SPD dons pink to raise awareness

Sandusky police will fully unveil their new navy-blue uniforms by the First of November, but in the meantime, local residents may spot another addition to their garb.
Courtney Astolfi
Sep 22, 2013
During the month of October, as homage to Breast Cancer Awareness month, Sandusky police will sport pink badges.

The special-occasion badges mirror officers’ everyday badges — the state Seal framed by the words “Sandusky Ohio,” with each officer’s information etched into the metal. But the badge’s rose-pink hue will surely inspire residents to take a second glance.

Sandusky police Chief John Orzech first pitched the idea to various supervisors in a meeting earlier this year.

“I was hoping a dozen or so guys maybe would be interested,” Orzech said.

But the response was overwhelming. All but one officer decided to don the pink placards. “Cancer affects so many people throughout our community,” Orzech said. “There’s a stigma of wearing pink, but I figured if NFL football players can do it for a month, so can we.”

The city’s top cop hopes the badges will bring awareness to residents and inspire some jovial conversations between them and officers. “And I’m sure there’ll be some goodnatured ribbing from others,” Orzech said. Orzech foresees the pink badges will become an annual tradition for his police force. “That’s kind of the goal. Once they do it this year, it’ll just turn into a tradition,” he said. Orzech said officers purchased the badges with their own money, or they used their annual uniform allotment.

Sandusky firefighters said they’re also planning to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month.



lets have one for child abuse month also .Or maybe SPD doesnt care about these children?

From the Grave

If I were a cop, I wouldn't be out dealing with morons who will certainly question your manhood(for wearing pink)as you arrest them. Wear a ribbon on your off time.

The Answer Person



Who is not aware of Breast Cancer, and how is wearing pink going to make these people aware of it?

Dont Worry Be Happy

Read my response below mrsandusky.


Yeah I am sick of the pink. I think we all understand how important monthly self breast exams and mammograms are. Geez it's invaded the football world and just about everything else, now the police force?

Dont Worry Be Happy

Bondgirl..I can not believe what I just read from you. You apparently are a girl and are putting down breast cancer awareness being represented by the color pink.

No...not everyone understands how important monthly and yearly exam are. Many women just like men are afraid of what they may find out in a routine exam so they just don't get them, then many times its to late.

The color pink has helped so many men and women going through the breast cancer battle. Its comforting to many to wear pink as a symbol they are going to fight like crazy to win. The color pink is also a way to show people I fought like crazy and I did win!!!

I'm proud to wear pink as a symbol that the people I love fought breast cancer and WON!!! And i get to buy them pink and i get to see them wear pink I didn't have to bury them in pink.

As you can see I'm pretty ticked off that as a women you could be so cold to say what you
did. I pray that you nor anyone you love ever gets breast cancer.


To Don't Worry Be Happy... Thank you so much for your comments. I too am proud to wear Pink! I had breast cancer twice, and by the grace of God, early detection, and the great staff at North Coast Cancer Care. We fought these battles and won! To all the folks that have the snide comments... So be it. You remember that cancer does not discriminate It can strike anyone at anytime. I thank God that I had great friends & A loving and understanding family. Kuddos to the SPD!
P.S... As for the person wanting to know the cost of the badges??? PRICELESS. If seeing one of those badges reminds someone to get a Mammogram, and in return, saves a life.. It's well worth the cost.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Morningbreeze, congratulations on your fight not once but twice. You go girl :-)


I am just sick of seeing it everywhere and I have had cancer. I am a survivor but I would not want to see a color assigned to the kind of cancer I had nor would I wear it. What's it suppose to mean, you care more than I do because you do wear it. I stand by my statement.

Dr. Information

When I see pink, I think of breast cancer or cancer awareness in general for women. Actually my wife saw some NFL players wearing pink in a game last year and said to herself, oh shoot, I better get in and get my yearly, I almost forgot.

The color is a reminder to get your yearly exams done, it has nothing to do with one caring more than the other. That is just an immature statement.


How much did this cost and how will it make them do their job better? I would like to know how much the new uniforms are costing as well! What was wrong with the current uniforms?


This is something positive. Why turn it into a negative?


Because that's what they do on here


You are so right! They are supporting our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters! How can that be a bad thing? Remember guys, men do get breast cancer also!

Dont Worry Be Happy

Amen deertracker.

Tru Grit

Great idea!! They will look sharp. Glad to see them moving to different uniforms as well. The cost isn't much really compared to what they pay for new vehicles, guns, tasers, etc, etc. it really is a crime so many people on here do one thing and bash the police or anything good natured. I would say get a life but you already have one and I'm pretty sure my tax dollars one way or another are paying for some of you trash buckets to live.

Tru Grit

Great idea!! They will look sharp. Glad to see them moving to different uniforms as well. The cost isn't much really compared to what they pay for new vehicles, guns, tasers, etc, etc. it really is a crime so many people on here do one thing and bash the police or anything good natured. I would say get a life but you already have one and I'm pretty sure my tax dollars one way or another are paying for some of you trash buckets to live.

Yellow Snow

Too bad it doesn't say cancer awareness, 'cause when men wear pink I think of a different popular awareness program. It would be cool to offer a drop box for tax deductible donations at the stations. Even 50-cent or a dollar donations could buy these guys badges. Best of luck, and thanks for the support!


Will the new uniforms consist of skirts for the men to go along with the pink badges? Give me a break.


Maybe the simple fact that it is not the police dept. roll to make a statement. What's next eye patches for pirate day?


no I think its zombie day I wonder if the new chief will allow them to dress up for halloween? Oh i forgot they can be rent a cops!!!


What a shame you are talking this way about men and women who protect you. Weren't you talking out of the other side of your mouths when Officer Dunn was killed?


I think it's a great idea! Too many haters around~they hate EVERYTHING!


"Celebrate" Breast Caner Awareness Month?

Señor Clown

I questioned that too.


I think it's great that the police department is honoring Breast Cancer Awareness month, but I agree with everybody here who's wondering what could be next. It also seems unfair to set aside a month for breast cancer and ignore larger killers like heart disease. And I get that breasts are more attractive than prostate glands, but which cancer is more common, eh?

Breast cancer got good press. I don't object to that. I just think it's a shame that other more prevalent diseases haven't. As for the police department's participation, well, will they also wear rainbow badges anytime soon? Or another "cancer color?" And if they don't, isn't that discriminatory?

While the police are here to protect and serve, they are NOT on the job to make political statements or public service announcements whether we support those positions or not. The fact that it opens up a potential for demands of other recognitions is almost secondary.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Seriously....what's wrong with you people. Let them do something good this once and hopefully it will continue onto more good things. Why do people bash everything the SPD does. They are doing this for their wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, neighbors, even you women who blog bad things about them, they do this for all women and men.


Okay, fair enough. But what are the police doing for our husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, neighbors, and even men like Big Dog who blog here? And what are the police doing for all of our family and friends who are gay? And what are the police doing for all of the children born with handicaps? Or for the children who were aborted?

Nobody is saying that breast cancer is good or that awareness is bad. The POINT here involves the police department making a statement such as this which singles out a cause, ANY cause.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Maybe Sam they are supporting their wives and they really feel the need to wear pink for them. Maybe they choose this particular one because its their way of saying hey hon I'm wearing this pink badge because I love you. And in the back of their mind they are saying...I'm doing this to let you know that I care about you and I'm sorry that I have missed most of your birthdays, I have missed most of the kids birthdays, I have missed almost every Christmas since we have been married, I'm sorry that you don't get good sleep every night because you are worried that I may not walk back in that door, but I thank you for always being there for me and understanding my job. So I'm wearing this pink badge for you, my mother, my sister, my aunt, and my daughter.

Who knows Sam if that's what they are thinking but it sounds pretty damn good to me and I will never doubt it. Like I said before badges only come in so many colors SPD is trying to do something nice let them do it and just maybe the badge makers will add a few more colors on the list.