(UPDATED) Blizzard-like storm plows area

The groundhog lied.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 26, 2011


The groundhog lied.

A winter storm warning remains in effect until 4 p.m. today as a blizzard-like snow storm moves its way through northern Ohio.

The most intense snowfall — at up to 2 inches per hour — was this morning and should have tapered off this afternoon.

Snowfall is supposed to be in the 5- to 10-inch range but has already exceeded that in many areas. Gusty winds — some up to 35 mph — are causing serious drifting and visibility issues.

A level 2 snow warning is in effect for Sandusky and Huron counties, which essentially means the roads are terrible and emergency officials are asking people to stay off of them if at all possible. Many roads are impassable, especially to cars, as snow plows try to keep up.

"The roads are still snow covered and slippery," said Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer at about 2 p.m. Friday. "If you don't have to be out, stay home."

Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton said the Level 2 advisory for his county has been lifted. He said the wind died down considerably and roads are much improved.

Don't forget to send in your snow photos. E-mail them to photo@sanduskyregister.com today. Include photo caption information and the photographer's name. We'll put them up on the website today and may use some in the newspaper!

Stay tuned to sanduskyregister.com for live weather updates and a drive around town to look at road conditions.



Is there a source to find the county snow levels? All the sheriff depts have websites but only one - ottawa- has the snow level.

Nevermind. Found it on the school closings page. Thanks.


Stop blaming the groundhog... would ya? 

  I'm sure he would have rather stayed in his nice  cozy den and slept in.  Rather than having   top-hatted idiots pull him out of his slumber in front of bright  ARTIFICIAL lights.  

The  operative word being "artificial".

Hang on, it'll be 90 degrees soon enough.


He really didn't lie he just said it would be an early spring.


With that said though, I'm glad my dear hubby is out with the snow blower.  :)



While I'm with you about 90 degrees getting here soon enough I usually opt for heat since you don't have to shovel it.


Shouldnt that plow truck driver have his seat belt on????????


When is the city going to start plowing side streets? They can at least make ONE pass can't they?


little john rinaldi makes one helluva human snowblower ..... ask big chucky babe!


 Did anyone else see/hear the lightning and thunder around 4:30- 5:00 this morning??!!  (fri,)  Haven't heard that since the blizzard of '78!!  Freaky!


 Did anyone else see/hear the lightning and thunder around 4:30- 5:00 this morning??!!  (fri,)  Haven't heard that since the blizzard of '78!!  Freaky!


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