FedEx deliveryman bitten while dropping off package

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Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 21, 2013


A Clyde FedEx delivery driver suffered a dog bite while delivering a package Thursday.

Jeremy Gregg, 39, stopped to deliver a package in the 5400 block of County Road 231 just before 5 p.m., according to a Sandusky County deputy’s report.


He met the homeowner outside his truck and handed her a package, then tried to get back into his truck. Gregg had one leg in the truck when a Doberman sunk its teeth into his right calf. It let go when Gregg yelled, but the bite left marks. Deputies planned to forward a report to the dog warden for follow-up.



The only danger I have from my job is it being transferred to Mexico or China.


They should be more like UPS and bring dog biscuits:)


Dog bites man not news
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Report exceptions

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@UNASSUMER Great comment~I'm with you :)


I got bit a couple of times when I delivered the Fremont News-Mess when I was a kid. It never made the paper. why did this?