Police fight drugs by buying drugs

On a quiet Tuesday night in September 2008, Sandusky police burst through the front door at 905 Filmore St.
Jason Singer
Dec 19, 2010


On a quiet Tuesday night in September 2008, Sandusky police burst through the front door at 905 Filmore St.

Inside, they saw a man and woman running through the kitchen in an attempt to escape out a back door.

In the living room, a mother and son quietly watched television.

Police tracked down the runners, arrested them and handed a search warrant to Jeffrey L. Payton, 38.

Officers searched the home and found two digital scales, guns, 67 grams of cocaine, 17 grams of crack-cocaine, 684 grams of marijuana and nearly $5,000 in cash.

Much of the arrest resulted from "controlled" buys, police said. Controlled buys are drug purchases involving police informants.

After the raid, prosecutors charged Payton with drug possession, illegal manufacturing of drugs and having weapons under disability.

As part of the same investigation, which stretched from April 2008 to early this year, Sandusky police also arrested Gregory Payton, 50, Dallas Payton, 23, and Frank Payton, 48.

Jeffrey is now serving more than 17 years in prison, Frank received a two-year sentence and Gregory got 18 months.

Nearly all of the charges involved either possession, trafficking or the illegal manufacturing of drugs.

Controlled buys

Sandusky Police Department's two-man narcotics team uses controlled buys in the majority of drug cases, officers said.

So far this year, they've made 96 controlled buys, police records show.

In small towns such as Sandusky, controlled buys work more effectively than undercover buys, in which an officer would purchase the drugs, Sandusky police Detective Eric Graybill said.

"I can't just walk anywhere and make a drug buy," Graybill said. "I look like a cop, sound like a cop, talk like a cop. So controlled buys give us an opportunity to do that."

In 90 percent of cases involving controlled buys, police use an informant who is looking to get criminal charges reduced. One way they can do that: Make a controlled buy.

During these buys, police monitor the transactions through technology.

They don't target one particular drug, but they shape the buys to whatever narcotic the informant has access to, said Detective John Orzech, who oversees the unit.

"We only ask people to do whatever they can do," Orzech said. "Who's their supplier? Who can they get drugs from? We don't direct people to a specific drug or specific person."

Officers spend about $25 to $50 on the majority of controlled buys, which gets a half-gram to a gram of most drugs, Orzech said.

The cost increases for more expensive drugs. An ounce of crack-cocaine, for instance, costs about $1,300.

The investigation into the Payton family began in April 2008, when a confidential informant wanted to clean up the neighborhood, police records show.

Officers said they used controlled buys in cases against all four family members.

Sandusky police don't release details about informants to protect their safety, officers said. 



They need to do something about the blue house on Tyler St., next to the alley by Campbell School.  The flow of drugs out of that house onto Tyler St is amazing.  It is owned by an out of town rental company that does not care.  Yes, I am told that the police have been notified about this house.


Article only attempts to leverage readers back to side with SPD only after dragging them down the last few months.





Some SPD cops are even using drugs now. They're sneaky. As reading a previous article a few weeks ago when drugs were found in one of the officers lockers. And he was "using the drugs to train the dogs." Yeah right. SPD is full of lies & DIRTY work willing to do anything to put people behind bars. Us as citizens don't know what the COPS are doing with the drugs after they raid a place, or even if they plant MORE drugs in the home to make the case bigger. As a Sandusky citizen SPD is not a good police force, and they make up A LOT of information in cases. I wish Sandusky could get it together after all these years. The SPD say they're making the community safer by putting such "bad people" behind bars.... but yet I still see drug & gun articles as we speak. GREAT JOB SPD! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

hmm really

Sounds to me like Love is Pain must have got in trouble before from the SPD.  Ignorance is bliss.  What a joke, find something better to do with your time than make yourself look so dumb online.


Lion Hair... your name just makes you sound like an idiot. FYI I have never been in trouble with SPD, or any other police department. Never had a record in my life, so YOUR ignorance is bliss. When you comment, comment with facts. I have facts by reading articles in the newspaper & knowing what really happenend in certain situations. I'm a citizen just as you, so I'm entilted to my own opinion. There are hundreds who agree reguardless if you don't or not, I have the least bit of care. Thank you : )


I love when people come on here and say they have the "least bit of care" but yet leave no less than 3 comments.

Intermixed in those comments are insults toward another person's login name....and saying they have facts, that are opinions....and a spattering of words in all caps..... and referencing untold hundreds who agree with said commenter......... Stay classy Sandusky.....

Didn't that officer get fired anyway?


As i said before there were drugs found in a police officers locker. WAY over the amount they are LEGALLY supposed to have. You don't need that amount of drugs to train a dog. Do some research better yet don't comment... of course that officer won't get in any trouble because of who he is. Let that have been a black males home they found the drugs in his name would be all over this website with ignorant people like you commenting. Nothing but the truth.

hmm really

Oh here we go... pulling the race card.  Classic.  I am glad that you validate facts off of newspaper articles.  Nice research.  Clap clap clap... I applaud you.  lol


 Until you make the punishment worse than the money made on that crime, crime will flourish.  It's that simple.


 I know alot more places not just in Sandusky were cops could find drugs and make arrests. Wheather theres a few bad cops or not they need to get the TRASH off the streets and I'm not just talking about the Drugs.


@LOVEISPAIN23.  Would you mind naming the SPD officers that are using drugs. I am a big SPD supporter, and if any of them are using drugs, I want to take them off my Christmas card list. As for this being an article in support of SPD, I say ullbayitshay. They just wrote it because they knew that bloggers such as yourself would be on here to slam SPD in the SR's place. I'm sure this will get deleted because of some unfounded reason. If it does, FINE. Stay with it SPD. I'm sure you will prevail, and I will be ROTFL when you do.


.....BUT my Son and Daughter lost EVERYTHING in The recent HOUSE FIRE right before XMAS!!!  I am in Castalia and very sad this holiday season...The KIDS are in need more than all of us on here...God bless

bored reader


I understand the pain the family is going thru. But, highjacking every comment section on a bunch of stories will only serve to anger readers to make a decision to not help in the fund to get this family back on their feet. I for one plan tp go to the bank to give a donation. But reading your comment on the last 3 stories I've read is dis-heartening. I pray this family is restored to a better position than what was taken from them. God Bless.


Fedup says " Why wasn't a big story printed about tefon Tim?  Why hasn't anyone been updated on his FEDERAL case?  It was a small 2nd page article?  Wonder what he worked out with SR before he got caught to keep that off the front page!"  I too wonder what happened to McClung. But don't blame Matt too much. The editor has a boss also who calls the shots in the background. I have read the register for decades and feel that Matt is one of the better editors. But he can be better if he wants to be. Matt has to answer to his boss or bosses. Who really controls the news is the question.


"On a quiet Tuesday night in September 2008, Sandusky police burst through the front door at 905 Filmore St." I don't like these police tactics of bursting through the door. Many innocent people die when jackbooted police burst through a door unannounced. What if they had the wrong address and came to my house by mistake? I would have been shot dead because I would have pointed a gun at them thinking that they were thugs. Then a coverup would occur and I would get blamed for getting shot and killed. Think about it. There are better ways to go about this.

hmm really

City Slicker, I think you misread my comments.  I am also a huge supporter of SPD and law enforcement, my comments were directed to Love is Pain who was bashing at the police.  I was retorting on the ridiculous opinions that were mis-stated as facts by that person.  I agree with you all the way that this newspaper has it out for law enforcement and it's apalling!! Keep up the good work SPD!!!!


 Your right Lionhair. Please accept my apology. LoveisPain23 is where that comment should have gone.


Sandusky Register is like every single newspaper.... they jump on anything that makes people read their rag!  They don't always get their facts straight and when they have a retraction or correction where do you always find it in any newspaper............way back in the paper in small print where no one would notice.  As for the police department in Sandusky, it's like any other police department, you have good police officers and bad ones and it's always the bad ones who get noticed.  Also it's really something how people are all ready to jump on the "bash an officer band wagon."  No matter if it's the Fire Dept., Police Dept., or a hosptial, or just a local business, you will find good and bad workers.  It's called the "human race"... if you want perfection in these area's then develop a robot to do the job!  As for the comment made about police bashing through a door... they always shout out "police, open the door" and if no response they bust it in...  They don't want to get shot no more than you do!  Try going through their trainning and walk in their shoes for a while and maybe you will see just what they have to deal with.  Then to beat all they get constantly put down by the people they put their life on the line for everytime they put on that uniform.   

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A security official wears a listening device. The government is creating a ...

  The government is creating a vast domestic spying network to collect information about Americans in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks and subsequent terror plots, The Washington Post reported Monday.

The government is using for this purpose the FBI, local police, state homeland security offices and military criminal investigators, the daily added.

The system collects, stores and analyzes information about thousands of US citizens and residents, many of whom have not been accused of any wrongdoing, the report noted.


The government's goal is to have every state and local law enforcement agency in the country feed information to Washington to buttress the work of the FBI, noted the paper, which has conducted its own investigation of the matter.

According to the report, the network includes 4,058 federal, state and local organizations, each with its own counter-terrorism responsibilities and jurisdictions.

At least 935 of these organizations have been created since the 2001 attacks, The Post said.

The probe has revealed that technologies and techniques developed for use on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan have migrated into the hands of law enforcement agencies in the United States, the paper pointed out.

In addition, the FBI is building a database with the names and personal information of thousands of US citizens and residents, the report said.

The database is accessible to an increasing number of local law enforcement and military criminal investigators, the report noted.

In a bid to counter what is seen as a threat from radical Islam, some law enforcement agencies have hired as trainers people whose extremist views on Islam and terrorism are considered inaccurate and counterproductive by US intelligence agencies, the paper pointed out.

The cost of the network is difficult to measure, the paper said. But the Department of Homeland Security has given 31 billion dollars in grants since 2003 to state and local governments for homeland security and to improve their ability to find and protect against terrorists, The Post said.

Only this year, it gave 3.8 billion dollars to local law enforcement agencies.




Mr. Info

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines


Don`t ya just hate it when somebody feels the need to copy and paste something in the comment section that has nothing to do with the story at hand just so they can add their 2 cents. So what is your point there goofus?  What does your usual copy and paste have to do with this story? Nothing.  You are as bad as the KFC comment.  Just more jibberish about nothing...again.


Legalize marijuana and tax it.

Release those who are incarcerated for marijuana-related crimes.

The "thirst" for a buzz will be satisfied by the marijuana, the state and federal coffers will be filled with the tax money, and then we can put real criminals in the freed-up jail cells.

Of course, we'd have to financially "bail-out" the lawyers and prosecutors that chase-down such "criminal" activitiy as smoking grass, but we'd still save a bunch of money and be a whole lot happier. 






LION HAIR how about you put your own opinion & stop basing yours off of mine... do that & stop directing your comments towards me. I'm not getting facts from the newspaper how about knowing the REAL story from people involved. All these newspapers make things out to be a lot worse than they are. I'm entilted to my own opinion & if you don't like it stop reading my comments. Thank you. & @ Cityslicker you're one of the SPD supporters & I'm one of those who aren't. Why don't you go work with them or be one of their informants.... who STILL go to jail after helping them do THEIR job!!! Lol I'm done with this article. Keep it up SPD, I mean informants because they woudn't have much without you!

here in ohio

bla bla bla bla is all you ever read on here.....

Baby Sweets

I hate to break it to you, but nobody cares what anybody else thinks about others comments. I think 3 of you folks on here get it, maybe 2.  CHA CHA CHA, Chicken Time!

C'mon people

Baby Sweets... you're an idiot...go stuff your mouth with KFC so your fingers will be to greasy to type anything...just go away...

Baby Sweets

Awww dont get mad. Have some Lees chicken, and maybe one of those biscuits slathered in butter and honey. Now I know your going to like that.

Captain Gutz

Baby Sweets.

Who has the better Buffalo sauce?

Baby Sweets

I had to do some research on your question. I put together a Blue Ribbon panel of culinary experts, and the results are in! KFC wins hands down!