UPDATED: Fiery, fatal crash in Bellevue

UPDATED WITH 911 CALL: Driver clocked at high speeds moments before crash that killed woman, injured others.
Jessica Cuffman
Sep 19, 2013


A fiery crash in downtown Bellevue Tuesday night left a mother dead and four others in serious condition at Toledo hospitals, Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers said.

Tracy Albright, 36, of Bellevue, was pronounced dead at the scene, troopers said.

Morgan Jevec, 24, of Massillon, is accused of causing the threevehicle crash at East Main and North Sandusky streets.   He remains at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, where he was flown by medical helicopter shortly after the crash.

Three passengers in his vehicle, all from Canton, were also flown to Toledo hospitals after suffering serious injuries. Christopher Watters, 48, and Ricky Treherne Jr., 32, were also flown to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center, while Steven Gresser, 31, was flown to the Toledo Hospital.

The driver of a third vehicle involved in the crash — Travis Roach, 54, of Bellevue — was treated at the scene and released.

At about 11:07 p.m., a caller alerted Huron County dispatchers to a Mercury Grand Marquis driving recklessly as it headed west on U.S. 20, from Monroeville, Bellevue police Chief Dennis Brandal said.

Listen to the 911 call in the player below

Brandal’s officers began to station their cruisers on the east side of Bellevue in hopes of intercepting the vehicle, but within three minutes of the first call, a Bellevue officer crossed paths with the Grand Marquis at U.S. 20 and Prairie Road, police said.

The officer — Brandal did not release his name — clocked the vehicle at almost 80 mph. The officer flicked on his cruiser’s emergency lights and siren and began to pursue the vehicle. It’s unclear if the officer’s cruiser ever caught up to the vehicle, as a statement from Brandal did not explain this in detail.

What is known: About 1.5 miles away, and about 120 seconds later, the incident ended in tragedy.

At 11:11 p.m., at North Sandusky and East Main streets, the Grand Marquis slammed into the rear of Albright’s Chevy Blazer, which was stopped at a traffic light. The Blazer continued through the intersection until coming to rest on the north side of Main Street. Albright was the Blazer’s only occupant.

The Grand Marquis, driven by Jevec, then continued through the intersection and struck Roach’s Buick Lacrosse, which was stopped in a turn lane, Brandal said.

The Blazer and the Grand Marquis burst into flames.

Bellevue resident John Shumake said he was about half a mile away when he heard the police sirens and then the boom from the crash.

“It was backwards,” he said while revisiting the scene Wednesday.

He and dozens of other Bellevue residents descended on the chaotic scene after hearing the police scanner traffic and the sirens. As emergency vehicles flooded the area, medical helicopters landed at the junior high parking lot nearby. Bellevue firefighters extinguished the vehicle fires, but Albright was soon pronounced dead.

Sharon Francis, 32, said she went to the scene as soon as she heard the helicopters landing. She feared someone she knew might be involved in the crash.

“There was glass and tires and smoke everywhere,” she said Wednesday morning, also revisiting the scene. In her arms she held her 10-month-old daughter, Savannah, as she placed flowers along the blackened roadway.

Jevec and the three passengers in his vehicle were not wearing seat belts, authorities said, and it’s unknown if drugs or alcohol were factors in the crash.

Terri Norman, of Bellevue, said she didn’t learn until Wednesday morning that Albright — her friend and co-worker of four years — was dead.

“She was the life of the party,” Norman said. “She was just so funny and outgoing.”

Albright worked as a housekeeper at The Willows at Bellevue, where she strived to make the residents laugh, if only to make their days a little better, Norman said.

Norman said she last crossed paths with Albright earlier Tuesday night, when she was leaving a football game. Albright had attended the game because a co-worker’s son was playing, Norman said.

“That’s just the kind of person she was,” she said. “She was more like a sister than a friend. A really sweet girl.”

Albright was the mother of a teenage son, Norman said.

Huron County dispatchers fielded multiple 911 calls Tuesday night about the Grand Marquis driving recklessly. County dispatchers refused to release recordings of the 911 calls without approval from their supervisors, who on Wednesday did not return multiple phone messages from a reporter.

The Register has also submitted a public records request to Bellevue Police Department, seeking recordings of the police scanner traffic from late Tuesday night.

Criminals charges in the crash have not been filed, troopers said.

Jevec has been cited for traffic violations three times since November — once for a seat belt violation; once for operating without reasonable control; and once for speeding, when he was driving 46 mph in a 25 mph zone, according to Massillon Municipal Court records.



There are accidents and then there is knowingly driving recklessly. It is a shame that a good hard working woman is killed by someone who disregards the rules of the road. May her family find peace knowing that others share in their sorrow.

Darwin's choice

This should be a murder charge....!

RIP Tracy.

Just Because

Agree Totally!!! He obviously has a record for disregarding the traffic laws and driving recklessly...Throw his butt in jail and throw away the key. Let his family see NOTHING of him like Tracy's kids will no longer be able to see her!

doggie mom

This was not an accident! Accidents happen when someone accidentaly makes a wong choice! This was someone who didn't give a D@M* about anyone in his car or anyone else's car! Put them all in a vehicle and set it on fire!


that's uncalled for. I'm sure he'll be charged with vehicular homicide and will spend many years in jail for this. his passengers are not at fault. to wish something horrible on someone else only comes back to you. beware.

doggie mom

As far as I have been told if you are in the company of someone who commits a crime than you are just as responsible as they are. This is not someone who in 2 minutes decided on his own to drive about 100 miles per hour and crashed into a car. They were driving for quite some distance at that speed. And as far as wishing horrible I do not wish anything. I think if more punishments fit the crime it might detour people from commiting them. Putting him in jail, giving him an education, making sure he eats healthy and has tv and exercise is a real step up from where alot of hardworking Americans can't even get to so no I do not wish for an eye for an eye I demand it!


I disagree that his passengers were not at fault in this situation. A family member of one of them posted that the driver was drunk, had a bad history with law enforcement and so on. Well, they didn't have to get in that car with him knowing he was drunk. They could have tried to stop him from driving. They could have called the police. Instead, they had a choice and they chose to get in the car with him. Tracy Albright had no choice. The unfortunate woman was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Morgan,the party is over for you dumbass!


This is why I don't like/ defend Reckless idiot drivers, drunk drivers, druggie drivers, cell phone ( emergencies notwithstanding) or texting drivers. Because it's all intentional.

Or people who do the same thing on motorcycles. I seen a guy pull this same stunt on a crotch rocket a few years back going on 20 to Clyde I don't know what happened, there. But he had it up to at least 90 when he went past me literally on the double yellow. Right between me and another car.



How Terrible... Nice to hear such a caring dispatcher, nice job kel!

red white and blue

They should hang him and take all his belongings and sell them then give the money to her kids I hope he had insurance so they can sue the pants off him


I bet he had minimum insurance at best. I wouldn't even hold your breath for that. He had no regard for others with his driving technique you think he had a care in the world for insurance???


RE; the photo ; Not the safest place for a baby, is it?


I agree with you about your safety concerns, but want to point out to you (if you're not familiar with downtown Bellevue) that she is in front of a parking spot while she's squatting down with the baby, and the speed limit (which Jevec obviously didn't care about) is 25.


I'm very much familiar with that area ( Rt 18 does not intersect with North Sandusky , as per call -- although I do understand the second caller was shook up) ) Parking spot or not makes no difference. People just don't speed through there at night.

Stop It

Rt. 18 DOES intersect with 269 (Sandusky St.) on that corner. Rt 20 and 18 are one in the same all the way from Kilbourne St. in Bellevue to Norwalk. Get a map...


I know what's on the map and the signs. It's always been " up on 20" or out on 20" or up on Main" around here. I'm from that town and I've never ever heard it referred to as Rt 18. which goes south to Republic. Why?

I was always taught that the reason the signage is 20/18 is because the U. S. Route 20 intersects State Route 18 at Kilbourne Street. To the majority of the locals - Main Street has always been referred to as route 20. And Yeah I remember North Sandusky street referred to as 269 North when it used to be one way.

The map also shows the junior high on North Street which is no longer there. Accurate it's not.

I'm not gonna split hairs here. Tomato. ToMahto.

Stop It

I'll split hairs all day when you post things like this:

"I'm very much familiar with that area ( Rt 18 does not intersect with North Sandusky , as per call ..."


OH stop it. Getting way too technical, much? Why, just because they run concurrent?

Main Street has always been commonly referred to as Route 20 (never 18. The local officials don't refer to it as 18. The paper doesn't. The natives don't. AS I SAID. It's not a commonality.

Front page of Gazette, 9-19-13 Throughout the whole entire article states "Route 20" NOT Route 18.

Feel free to copy and paste to your heart's content.



Why not? She's obviously on a sidewalk and the curb juts out right behind them.


Have you ever seen the way some people whip in and out of there?

Being in a crouched down like that on a curb puts you in a very vulnerable physical position. I've seen younger people lose their balance and topple over.


First of all, I am terribly sorry this happened and want to express my condolences to the family and friends of Ms. Albright.

Secondly, this was a great article (good presentation of the facts and interviewing people) until you mentioned the 911 call requests.

Why print that, and how many 911 calls do you need to put on here?

You idiots employed at the RAG-ister have absolutely no clue how to report a story and have respect at the same time...unless your intention is to continue turning this "paper" into the tabloid it has become. Are you hoping TMZ or the National Enquirer will buy the paper?

I haven't listened to the 911 call that is posted, nor will I, but posting more of those 911 calls would be overkill (and I'm sorry I used that term). Get a clue Jessica...and all the other DUMBA$$e$ working there!!!!!!!!

Finally, for the RAG employees reading this (and angry about my comments), I have a journalism background and know I could do a better job than all of you. #TARDS

Stop It

"I have a journalism background and know I could do a better job than all of you."

No you can't. You would rather bury your head in the sand as you have already stated.

"I haven't listened to the 911 call that is posted, nor will I"


Im quite sure the reason for the 911 tape request is to investigate whether the real reason for the crash was because the PD was involved in a high speed chase through town. If this is the case, then the crash may have been avoided by calling of the pursuit. There is a reason that many departments in this country have taken a policy of not engaging in high speed chases.

doggie mom

IT WAS NOT A CHASE THRU TOWN!!! This car was going over 100 before it reached Bellevue and It would not have stopped for any reason being chased or not. It is not like the cops turned on their lights and a car sped up to get away from them! They were already flying. I should know. I am the 911 caller.


Remove the hashtag. It's inappropriate and offensive.


I thought the story was well done, and the calls were relevant to the story.

2cents's picture

That kid has Charles Manson written all over him. Do America a favor and OD on something please!



To all of you that want retribution, please remember that wishing bad things on others is bad karma. Justice will be served and there is no need to be so vicious.


In this case, people have a right to their feelings. On the 911 tape, a woman called FROM MONROEVILLE stating that this car was traveling at a high rate of speed. He got to Bellevue AND KILLED SOMEONE before the police could even get in position. You can tell by his picture that he isn't a good church going, rule abiding, caring person (and yes I am judging!) The driver is now out of the hospital while he is responsible for one person being dead and three others still in the hospital. Is that Karma? I think not. He deserves to have everything bad happen to him that can happen. You might forgive, but would you feel the same if it was a loved one of yours? I think not.


Amen! People have got to stop pulling the judging / karma card. That theory doesn't wash clean anymore.

Every driver out there has a right to judge, ponder, make their opinions known. It's these kind of lowlifes who put other people at risk. It's too bad he didn't slam the car into the subway before he reached this lady.

This lady DID nothing wrong! She was STOPPED at the light.

Tell me is that "karma"? I don't think so. Tired of all the bleeding hearts.

How about Charles Manson? he's still alive. People are paying to keep him alive. That's NOT justice. He should have been fried years ago. But , Cali overturned the death penalty at the time.

And that's an abomination!


Thank you to the callers and the cops.

Sadly, there was nothing that could have been done at that point. It's was already a tragic fate set.


My cousin was a passanger and was not driving. Blame the driver not the people riding in the car. He was drunk amd was fleeing the cops due to his legal problems and out of four he walked away clean. Others are facing many issues from the driver.


Fleeing what cops? He was driving like a mad man out of Monroeville....NOONE was chasing him then? Someone called the police outside of Monroeville. The police never caught up to them till it was TOO LATE. NOONE was chasing them. There was NO FLEEING the cops. He may have been drunk, he may have legal problems, but the cops were NOT involved till Bellevue 30 seconds BEFORE the crash. Please explain WHO was he fleeing?


Your cousin and the others are just as guilty to blame as the driver. If he was drunk, why did they get in the car with him? Why didn't they try to keep him from driving? Why didn't they call the cops? He was not being chased. Another driver that this guy blew by had the decency to call the cops. At that point he was not being pursued. If there are any innocent victims here, it is Tracy Albright! SHE WAS SITTING AT A FREAKIN' STOPLIGHT WHEN SHE WAS HIT BY THIS CLOWN!!!! At the rate of speed she was hit, she never had a chance. One can only pray that the impact killed her before the fire did. At least your cousin and the others lived and you are able to hug them and tell them how much you love them. Tracy's family didn't even have a chance to look at her one last time, her body was so badly burnt. Her children will never again feel her arms around them as she hugs them or hear her say "I love you". I feel NO, ZERO sympathy for anyone other than the friends and family of Tracy.


Agree with you Cupcake....why did the others not STOP the driver if he was drunk? Take the keys? Call the cops themselves? Heck let the air out of the tires? Anything. Don't get in the car. There was NO FLEEING. The cops were NOT chasing this car till 30 seconds before the crash. Your BS story is not going to fly with anyone on this blog, sorry. Somewhere I saw where this "cousin" said they were working here in the area???? WHERE? Who were these jokers working for? I'd like to know? Who would hire these jokers and there prior rap sheets?


If your child was in the car and put in the same place how would you feel. I bet you all are perfect and never had a beer and drove. Even one impares your ability. He was roofing for a company and works 60-70 hours a week. Has kids he supports as do the others. Bad choices and bad circumstances yes but I see you all are saints. My cousin had no criminal record and was not a licensed driver. I think all families are effected but I do hope tge driver rots. He has good reason to. Rick treherne was just an average guy working for pennies trying to make a living and had no cell phone to call. These jokers are all licensed roofers that do schools, gov. Buildings and residential houses. If you judge your no better than the next person. No sympathy is needed but judgement is not needed as well.


NO, I do not have a beer and DRIVE. Your cousin still got in the car. He ALLOWED THE DRIVER TO DRIVE DRUNK. He could have TOOK THE KEYS. HE could have made a difference!


I am far from a saint, but I'm also not stupid or selfish enough to put others at risk. I have never gotten behind the wheel of a car drunk and I wouldnt get in a car, bus, boat, tractor....with someone I even thought was drinking. I'm curious to know....if they were simply roofers, working hard to make money, what on earth were they doing out so late in the evening, seemingly up to no good? I know a lot of roofers and generally their work is done at sundown. ???? Again, your cousin had a choice to get in that car and put his life at risk. I get so sick and tired of hearing the excuse a person has had a hard life or it was their situation in life that put them in a bad position. I say bull@#$&! I get your cousin was working and trying to support a family, but he also made a CHOICE to do something stupid. Yes, the driver bears the brunt of the responsibility, but all the passengers in that car are in some way to blame for Tracys death. Instead of even TRYING to stop this jerk from driving they went along with him. And let me tell you. Tracy was a hard-working, loving person. She has a family, including three beautiful children, who loved her more than anything on this earth. I attended her funeral yesterday. It was one of the saddest things I've done in my lifetime. The emptiness and pain in her families eyes....so heartbreaking. The next time you visit your cousin and are able to hug him and tell him you love him, I want you to picture three innocent children who will never again be able to have the same opportunity with their mother! I hope your cousin physically recovers from this, but I also hope that he in some way is held responsible for his actions in this whole horrible situation.


If you get in a bus and tge driver was drunk and you wrecked killing someone then you should be guilty for not stopping the driver?


I would NOT get on a bus where I knew the driver was DRUNK. Sorry. And I would take the keys. Save other peoples lives.