First Street repaving on city’s priority list

Sandusky officials finally made fixing First Street a priority.
Andy Ouriel
Sep 9, 2013


City commissioners are poised to vote at 5 p.m. today at City Hall whether to spend $1.01 million to pave First Street from Cedar Point Drive to Meigs Street.   

The cost is down slightly from an estimate earlier this summer.   

The project, starting this fall and scheduled to finish in June 2014, will also patch up potholes, upgrade manholes, repair curbs and sidewalks and replace an existing waterline on a portion of First Street’s north side.   

“It’s important that this gets replaced,” ex officio mayor John Hamilton said. “Some of the infrastructure in the city is over 100 years old.”     

The 1.3-mile corridor serves as a popular passageway for commuters to access Cedar Point, considering about 7,000 vehicles traverse it daily, according to city data.



Well here we go again Got to make it great for Cedar Point and the hell with the rest of the city streets in Sandusky that are in worse shape then first street
Good going Sandusky.And now thats why they wander why a lot of folks are leaving the area . Sandusky city is only focused on taken care of cedar point and not doing anything for the rest of the city that is in need of repair worse then first street .
Before we all know it , they will change the name of the city from city of Sandusky to the city of Cedar point , Thats all that is important to SANDUSKY
I am not saying that 1st street dont need work done , all I am saying to the city is , take care of the worse streets in Sandusky first


@gene44870 couldnt agree more thats all sanduskys leadership worry about how to make things better for cedar point.I wonder if any of them have drivin down fifth street lately its in worse shape than first is but cedar point patrons dont use that street so the heck with this street. Typical sandusky leadership for ya.

The Bizness

I don't think fifth street is too bad, third street however is rough.


look its even a cedar point bus going down the street LOL


Whatever happened to Gartland Avenue??????

Gee I can't imagine where the new water line is going in on First Street. Could it be in front of old APEX--another freebee for the potential developer--no tap in fee required.


why would you need a tap in fee for an existing water line?
I HOPE HOPE HOPE they fix the alley for first street too, I have been calling and begging for them to repair first street and its alley all year. it is really hard to drive in the summer but worse in the winter when you are sliding all over and hit the potholes