Update: Smoking or candles started fatal Ohio fire

Investigators determine cause of mobile home fire that killed six.
Associated Press
Sep 20, 2013


UPDATE: A fire chief says investigators are certain that either smoking or burning candles ignited a mobile home fire in Ohio that killed five children and a man.

A report released Friday lists the cause as undetermined. But the fire chief in the northwest Ohio city of Tiffin says evidence of burning candles and smoking were found where the fire started. He says investigators are sure one of them is to blame.

The chief says there's nothing to indicate that anything criminal took place.

Five children died along with their mother's boyfriend on Sunday morning in the northwestern Ohio city of Tiffin. The mother was at work when the fire broke out.

The children were ages 1 to 6.

Investigators also said Friday that there were working smoke detectors inside the trailer.


AP's earlier story is below.

Investigators on Friday ruled that the cause of a mobile home fire that killed five young children and a man was undetermined, but they found evidence of burning candles and smoking inside.

The candles and smoking materials were found in an area of the trailer where the fire started, according to an investigation report.

The investigation also determined there were working smoke detectors inside the mobile home and that firefighters could hear the alarms going off when they forced their way into the trailer.

The five children, ages 1 to 6, died along with their mother's boyfriend early Sunday morning in the northwestern Ohio city of Tiffin.

The children's mother, Anna Angel, was working at her fast-food job when the fire broke out.

Her four daughters ages 6, 5, 4, and 3 were laid to rest in a single casket following their funeral Thursday. Her 1-year-old son was buried with his father, who also died in the fire.

The fire swept through the mobile quickly, breaking out windows and peeling some of the trailer's aluminum siding, while neighbors watched helplessly as firefighters found the bodies of the children.

There was heavy fire in the center of the mobile home and heavy smoke throughout it when firefighters arrived.

The deaths shocked the rural community, about 50 miles southeast of Toledo

Organizers of a fund to help Angel pay for the funerals and other expenses raised about $16,000 for the family within two days of the fire. Rappers The Game and Drake pledged to donate another $22,500 after hearing about what happened.




Nice reporting. So maybe the stepdad did it by smoking or the stepdad did it by lighting candles they THINK might of caused fire. This is not weather reporting where if your wrong it dont matter. I hope your guess is wrong


is the youngest 1 or 2?


So you can bury multiple children in one casket?! ...


yesyou can bury in same casket


Yes. They were small, young children. No different than a MAN 6'5" and 300#. I would want my children together too.


It is possible and I've heard of a parent and a young child being buried in the same casket. Just depends on the size of the people.


Is it really necessary to put she was working her fast food job? Is that pertinent? She was at work. She has a job, it doesn't matter where. Have some sympathy....

big red


Señor Clown



Yes, agree!


According to the obit, youngest child was almost two - hence, the confusion about his age. Technically, he was still 1. Poor babies.


Does THAT really make a difference, just like point out the "fast food" job? Does it really matter at this point in time. He was a BABY....she was at WORK. the adjective to describe it has no meaning at this point in time. Just more sensationalism at its best. Some have no cooth. (My comment is directed at the story and those who must point out the errors, not at you correcting the 1 or 2 years old)


While I tend to agree that it shouldn't make a difference where this lady worked, it does make a difference. The fact that she had a job and was willing to work is a good thing. However, the fact that she worked at a fast food place means that she didn't make a lot of money. She probably doesn't have any medical insurance. She will need help getting over the trauma.

The Answer Person

Have a cigarette and quit arguing...


that family has had more than enough sadness first the father died then the son and grandson lord help these families