Osborne teacher prays for Sandusky students

An Osborne Elementary teacher is organizing residents to pray for the city's children outside schools on Friday.
Susan McMillan
Dec 9, 2010

An Osborne Elementary teacher is organizing residents to pray for the city's children outside schools on Friday.

Rosalyn Shepherd, an art teacher at Osborne, said that every day she interacts with kids who don't have a good home life and come to school hungry or angry and then struggle to learn.

"We have more good than bad, but unfortunately the bad stands out," she said. "The kids need help, and I think first and foremost prayer is the first thing to do."

At noon Friday, when she is on her lunch break, Shepherd will walk across the street — so as not to stand on school property — and join in prayer with her pastor, some fellow school employees and anyone else who wants to take part.

Shepherd, who attends Ebenezer Baptist Church, has reached out to other local churches and hopes to have people praying outside each of the Sandusky Schools buildings at the same time.

They plan to be there for about 15 minutes and don't want to disrupt the schools in any way, she said.


Professor Playdoh

Wouldn't it make more sense to fix the kids breakfast?


I agree with the Professor!

just curious

 well then i fully expect you to be there passing out lunches while there praying point being dont say what somebody else should be doing if your not doing anything besides now a days kids need prayer more than ever but everyone seems to have forgotten that


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Mime Bloggling

 From a tiny acorn a mighty oak tree grows...prayer is a great beginning!

Professor and Mutley....perhaps you can donate your time and money to make their breakfast? 

Taxed Enough Already

 I am impressed that a teacher would take the time.  We need more like her.  God Bless you!

just curious

 If i sounded angry in my first post i apologize its just that there used to be a time when our faith was our backbone  and its amazing how now a days when you try to involve god people act as if youve done something wrong this lady  is trying and thats more than ypu can say about most  so like the previous post said god bless you


Most success starts with a small effort.  The point is; Roselyn Shepherd recognizes a problem, she is making an effort and is doing more than talking.  I wish her success BECAUSE she is doing more than talking.

God Bless Her


This is a wonderful story,  let the  people in Sandusky  stand up for this  teacher who is  willing to share  her life with her students and to set a wonderful example of helping others.   I think this is a wonderful way to  celebrate the true  reason for this Christmas Season.........I am hoping to see some followup  in  helping  students  get a proper way to start their day, donations may  be needed to have some basic  breakfasts  for these students not only in this school but for other schools as well,  Children  need to know that  people truly care for them each and every day.   Sandusky, this is the time of year to show your  'true colors'  .........  I'm sad at  some of the negative things that have been happening in this town, its  time to turn it around and  be  SANDUSKY PROUD!!!!


AMEN! Even if it just as simple as a prayer, at least this teacher has the proper attitude with our kids! It's just a shame she needs to walk across the street to do this.

What the hell has happened to our country when we are so worried about offending someone that we strip ourselvs of what made this country so great in the first place? Everyone bithces about how thing used to be, I remember when prayer in school was allowed, I remember when we said the Pledge of Allegiance, without worring about wether it would offend someone! It's time we bring back the morals and values that made us a great nation in the first place!

Raoul Duke

If she is praying for help for these kids, maybe she is the answer to her own prayer, already.


That's great that these people are praying for the kids, but I'm pretty sure the hungry ones can't eat those prayers....why not use the free time to help parents fill out forms for free and reduced breakfast and lunches? There are school counselors, so why not set up appointments for these children that "need help"? Maybe the prayer makes you feel good, but I'm pretty sure God isn't going to be dropping by the school and making sure these kids are well nourished and making good behavioral decisions. If the parents aren't going to make this happen at home, maybe these teachers could do something that might actually make a difference instead of just a theoretical one...

Kottage Kat

While feeding the children is a good idea, it would have to be done on school time, on school property, and who is going to fund this endeaver???? Perhaps members of the community if they are civic minded could contact the school board and provide the breakfast. Prayer is wonderful,and I bless this lady for her faith.


I would like to make a suggestion.... why don't the churches in the community who have fellowship halls where they can serve breakfast to the children who have parents who don't give a hoot whether their child is fed or not.  Maybe it's a way for churches to reach the community.  There are people who could volunteer to serve the food and also get some places to donate the food.  It's time to stop relying on Gov. assistance in these matters and start taking control of the situation ourselves.  Praying is a wonderful start.  There are people who are retired and also people who right now are laid off so they could help.  I know our church supplies breakfast before Sunday School for these children and maybe it's time each church near each school does the same during the week.  We have people who donate the food and milk and orange juice and we rotate each week.  


The government feeds the kids on school property on school time....it's the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act....you just fill out a paper. It's been around for awhile.

just curious

 well cat power now that you know what the problem is you can do all those things you suggested for mrs shepard do the problem is we would rather sit back and talk about what should be done and then talk about the people who are trying and by the way yes i fully expect to pray to god and for him to make a way for those children to eat and help them make better decisions   look at it like this she is working for god  at the very least this article has raised awareness about things going on in our schools and now people like you who have more to offer than just prayer can step in and help god is good


I think it would be awesome if they could get enough people they could actually circle the school in prayer.  Pastor, make it happen!


yes it would be great if I had the extra time to help. I am simply saying that the time spent organizing and promoting this prayer could have been better spent by helping to feed these children. Keep praying to God to provide for these children...perhaps he is the one that has provided these programs, but the kids can't do it themselves. If the parents of these kids aren't going to make sure that their children are eating, isn't it the job of the teachers to report this abuse to the authorites?

I'm glad this is raising awareness, but once again, ideas and good intentions don't fill empty bellies.

and furthermore, I don't know who these children are, I am not the one that sees them coming in to school hungry and angry everyday, I doubt if I started calling around to schools they would give me the information.


I am for this.  The childrens mama's are probably already getting welfare and food stamps. There  is usually no father in the house.  You need to care for your own children, it starts at home.   


In fact there is a school breakfast program.  It's been around.  If the kids that are coming to school hungry have been identified why aren't the teachers making sure these kids are enrolled in the breakfast program?  Maybe we can all say a little prayer to that end. 

As far as the "angry" kids and the "bad ones" that stand out, God didn't make no junk.  It looks like some hugs are in order.


Kottage Kat

" Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime"


 Was this teachers formally Mrs. Miller that taught 1st grade?

Raoul Duke

Why would God wait for a prayer before he gave us the answer to this issue? Why would God let little kids go hungry? Why would God fix the problem ONLY if aked through prayer?

just curious

 i dont have that answer but if your faith wont allow you to believe in prayer then find a way to help those kids yourself until youve done something you are apart of the problem if prayer a waste of time to youthen step away from the computer and figure out how to do better

just curious

 cat power honestly no offense but people like you are the exact reason why we have to give our children something more powerful than man to believe in  while i trully believe yoy mean well in your staements you represent our country today where you see that theres a problem and in your mindyou know exactly what to do yet you sit on your hands because you dont have the time  or your only one person and instead of being thankful that someone had the courage to start somewhere  you tear there ideas down you say prayers dont fill there bellies well neither does you not having enough time im not trying to down you but simy make the point that  if something needs to be done do it if you cant then support those who are its seems that you either forgot or never knew that through god all things are possible and if it that  quote isnt good enough for you then you dont know my god and i will pray for you


 I wonder how many registered sex offenders will answer the call for prayer?

But really, this is the same as doing nothing. Does it make a difference if these people prayed alone at home rather than as a group at school?

It seems certain area churches love a publicity stunt to draw attention to themselves. Do something that produces concrete results.


Good for you Roselyn!!!

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To many don't dedicate themselves to there kids development! Its funny how people give up on things so easily! Ok you may quit on paying your morgage car note rent etc! But when you quit paying attention to your kids like with everything else there comes consequences! Remember it takes a village to raise a child people so when you see these bad kids standing out instead of downing on them and labeling them help them! Never look down on someone unless your willing to help them up! These kids are our future! Most kids are only bad cause they want attention! Give it to them! 


it's ok you don't need to pray for me, I'm all set. I actually do what I can when I can for charitable organizations either with time or the small amount of money I have. I am hoping Ms. Shepherd replies to the e-mail I sent as well offering to help. I can't go into these schools, I don't see the things that these teachers are seeing. To say that I am part of the problem I find funny. Keep praying, and I will make sure my kid is fed. So I guess I will continue to "sit on my hands" until I witness the abuse that the faculty is apparently ignoring. And once again, I don't have a problem with the prayer, it's great if people need it to feel good about themselves. I will continue to live as a good person and hope that Ms. Shepherd takes me up on my offer.

Truth or Dare

It was the "majority" of people, clergy included that pressed for the separation.  Our own government doesn't adhere to it, but our public schools must.   It's also the responsibility of our U.S. Supreme Court, when necessary, to protect the minority from the majority.  Kinda like back when women/blacks weren't  allowed to vote!   

Is the public invited to join in prayer?   If so, what time?  Any children orgs./extra curricular acitivity  meetings at Osborne Elementary, let alone any other public school?  You know, like Brownies, Girl/Boy Scouts,  Model U.N?  Our children still have the right to come together, organize as a group to seek moral support throughout their day at school, as well in help for after.  They say " ACTIONS speak louder than words". 

just curious

its funny you went from all children being fed to as long as your child is fed and what if you mrs shepard doesnt take you up on your offer have you now done all you can  if i cant rely on god to feed them then you cant rely on mrs shepard to allow you to help if prayer is only a means to make me feel good them surely you got the same kick when you sent that email   quick personal question do you believe in god