Julie R.

I think this is a nice gesture. My aunt died of breast cancer. In fact, her son-in-law is a Sandusky policeman.

Dr. Information

I think its a great gesture. Keep it going SPD.