Boy arrested for threatening girl on bus

A Sandusky boy was arrested Monday afternoon after he allegedly threatened to kill a girl while they were both riding a school bus.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 19, 2013

The boy, an 11-year-old East Bayview Drive resident, was charged with aggravated menacing and unruly juvenile.

At about 4 p.m., a Castalia girl’s stepfather called Erie County deputies after his child informed him of an incident that occurred on her bus ride home, according to a deputy’s report.

The boy allegedly told her, “I’m going to drag you down to Tennessee, cut your head off and shoot you.” Deputies reviewed surveillance footage from the bus and although they were unable to hear the pair’s conversation, noted that the girl’s face dropped after the boy made a comment to her, the report said.

The boy admitted he threatened to shoot her and take her to Tennessee, but he denied saying he would cut her head off, the report said.

When deputies questioned his choice of location, the boy went on to say a rich aunt of his lived there and “owns a mountain.”

School officials made arrangements to put the children on different buses in the future.

Meanwhile, the boy was charged and taken to the Erie County Juvenile Justice Center.


Just Because

"School officials made arrangements to put the children on different buses in the future." WHAT??? How about throwing his butt off ANY bus so he cannot threaten another addition to suspending him from school until his "issues" (which he obviosuly has) are resolved!


Schools "talk the talk" with bullying...but seldom do anything about it. This will be swept under a rug and not much will be done with it. They do not usually do much with these kinds of issues. I agree with you. He should be expelled from school. Never allowed to ride a bus ever again. Have charges pressed against him and mandatory counseling. Nip this "thing" in the bud before it gets out of hand. Can't wait to hear all the bleeding hearts of "Oh it is just childhood talk, and no harm was meant". "He didn't really mean it". I'm sure there is even someone that will say the little girl must have done something to HIM to deserve it. (there always is)


I agree. He needs to be suspended or kicked out of school altogether. His violence will probably escalate as he gets older and I pity the women that get involved with him later in life. His parents need investigated because he learned this most likely from them. He will do it again. Schools need to do more.

getit right be4...

As long as there where no gun shaped pastries involved.

Seen it All

And the school didn't even slap his hand! I agree, throw him off ANY bus, kick his butt out of school until he has had pysch evaluation. He is 11, not 6 and should have a good sense of what right and wrong is by now. I more than pity the woman he ends up, but his high school classmates, or future place of employment. If he can "plot" a murder at age 11, think of what he will be capable of doing when he is 17 or 18!


Chain Gang / Boot Camp. Scared straight. Sometimes those things works wonders.


Did I read this right? Did a bully actually get in trouble for his actions and not the girl for "snitching" I think I may faint!


Why not just give the 11 yr. old the death penalty too? These are kids. It wasn't even a real threat. Let the school handle it. Much worse happened to kids when I was in school!


Deertracker would you be saying the same thing is this was your daughter being threatened/bullied? That kids are kids and let the school handle it? I don't know how old you are but times are changing and things are a whole lot different now then they used to be and kids - in my opinion anyway - are a whole heck of a lot more violent then they used to be too. I can't believe that you said this, although someone did say that there would be one to say something similar to it. It's insane to believe that the school will do much of anything any more than switching the buses with this boy once he's released from the DH. Maybe give him some in-school suspension but that's even debatable. But I'm sure that this won't be the last time this boy will be in the news for this type of incident but honestly I have a feeling the next time there will be a more physical attack if something isn't done to stop it.


I always taught my kids not to fight but by all means fight back. Are you guys really that afraid of a big mouth 11yr. old? I'm NOT OLD AT ALL and grew up in a neighborhood where you defended yourself. His school punishment may or may not work but this is hardly a Columbine situation.

Seen it All

"His school punishment may or may not work but this is hardly a Columbine situation."

YET! If he was in 3rd grade (and I pray he isn't) I would look at this as just a kid being a kid like you say. He is 11, he gets the "bully" speech every year at school. He should KNOW by now, it wrong to threaten someone's life! PERIOD. But hey, we could all be passive like you, sweep it all under the rug, and hope he turns out ok.


You need more info. He may have a crush on the girl and she told him to "get lost". Kid stuff guys!


And in today's society when a child defends themselves it is THAT child that is suspended, or dealt the punishment. When do you draw a line? When it becomes a Columbine? Have you seen any of the headlines today? I would tell my daughter or any other child to beat the ever loving crap out of anyone that touched or even came near them (in this situation). I would tell them to start hitting and not stop till they didn't come back. I would deal with the consequences afterwards. I would rather have a child that is suspended then DEAD. Schools today do NOT handle these things well. They hide the bullies and discipline the bullied! It is wrong on so many levels.

Seen it All

deertracker, when we were in school the boys drove with gun racks full of guns on the back of their trucks and nobody EVER thought one would bring it in to the school and use it on fellow students and staff. Times are a little bit different then they were back in the day. First, we didn't play gruesome video games that glorified death. Second, we got our @$$ beat to help steer us in the right direction, not the case these days. In some households the kids are running the show. I rather this was "looked in to" than Sandusky High becoming another school shooting in 5 yrs, when this "kid" is older and can get his hand on the equipment to carry out his "threats".


Do you really think he has the capability to take her to Tennessee and cut her head off? C'mon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seen it All

Not yet, but perhaps when he is 16. I'm sorry, something is WRONG with that child to have those kinds of thoughts in his head to begin with.


Too much tv!


I was thinking the same thing. Not only that, but many parents buy their children violent video games. He is 11 years old. Of course our mind set was different when we were young. We could say things like this and get away with it. Now everyone is so paranoid if you so much as look at some, they consider it as a threat. Where has America gone that we need to even worry about something like this?




There comes a time when the so called experts have to concede that their way isn't working. The ones that say time out is more effective than a good ol butt whoopin. Look at the generations that went thru the butt whoopin and look at the time out generation. These kids are more violent, have no respect for their elders or authority. The government needs to remove themselves from our homes and stop telling people how to raise their children. If parents are allowing their children to behave in such a manner then they should be held accountable as well. At some point the parents are going to get tired of spending money and possibly time in jail, on their unruly child.

Seen it All



Good points!

getit right be4...

How can you say the government needs to remove themselves from our homes in one sentence, and turn around in another and say the government should come into homes and arrest people?


I don't think she said government should come into our homes. What she said was just that parents need to take control of their kids and government should stay out of the way we raise them. Unless they are being abused (and I'm not talking about a spanking) then they need to but out.


Well, given the fact that the majority of parents still use spanking to discipline their children, your point is not valid. And the government never said parents cannot spank--they just distinguish between abuse and spanking.
There are plenty of great kids out there whose parents never spanked them and used other, more effective, forms of discipline. And there are monsters out there whose parents spanked them. If you want to look at the difference in kids now, versus years ago, there are other factors to blame--divorce, drug abuse, etc.
I know you think you know what you are talking about, but you truly do not. Time-outs were never meant as an end-all, be-all punishment. They are a single disciplinary tool, to be used with many others, in rearing children. Most people do not even understand how to use them correctly, and from your post, you would be one of them.
It never ceases to amaze me to hear people say things like this. Forty years ago when I was in school, teachers paddled misbehaving students. Guess what? That didn't stop the "bad" kids from being bad. There were several problems kids even back then, and they would, in fact, have contests to see who could get the most "whacks". Corporal punishment wasn't a deterrent in any way. Kids like me, who were polite, respectful, hardworking students, were that way not because we didn't want to get paddled, but because we liked having our teachers and parents respect.


First off you know absolutely nothing about me, so let's get that straight. Secondly divorce, drug abuse etc has been around long before you were in school 40+ years ago. It may not have been as big of a problem as it is now but it did indeed exist. Another thing, misinformed anyone that has ever come in contact with my children have all said how well behaved they are. My children aren't spanked, nor do I use time out for punishment. They come from a divorced family and are both exceptional kids. When I was in school, and it was a lot later than you, we still had a paddle. Kids that got paddled, very rarely got it a second time. So you can take your misguided comment and use it on someone you actually know. By the way, the government has been telling people how to raise their children for decades now, so you might want to take your head out of the sand, or wherever you have it buried, and look around and take notice.


Hopefully the parents have been talked to and the kid is sorry. Maybe, maybe not, who knows? There are other factors to consider--has the kid been in trouble before? Is something bad going on in his life right now? (death, divorce, etc.)Does he spend a lot of time alone? Is he a big-mouthed brat? Does he play violent video games?
I don't know about kicking him off the bus or school forever, but at least his situation should be looked into and he should be disciplined in some way and apologize to the girl, and mean it!


ALL THE PARENTS whose child attends that school should keep their children home until that kid is PERMANENTLY EXPELLED ! Let the parents teach him at home or send him to a private school that deals with such children.

I would be storming into that school, start a boycott and march until there was satisfaction.


half the people commenting on here only knows what the paper prints. you don't know the whole story and most of it was blown out of perorcion. he's 11 come on now. they girl and him was joking with each other on the bus and things were taken the wrong way he never threaten to cut her head off..
I know everybody on here has said something they didn't mean once in there life time. and beside you don't know what kind of life this boy has lived for those 11 years.. I do and it wasn't nice had a junkie for a mother who sold all his shit let him do whatever he wanted he had to take care of him self and he was bullied at his old school so yeah he made a mistake and said something he really feels bad about he appolized to the girl they were friends... so when u don't know the whole story than please keep your hateful remarks to yourself.. hes a straight a student and wants to be a doctor when he grows up so don't judge a KID by a half a## article.


the boy was taken away from his mom and placed with a family member and he was suspended from school and went to the detention home and placed on house arrest. no hes not a brat or plays violent video games hes dealing with a lot and making adjustments. he is really sorry and disappointed in himself. so expelling him perementaly from school would be stupid cause he is a bright kid and things were said the wrong way /