Thief makes off with $100K camera

A thief made off with a hefty haul on Friday after breaking into two cars at Thunderbird Hills Golf Club on Mudbrook Road.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 11, 2013


One woman called police after returning to her vehicle to find a passenger-side window broken out, according to an Erie County deputy’s report. Only one item was stolen: a case containing $1,000 worth of jewelry.

That loss was just a fraction of the thief’s other target. While at the scene, deputies noticed another vehicle’s window broken. They located the owner, who said his thermal imaging camera was missing from the backseat, according to the report. The camera, used for the man’s consulting business, is valued at $100,000.

The man said the camera would have appeared to the thief to be an older-model VCR camera. Also missing was the camera’s case and other accessories.

Deputies had no suspects as of Monday.



why would someone have something like that sitting out in the open if it's that valuable? I had to take my laptop to the guy that fixes it and it's an older model and barely worth $200 max and I still hid it when I made a stop before I got to the repair shop


Insurance fraud??????????????


that is what I was thinking lol


I do not leave ANYTHING out in open view in my car. Why would you leave a $100K camera just laying there in the backseat? WOW. I doubt I would leave it in the TRUNK. Sounds kinda fishy to me. Why do people drive around with this stuff in their car? $1000 worth of jewelry ? Just laying around in the car? While you are playing golf? I must just be paranoid. Guess I watch too much tv or read the paper too much.


A case of jewelry could only be a small case with ONE ring in it. As for the camera, he probably thought it was going to be safe. If it was worth $100,000 it should have been hidden. If the person who took it thought it was an outdated VCR, at least now, thanks to the publicity, he knows what it is and how much it is worth.

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100k camera just sitting out in a car? Yeah and I had an airplane stolen from my back yard last night! I must have left the keys in it or something! Dang!


My car was hit as well and I can not find my big screen, laptop, cash jewelry, or wife....have you seen it guys???


No but dang A I did hear someone grunting really loud. I just thought they were digging their ball out of the sand pit! LOL!!


Please, please, please...

Let him be a security consultant!

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Im not saying that 100k camera could be a scam but there have been alot of of cars getting broke into at sawmill creek and both thunderbird north and south lately u just dont hear about it because its petty stuff. Its pretty sad tho that u cant enjoy dinner / or a round of golf without worrying about some scum bag breaking into ur car its a damn shame


I have used thermal cameras, and they're not that costly.


I go to Thunderbird quite often. If anyone has ever been golfing, you know that most of the times there is an employee working outside... called the starter. They pass out the golf cart keys, and then clean the carts when golfers are finished. I would be curious to know where the car was parked when this happened, because this employee has a pretty good view of the entire parking lot.

From a golfers perspective, the jewelry valued at $1,000 could be 'just a ring'. I don't golf with rings on my fingers, and if I realized that I forgot to remove it before leaving the house I would have (and have done in the past) removed it and put it in my car (out of sight of course). So, don't assume she's just trolling around with bunches of expensive jewelry in her car. The camera... hmmm, well... I don't know what to think on that one, but if it was insurance fraud, that means the man who lost the camera must of staged the other robbery to make it look like it wasn't just his car that was broken in to. I'd hate to think that people would do this sort of thing, but I know it happens.

Again, location of the car would be interesting... because that place is busy ALL the time, and the traffic down Route 13 is pretty busy too... something just isn't right. IMHO.