Norwalk turns down COPS grant

Norwalk police department won't hire another officer after turning down a federal grant.
Annie Zelm
Dec 5, 2010


Norwalk police department won't hire another officer after turning down a federal grant.

The city was one of 12 in Ohio awarded the COPS grant by the U.S. Department of Justice. About 260 applications were submitted statewide.

COPS, or Community Oriented Policing Services, is a grant that provides funding for an entry-level salary and fringe benefits for newly hired officers, or officers who have been laid off or are scheduled to be laid off as a result of budget cuts.

The federal government set aside up to $298 million for the program in 2010 and awarded grants to 379 agencies nationwide, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Norwalk Mayor Sue Lesch said it was a decision she didn't want to make, but she opted not to accept the grant because it came with too many strings attached.

Read the full story in Sunday's Register.



Good for Norwalk! There are, indeed, strings attached to COPS grants, and one of the worst is that the new hire is only "free" for a little while courtesy of the feds (taxpayer monies always paid, of course). After that, cities are on their own. And if Norwalk can't afford to maintain a full strength safety services department NOW, why would it enlarge that department so it could pay even more later?

Sounds like Mayor Lesch actually read the fine print on the grant. Sure wish Sandusky and Perkins had thought of that...


Amen!  Good for the Mayor of Norwalk to finally speak up and tell the public exactly what these grants involve.  When ANY LE agency accepts this "TEMPORARY" grant, they promise they will FORCE the taxpayers to ante up when the grant ends.  In other words, your illustrious DOJ, headed by Attorney General Eric H. Holder, decides what YOU pay up in taxes!  "Oh, we need to take that free money!"  Yeah, that is EXACTLY what is wrong with you freeloading liberals.  The grant only lasts for two or three years and then residents are FORCED to pay up to keep them in place.  How does it feel when the chief of police or the council or mayor DICTATE to you that you MUST pay!  If you fail to abide by the rules of the grant, the DOJ will sue the city, township, county or state to get all the money back.  "Oh, they would never do that!"  Of course not!  Does the State of Arizona come to mind?  Can't be done?  Your "anointed one" does what HE wants, NOT what the people want.  It is another scam to FORCE you to PAY more TAXES!  If there were NO "strings" attached to this grant, then it would be worth keeping a C.O.P. officer on for another few years to avoid a layoff.  But, to agree to keep them on whether the jurisdiction can afford it or not is NOT worth it.  GOOD job Norwalk!! 


This is right up there with Muni bonds.


Get rid of all PACS while we are at it.


(We know that won't ever happen)

Did the Mayor take a pay cut?


They should save money by doing C.O.P like in Police Academy.  Citizens on Patrol!


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