BB gun lands boy in detention center

Boy also carrying basil to sell as marijuana to pay off court fines.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 5, 2013


A boy carrying a BB gun was charged after a traffic stop where Sandusky County deputies saw him hiding the weapon under his leg Tuesday evening.
Deputies stopped the vehicle, driven by a 19-year-old man, for speeding on County Road 204 at U.S. 20.
On approaching the vehicle, Sandusky County Deputy Brian McGrady saw what appeared to be the top rail of a pistol tucked under the rear seat near the passenger’s leg.
The teen told the deputy it was a BB gun, but using caution, McGrady ordered all three people in the vehicle to place their hands in the air. He held them at gunpoint until other officers arrived to assist him.
Deputies eventually identified the weapon as a pellet pistol that had all the true markings of a real one, according to a deputy’s report.
In searching the vehicle and the boy, officers found two knives and a plastic bag containing basil. The boy told deputies he’d packaged the basil to resemble marijuana and sold it to a friend for $50 so he could pay off his court fines.
Deputies charged the boy with a probation violation and carrying a concealed weapon and took him to the juvenile detention center.


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There is an upstanding group of young citizens. Let's check back in ten years and see where they are and what their path of destruction was!


caveat emptor! Fifty bucks for basil???? LOL Allegedly the buyer has a burned out Basil has a distinct smell. Wait till he lights that up. But what can one expect? LOL. He got what he deserved. It will now cost the alleged young seller considerably more to pay his court costs on this little jaunt. Hope he has more buyers of the same caliber as his last one to pay his new court costs....he will need them. Unless the potential new buyers can READ on here or the paper. LOL


taking entrepreneurial vision to a new low

Peninsula Pundit

Sign him up for the Young Republicans Club with that kind of scheme!