SPD dons pink to raise awareness

Sandusky police will fully unveil their new navy-blue uniforms by the First of November, but in the meantime, local residents may spot another addition to their garb.
Courtney Astolfi
Sep 22, 2013
During the month of October, as homage to Breast Cancer Awareness month, Sandusky police will sport pink badges.

The special-occasion badges mirror officers’ everyday badges — the state Seal framed by the words “Sandusky Ohio,” with each officer’s information etched into the metal. But the badge’s rose-pink hue will surely inspire residents to take a second glance.

Sandusky police Chief John Orzech first pitched the idea to various supervisors in a meeting earlier this year.

“I was hoping a dozen or so guys maybe would be interested,” Orzech said.

But the response was overwhelming. All but one officer decided to don the pink placards. “Cancer affects so many people throughout our community,” Orzech said. “There’s a stigma of wearing pink, but I figured if NFL football players can do it for a month, so can we.”

The city’s top cop hopes the badges will bring awareness to residents and inspire some jovial conversations between them and officers. “And I’m sure there’ll be some goodnatured ribbing from others,” Orzech said. Orzech foresees the pink badges will become an annual tradition for his police force. “That’s kind of the goal. Once they do it this year, it’ll just turn into a tradition,” he said. Orzech said officers purchased the badges with their own money, or they used their annual uniform allotment.

Sandusky firefighters said they’re also planning to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month.



Supporting their wives? The women on the police force are married to women?

Dont Worry Be Happy

OK the very few that are women working at the PD I'm sorry but I would like to think they enjoy the pink badges for breast cancer awareness and for their loved ones as well.


You continue to miss the point. Again, breast cancer awareness is all fine and wonderful as is being supportive of all of the women in your life. The POINT is where the line is drawn on the official taking up of causes. Seriously, rainbow badges to support gay equality? Yellow to support an end to the wars overseas?

There are myriad important "awareness" campaigns out there. You can support any one, or any combination, of them. But when you make something official, you open yourself up to demands you make OTHER causes JUST as official.

Dr. Information

Sam, being gay doesn't kill you. You don't have to worry about going to get a yearly exam to check if you are gay. Supporting the troops? Each police department has a USA flag flying year round in support of our nation and those that defend it. Cancer doesn't pick and choose, THAT is why people wear pink for cancer awareness month. I can't believe some make such a big deal out of a good thing.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Thank you Dr. Information

Dont Worry Be Happy



they might be :)


I think that their badge should be of the American flag to honor those whom have served our country.. unless the police department doesn't believe in this cause of respecting our military veterans. Maybe all the officers should shave their heads also to show support for all those children whom have cancer like at st Jude hospital. or maybe they just don't care about them children?


What's your deal about SPD and not liking children? A lot of them have children of their own!


I think its great. What is up with the one loser who would not do it?????


he was the smart one

Dont Worry Be Happy

If you all want a American flag on the badge or child abuse color on the badge or the color purple for Lupus etc etc etc, then maybe you should start a business that's sells them. Because badges only come in so many colors and meanings I'm sure if they could get a hold of more they would get them. I'm pretty sure this pink badge just came available.


If you'd all lay off the Diet soda and aspertame, you might not have to worry about breast cancer. While supporting causes is all well and good, there are so many it can make your head spin. Why the police picked this one over others is odd but is the most popular out there. That's why I'd leave it to Susan G. Komen.


Very, very good point about artificial/ chemical sweetners.

People drink diet pop like water and yet, the cancer rates and obesity, and diabetes rates keep going up.

Red Baron

How ridiculous. Pink Washing public servants.
Watch the documentary Pink Ribbons, Inc. and expose this scam.


Who is not aware of Breast Cancer, and how is wearing pink going to make these people aware of it?


free advertisement if you ask me .heck lets paint the cars pink this month too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe we should think of stopping the crime not supporting politics maybe thats why our current chief only has an associates degree!!!!!

Kottage Kat

Everyone deserves a lifetime. Cancer in any form touches us all.
I am a cancer survivor and thank all who support CANCER AWARENESS


The Answer Person

The men of the Police Department really need to be increasing awareness of testicular cancer. The breast cancer programs and this Susan G. Komen (whomever she was...) have overwhelmed ALL other charities and events and pretty much ignored all others.

Truth or Dare

As these badges may show support for Breast Cancer Awareness, like the Red Baron suggested, watch the documentary, "Pink Ribbons, Inc.". What color might they wear for Ovarian Cancer, an even quieter stalker of women. So quiet the majority of women aren't even diagnosed until the 4th. stage, of which is far too late! There are no lumps to detect for that one! How about Uterine, Cervical, or Bone Cancer, Lymphoma, Testicular, Prostrate, Brain......and the list goes on! I don't know about anyone else, but when I find out that only 15-25 percent of my donation goes to the actual NOT FOR PROFIT cause, the rest to administration and employees, sorry, you've lost my monetary support.

Personally I choose to donate to Erie County Cancer Society. Why? My gift stays home and helps someone within our area with gas to their next appointment for treatment, their bills, food. Cause anyone who has experienced personally or a has had a loved one diagnosed with cancer, any kind and especially the terminal kind, knows the financial burden such an illness brings with it!

With that said, keep in mind folks, REAL MEN AREN'T AFRAID TO WEAR THE COLOR PINK, be it a badge, a shirt, a tie, or a pair of golf pants/shorts or whatever.


I have quite a few female family members who have gotten and beat breast cancer and no a single one of them sport pink ribbons or wear pink t-shirts or have anything to do with the color pink. They got cancer and they beat it--enough said. They didn't want the pity party when they had cancer and certainly doesn't feel the need to let the whole world know they had it. I have to agree with SamAdams who thought more awareness should be raised regarding prostate cancer. More and more men are being diagnosed with it too late to effectively treat it.

Dont Worry Be Happy

How dare you say breast cancer patient wear pink for pity you are..... I cant even say! I'm so embarressed how many of you think.

I don't wear pink for pity I wore it to show support that several people I love have breast cancer.

Sometimes people need to not say anything if you can't say anything nice.

I go to about 20 something fundraisers a year supporting all kinds of causes and never never would I ever say anything like you and SamA have said, some of these fundraisers I go to I may not support 100% but if my friends support it I support them, its called being nice.


Then you must be dismayed that the foundation uses only about 20% of the money it makes for research into a cure. It looks from the research that I did they spend the largest portion of donations on "public education." It was found through independent research that their public education program was mostly a multimillion dollar ad campaign to soak more money from people, there is very little education going on at all. In fact the person in charge of the organization makes more money than the President at over $550K/yr to be exact.

Dont Worry Be Happy

I know how much money goes to research for most organazations, I do my research. I only give to local organizations as well.

This story is about awareness!!! Its not abut giving them money. People are loosing focus to the story. I swear 80% of the people who live in this area are not happy about anything!

People shouldn't have to be educated on what money goes to administration or to the research its up to each person to figure that out. Then support how they wish.

If the officers want to SPEND THEIR OWN MONEY on a new badge then let them. As i said before the badge company only carries so many kind of badges, its not like you can order anything you want.

SPD I think what you are doing is wonderful...I'm sorry you have so many critics...it seems like every time you all try doing something nice you always get torn apart...keep your chins up and Thank you all for keeping our streets as safe as possible.


If people aren't aware by now, after all these years. They never will be.

Dont Worry Be Happy

If people aren't aware of how bad drugs are for you, after all these years. We wouldn't need the police.

If people aren't aware that stealing is wrong, after all these years. We wouldn't need the police.

Do I need to continue???


Oh, are stealing and drugs "health" related?

With colored ribbons?

Dont Worry Be Happy

Drug addiction does have a awareness color. My point is people should be smarter not to do drugs or steal and they should be smart enough to do monthly exams but they don't. So you still need awareness.


Four out of nine women on my mother's side have had breast cancer--hell, I'm probably next but I won't be sporting a pink ribbon to advertise it. Starry is 100% correct, if women aren't aware of it by now they must have been living under a rock for the past twenty years. I'd rather they pin dog treats to their shirt to promote support of the local human society. The SK foundation is crooked and proved they could be bought out.


The hard , harsh fact is this:

Big drug companies will never "allow" a cure. No matter how much research or charities raise money or awareness.


Because too many people in the drug companies and big charities are making too much profit, now. It's their bread and butter - their cash cow.

Before people post "I may not have had loved ones go through this ".... etc.

Yes, I have. And none of them held any illusions at all.