Others join teacher in praying for students

Dozens of people showed up to pray outside Sandusky's school buildings on Friday, and the teacher who spurred the event hopes the enthusiasm can be harnessed for change.
Susan McMillan
Dec 11, 2010

Dozens of people showed up to pray outside Sandusky's school buildings on Friday, and the teacher who spurred the event hopes the enthusiasm can be harnessed for change.

"It gave me chills to see people coming out and supporting the children of the community," said Rosalyn Shepherd, an art teacher at Osborne Elementary. "I got a lot of positive feedback about people who want to help in the schools."

A handful of people gathered outside many of the city's schools at noon to pray for students, but at Osborne the crowd swelled to more than 30.

The worshippers outside Osborne included several parishioners from Ebenezer Baptist Church, current and retired school employees, neighborhood residents and a few Sandusky High students volunteering at Osborne.

They stood at the northeast corner of McDonough and Osborne streets so as not to be on school property.

They prayed for God to give the children strength and lift the burdens of the students and their family members, who are often under difficult circumstances.

"The prayer itself is not about me, and it's not about each one of us," Shepherd said before the prayer. "It's about talking to God about our kids. They're struggling."

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Good, maybe next time they will use their time and talents in something that will produce tangible benefits for the local children and area in general.

They could garner attention for their church that way as well.


Good for them. It is nice that SOMEBODY is willing to step up to bring attention to this problem instead of sitting at home complaining about it....or just not thinking about it at all.

Truth or Dare


God Bless ya Ms. Shepherd and all that gathered! 


Consider the person in the wheel chair, fighting the snow, ice, possible pain and certainly facing difficulties in everyday life, not sitting home feeling sorry for themself but fighting all things to pray for others to be better off than him/herself.


How SMART  are you?

This NEW governor is planning to Take away STATE funds from the SCHOOLS, so he can spend this money ELSE where. (not give it back)

Question; what comes NEXT? LEVY after levy after levy levy levy levy, to do WHAT? Replace what YOUR dear ol' governor took all that MONEY from the Schools.

That is REALLY smart VOTING.


Stand and pray, yea, that will help a lot! Start a food drive, help a child after school with their homework, mentor a student. DO something that will help.


44846GWP says Stand and pray, yea, that will help a lot! Start a food drive, help a child after school with their homework, mentor a student. DO something that will help.


EVERYONE is doing just that via excessive taxation which is being used by those parents that ABUSE the system.  Sometimes I think your just a troll or someone with very little common sense. I havent seen YOU at Victory Kitchen helping, if so, come up and introduce yourself to me, I would really like to see what someone with your arrogance looks like!  

John 14:7 condemns your very thoughts, let alone your actions. You have NO idea concerning ANTYHING spiritual let alone economically. Go troll somewhere else.


DO anything to break the horrible cycle this area has created for our children. I am amazed how they think a welfare check and foodstamps are just for the taking. I applaude all who take a stand to make a change!


 Well.well, some of you naysayers are curled up cozy by your computers and striking again! What did you put in your coffee or hot chocolate lately? I don't want to know! Whatever it is, it might be impairing some of your judgments. But for those of you who applauded Rosalyn S. and the others that were with her PRAYING and NOT PLAYING, BRAVO for you all! I'm glad that she and the rest of them had enough GUTS to go out in the cold and do something! What did the rest of you all do? Probably nothing! Here's to the movers and the shakers of our society, keep the faith and continue in your work for Him! Have a blessed holiday season anyhow!


SKBRUSH ... I AGREE 100%.  I am all for "supporting the kids" but damn, I feel that my tax dollars do just that.  I didn't put myself in the position of popping kids out that i cannot  support so why do I need to be held responsible for somebody else's irresponsible decision? Having said that (coldhearted as it may sound), the kids are living breathing human beings who did not choose to be born into certain situations.  If people want to pray I think it is a good start of at least bringing awareness to issues teachers see everyday.


 I applaud these people - prayer  works wonders and is something that can bring pretty much everyone together.  I no longer agree with throwing money at the problems our schools have - as someone who spends a large amount of time with both junior high and high school youth I know that the schools can only do do much, the rest relies on parents that are to "busy" to take an active interest in the academic, moral and social growth of their children.  The are quick to blame the school and teachers but are slow to realize their shortcomings.  I say this as a parent of 2 small children... children who at this point will most likely be homeschooled as we are unhappy with both the public and private school offerings in our area.  














Bailey: There are more ways to help than being at the Victory kitchen. I have a good job that pays well, I give money to Feed America and the Salvation Army food bank. I also help homeless animals at the Humane Soceity.  I am doing something that helps, not just praying about it. IF you work at the Victory kitchen thats great! Why dog me for asking others to DO something other than just praying, which does nothing.

bored reader

Perhaps they can add your name to the list of prayers. I'll kepp you in mine. Be Blessed.


 Scientific study after scientific study shows prayer has no effect.  People that knew they were being prayed for actually did worse.



bored reader

Any "study" can make their results look the way they want it to. I can say for certain prayer has worked for me.


Duhast, is there a harm for someone to believe in something in his heart when common sense and logic in his brain tells him it couldn't happen. I believe the Cleveland Browns will one day win a super bowl but my brain tells me different.


It's great to know that in this world of so much unbelief, and people making up their own rules and morality, that prayer is still important in some peoples lives. God bless these people and the students they prayed for.  

What is prayer?  It is not a cold, lifeless, formal recitation of words.  Rather, it is when through the Holy Spirit, one truly communes with God and experiences His wants and needs for our life’s.  Even though our existence may seem chaotic, God is in control and has a master plan.  We won’t know what that is in our lifetime.  Every prayer should end with, Your will be done.      

brutus smith

 Pray all you want. Just don't force others to pray your prayer.