Norwalk sex sting charges dismissed, sheriff says case still open

After a key witness fled the area, a Norwalk judge has dismissed charges against two men arrested in September in a Huron County prostitution sting.
Annie Zelm
Dec 4, 2010


After a key witness fled the area, a Norwalk judge has dismissed charges against two men arrested in September in a Huron County prostitution sting.

Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard, however, insists the witness is willing to return.

Norwalk Municipal Court Judge John Ridge last week dismissed solicitation charges against former Firelands High School football coach Todd A. Pooch, 36, and John C. Kemper, 52.

Ridge's decision followed the city law director's determination that both cases lacked evidence without the woman's testimony.

The 47-year-old woman, a prostitute-turned-informant, had been staying at the Greenwich home of Douglas Lucas, 54, who was also arrested in September and charged with managing a brothel.

Lucas' case was forwarded to the county prosecutor. As of Friday, he had not been indicted.

Law enforcement officials said Lucas helped operate a prostitution website catering to customers interested in bondage and sadomasochism.

Police arrested Pooch and Kemper after investigators used the website to entice the two men to a Norwalk motel.

Once there, Pooch and Kemper paid the prostitute cash in separate meetings, according to Howard.

But the two mens' attorneys raised concerns about the operation.

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This was reported in the Cleveland media last week.  Thanks for keeping up on things......


does the website still run?/ sounds like a fun night.


The case is still open?  Ha! Ha!  Hey, Dane Howard and the Huron County S.O., your case was DISMISSED.  You have Nada, Nothing, Butkis!  So you relied heavily on ONE witness and expected her to brave any threats or "contracts" against her and merrily show up in open court to testify??  And she freely admits she is a prostitute?  Did you guys do ANY further investigation to find evidence to help authenticate your stellar witness and substantiate your case?  So they these two pillars of society simply WALK and are back in business?  Incredible.   


My problem with this article is that bdsm & prostitution are getting mixed up & combined.  There are many powerful men out there that seek the services of a dominatrix.  In essence they are doing the wives a favor, IT'S NOT SEXUAL!  These people have a need to "be brought down to size" and getting their butts beat and being told what to do by an assertive, powerful female kind of evens them out to go on about their life until they feel that need again . It's not for everyone, agreed - but it is a victimless crime, so waste time and money investigating more important things.




I know the law says it is illegal to exchange money for sex.  That being said, as long as these women are engaging in this behavior of their own free will and aren't being hurt beyond what they have consented to, where's the harm? 

digger nick

Wow Buffy, finally a comment I can agree with you on. The government would be far better serving of its citizens focusing on violent crime. Better yet, put this issue before the liberals and they would find a way to taxt both buyer and seller.


guess they screwed the pooch