Ohio to limit food stamps for some adults

Gov. John Kasich to set work requirement for able-bodied adults without children.
Associated Press
Sep 8, 2013

The administration of Ohio Gov. John Kasich plans to limit food stamps for more than 130,000 adults in all but a few economically depressed areas starting next year.

According to The (Columbus) Dispatch, the requirement will cover able-bodied adults without children.

They will be required to spend at least 20 hours a week working, training for a job, volunteering or performing a similar type of activity unless they live in one of 16 high-unemployment counties.

The requirements begin next month but those failing to meet them would not lose benefits until Jan. 1.

More than 1.8 million Ohioans receive food stamps.

The exempt counties are Adams, Brown, Clinton, Coshocton, Highland, Huron, Jefferson, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Muskingun, Noble, Ottawa, Perry, Pike and Scioto.

"It's important that we provide more than just a monetary benefit, that we provide job training, an additional level of support that helps put (food-stamp recipients) on a path toward a career and out of poverty," Ben Johnson, spokesman for the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, told the newspaper.

For years, Ohio has taken advantage of a federal waiver exempting food-stamps recipients from the work requirements that Kasich championed while U.S. House Budget Committee chairman during the mid-1990s.

"The governor believes in a work requirement," Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols said Friday. "But when the economy is bad and people are hurting, the waiver can be helpful. Now, fortunately, Ohio's economy is improving."

An estimated 134,000 adults will be subject to the work requirements. They are ages 18 to 50, without children under 18, and deemed to be physically and mentally able to participate, Johnson said.

County officials who administer public assistance and advocates for the poor predict the requirement will take food stamps away from thousands of Ohioans.



Why do you think you have the right to judge somebody solely on what they eat or how their nails are done? Just because they receive SNAP benefits does not mean that they need to be scrutinized by a random shopper in Kroger. Those who receive benefits, whatever kind of benefits they may be, are just as significant as you.


If you are in financial distress and need assistance for food then you shouldn't be spending available money on non essential items.


"Random shopper at Kroger" = a TAXPAYER who has every right AND responsibility to scrutinize how his tax dollars are being used.


a food card voucher for only buying ,potatoes, onions ,carrots, celery, beans , whole grain bread, nutritious cereals, 2% milk, fresh fruit or canned fruit & veggies only, make soup. No junk food ,pop or candy , with a picture I.D. proof of volunteer work or other ,classes , part time job. Then the system could possibly work. Maybe.


What, other produce doesn't count?


Kudos Gov. Kasich, accountability for government assistance is the key.

Mr. D

regist. . . You have to be awfully close to tell the difference between a credit, debit, gift or snap card. I think you are just nosey. . .
btw, for your well being, potatoes and bread are loaded with carbs; carbs that turn to sugar in your body. To many carbs in your diet is an unseen catylist for diabetes. You should concentrate on eating healthy.


Thank you Mr d for the nutritional talk. However, consuming them in moderation is considerably better than candy, cookies etc. I only knew it was the Ohio directions card because the lady asked the cashier prior to purchase if she had enough in her account. Plus some people just don't care almost like they are proud of it.


Too bad food costs so freakin much regardless of how you pay for it. I wonder how much gets thrown in the garbage when nobody can buy it. And I wonder how much the new red tape regulations will cost vs. how much they will save. If food stamp recipients want to leave Erie County and move to an exempt one, let them. Who cares? It will leave more of those gravy jobs for the rest of us to fight over. And I really gotta feel sorry for some people whose lives are so miserable, by being taxed enough already, that they stand in a line watching what other people buy and what they pay for it with. If it ruins your day that much, go to the U-scan and you won't have to see it. And you won't have to see the fake nails, that maybe she did herself or a friend did for her.


Smaller grocery stores don't have u-scan.


Then read a magazine or something. Or the Bible.


Screw your bible. It's fake. This same thing goes on at a food pantry because I used be a screener. And people were caught using fake addresses who didn't live in the community at all.


I was being sarcastic. But seriously, yes, there are a lot of deadbeats working the system. I would like to see a stop to it, too. But, it isn't my job to watch what people buy with their food stamps and I'm not about to let it get me all mad. No doubt there are a lot of people that have fallen on hard times or had reduced hours, and maybe they need some extra help. The scammers shouldn't spoil it for those who genuinely, temporarily need it.


I've seen it also. They have all name brand food. Lobster tails, prime rib and all the candy, chips you can stuff in a shopping cart. Fake nails, iphones and a Lincoln Navigator to put it in. Then pay with a Snap card.....they stop to buy lotto tickets on the way out. It does happen. I see it in Fremont. There are those that scam the system, there are those of us that get mad about it. Not much you can do. I save my pennies, I use my coupons, and I shop the sales. I try and do what I can to buy healthy and buy smart.


No doubt there are some scammers. But there are many more who are among the working poor, and it really doesn't do anyone any good to get worked up over who's buying what. I like to shop early in the morning and go to the U-scan, that way I'm in and out quickly without distractions. And I like to think most of the scammers are going to eventually get caught in their own game or somehow self destruct. It sure would be nice to see some more affordable pricing on the healthy stuff. That distresses me the most, that a lot of that will be thrown away. I am definitely going to expand my garden next year, and continue to get the fresh stuff from the Farmers Market.


You all may or may not like republicans, but at least they know how to create jobs and run the country.


There are many jobs out there that pay well and JFS/Jobstore actually can be very helpful. There are workshops and many other resources. My fiance actually got help getting his CDL through them. Do what you need to do to get yourself ahead. This is how the system is SUPPOSED to work.

red white and blue

I could straiten this welfare thing up in one day.I'll sit at the desk up front when they come in before u get an application I will as do u have a high school diploma? Can u pass a drug test? Once we get past that now we can move on.so you need help I know its rough out there.we have free day care you get 3 months of help till u find a job after that your on your own for at least 9 months


What, so in 9 months they can get preggers again?


Wow, first thing Kasich has done that makes sense...But what about him, having two residences, that we the taxpayers pay for extra security ,because he chooses not to live at the governors mansion??!! He certainly should practice what he preaches. Can't stand him

red white and blue

High five rosa


Always an excuse for the lazy left. Always doom and gloom. Instead of forcing someone to fish who is perfectly able to, they'd rather have it delivered to their door each day. EXCUSES are what enable the able people you protect.


Kasich could work to bring more industry to Ohio, and I don't mean more hospitality /service jobs.

Some of these able-bodied people absolutely refuse to work and they cannot pass the drug tests. And they've been getting away with it for a long time.


Go to your local hospital and watch and ask questions. The majority of the welfare people that are able to work, but do not, have iphones, hair done, nails did, coach purse and nice clothes. You know, those are all now considered must haves in society.

Truth or Dare

Hey Rosa; He can't live in the Gov.'s mansion if it's being rented out for weddings. It isn't cheap either, and I wonder what they do with the $$$$$! Far too many are all the same, even the newbies and jumpers that want to fly under a new banner. Makes it difficult for anyone to have any semblance of trust for elected, appointed political officials, no matter the party affiliation.

Let the people eat, and I would suggest if the Gov. wants to save us money, what he should do instead is seriously address the fraud within Medicaid, which by the way is due to the Providers! Oh, wait a minute, can't do that right, it's the billion $$$$ healthcare/pharmaceutical industries.

Peninsula Pundit

I'm certain all of these vindictive folks, when they lend a guy on the street a quarter, follows them to make sure they don't spend it on booze.
From a Christian standpoint,(yes, I know, who cares?)we are charged to help those who ask it of us without question.
The Lord judges both parties in the end, impartially and righteously.
As long as you, as the giver, answers, 'Yes, I gave when asked', you are in the clear.
The Lord will also judge who received your quarter as well, impartially and righteously. He will be justified or condemned, according to what he did with your quarter.
Can you just stop for a minute and allow the Judge of all to make his own decisions?
Judge not,lest ye be judged.
It isn't just words in a book, it's a promise.


The unquestioning part is a stretch.

Jesus taught people to be good stewards. He did not command forgiveness in the absence of repentance. Paul said, if a man will not work, let him not eat. Jesus and His disciples gave food to the poor, not money; the only one who advocated giving money to the poor was Judas.

Then there's the fact that NOTHING in the Bible justifies food stamps. Jesus said feed the poor - NOT let Caesar feed the poor, and CERTAINLY NOT send Caesars troops to take from others to feed the poor.


Yeah Penninsula....some sold the booze too.