Man accused of sending nude pics to teen

An 18-year-old Castalia man was arrested for sending nude pictures of himself to a 14-year-old girl, deputies said.
Sarah Weber
Feb 7, 2011

An 18-year-old Castalia man was arrested for sending nude pictures of himself to a 14-year-old girl, deputies said.

Erie County deputies charged Rannon C. Witter with one count of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles, a fifth-degree felony.

The girl was charged as unruly.

In mid-January the girl's mother called deputies about her daughter's suspected sexting, a deputy's report said.

The girl told detectives she sent Witter a nude picture of herself and Witter reciprocated by sending a nude picture of himself.

In an interview with detectives, Witter admitted sending the picture and said he knew the girl was only 14. He told detectives he deleted the picture of the girl and didn't send it to anyone else.


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Raoul Duke

Though he should known better, when you are 18, sometimes you still see yourself as a kid, and you do things that you realize later have new ramifications as an adult. A felony charge is fairly devastating, and maybe they should punish him by not allowing him to have a cell phone until he is 21, assuming that he doesn't continue to break laws.


I agree with you but it would be hard to stop him now days. He could always go buy a prepaid cell phone for texting!

huronres1 a 14 yr. old!?!?!?!  C'mon already!

Raoul Duke

I've met some 14 year olds that acted 19, and some 19 year olds that acted 12. It's a gray area that should be dealt with as such, not unlike the fact that you are no more responsible to drink the day of your 21st birthday than you were the day before. I'm not saying that nothing should be done. But it should be appropriate to the situation. He might not be a bad person, just needs a little push in the right direction. Her too.


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Because of the age difference between this MINOR child and the ADULT, the charge automatically triggers a FELONY against the ADULT.  Not to worry.  They will be reduced before any trial.  Come on!  You think he will EVER serve prison time?  Truth in sentencing?  In a pig's behind!  The ADULT did cooperate and appears to be truthful with deputies.  The 14-year-old will NEVER see any court ordered punitive action.  Her "corrective" issues will under the auspices of her parents.  This does bring light what is going on with our UNDER AGE, juvenile youth that NO one ever knows about or cares to admit.  Good job to the mother of this 14-year-old child for reporting this to LE immediately.  It is better to intercept these issues now before they morph into serious sexual or violent felonies. 


@ The Dude Abides - My comment was dirrected at the 18 year old from Castalia.

Raoul Duke

IF he's not going to do stuff like this again, I just hate to see him deal with a felony charge at a time when it is so difficult to find a job anyway.  Of course I don't know if this is an on going thing.  The reality is that they could be in high school together, and could theoretically be dating and nobody would think anything of it. I just hope it turns out positive for them both. Having your picture on here can't help that.

huronres1: There are no "dudes" in Castalia.


In Wakeman this week there was an 18 year old accused of having inappropriate sexual conduct with a 14 year old girl. And thats a misdemeanor. This guy sends a girl a nude pic in response to the one she sent him and its a felony? Don't get me wrong, I think what both of them did was wrong, But  I think inappropriate sexual conduct would be worse than a text.


A felony??!! Come on, ruin this guys life over a nude picture? Laws need to be changed and prosecuters need to use common sense.


If the guy did this when he was 17 and 364 days old there would have been no crime. Goes to show you how stupid this whole thing is.

Bill Braskey

 @ perkins dad you obviously dont know this family very well. why would try and start rumors about her mother? you cannot watch your children 24/7. get a life and stop talking out of your a**

The Answer Person

anyone who thinks that 14 years old don't have a clue and are innocent better take off their blinders and watch daytime television talk shows.  it may be the law but this ain't 1950 anymore and that is the reality


They're BOTH just showing their ignorance.

Captain Gutz



That aint' all they're showing.


RE: Captain Gutz.....I was being sarcastic,  To any of you that remember the "streakers",  my mon was in a restaurant one time when a "streaker" came in.....her comment to the other customers was, "don't worry folks, he's just showing his ignorance...according to others that were there, he turned red  all over... hence my comment.


I find this kind of dumb. Yes he is 18 and she is 14 but a 5th degree felony for sending a picture of himself to a minor..why ruin this boys life for something like this? and what about her she did it too but do you think she'll have to walk around with something like that on her record for the rest of her life? no and all because she is a minor. I am not saying he was right. but my god people come on! theres people who murder people and walk away free! and A first conviction of domestic violence for an act of physical violence or attempted physical violence is a misdemeanor of the first degree in ohio what is that? glad to know you can go out and beat your spouse once and get a misdemeanor..but you send a picture of your privates to a minor wrong yes but really? way to go judicial system way to go.