Arson, menacing charges dismissed

Aggravated arson and aggravated menacing charges filed against a 20-year-old Sandusky man in February have been dismissed.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 19, 2013


Brandon Torres was accused of setting fire to West Washington Street home Jan. 19.

The homeowner told police Torres threatened to burn down her house the night before the fire.

But Aug. 19, prosecutors dismissed both aggravated arson and aggravated menacing charges filed against Torres in Sandusky Municipal Court, according to court records.



sandtown born a...

???? No good reason why?


because? what, they had no real proof, just his threat from the night before?


Do any local reporters go to journalism school or pass English courses around here? Incomplete thought comes to mind.




Why on earth would you publish this? There is no story here without the why. Like why were the charges dismissed, why has it taken so long for a dismissal? Good luck on the next article you write