Browns trade Trent Richardson to the Colts

Multiple sources reporting first-round pick running back is heading to Indianapolis.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 19, 2013


According to and Cleveland's 2012 first-round pick has been traded for the Colts' 2014 first-round pick.

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In turn the browns picked up Sister Mary Elephant!

red white and blue

Lol wow 50 years since we have had a championship.


Just another in a series of let downs


Watch, the Colts will now win the Super Bowl and Cleveland will get the last pick of the first round!


The good ole Factory continues to put out sadness. I'm just about done with them. Got rid of my season tickets in 2008, I won't spend a dime on them until they make the playoffs in back to back years. I wonder, since the merger has a number 3 pick ever been traded the following year to a playoff team negating the high pick and turning it into a low first round pick?

From the Grave

Barely better than being 6 feet under.


I'm a Steelers fan, but actually thought the Browns had a chance to win more games than Pittsburgh this year. Until now.


They should have traded Weeden.


There is no value in Weeden at all. He's horrible..


LOL at this. I feel like a fortune teller when it comes to the Browns. No I didn't predict them to trade Richardson, but I did say Weeden wouldn't last past game ten....its game 3 and they are bailing on him.

I said that before game 4-5, the next season talk would start. Its game 3 and its already begun.

This team is like the movie ground hog day. It seems like every year we are trading this, doing this, doing that for the future, but the future never comes. Its the same bad nightmare over and over and over.

I give up on them. I was about to buy tickets for the Detroit game, but I wont give a ticket holder, or Cleveland a dime of my money anymore.

To the Cleveland Browns....I hope you lose every single game this year. I hope the fans start NOT going to the games and I hope this team and its horrible owners and coaches get sold to another city. Good Riddance.

Fibber Mcgee

Tim Tebow :) :)


Go Broncos!!

AJ Oliver

And why do the taxpayers have to subsidize the Browns anyway ?
Lets call it what it is - welfare for the ONE PERCENT !!

Cleveland Browns Stadium (Opened in 1999)

Total Cost:
$309 million

County Public Subsidy:
$216 million, 70% of total (alcohol and tobacco tax)


Don't forget they traded up to get Richardson.

Stop It

Cleveland knows what the basement looks like. Go Browns! And take the Indians with ya!....Where did LeBron go?..Palm trees? oh yeah...he got tired of carrying that whole team.