LETTER: Affordable health

I have always had good health insurance, so little did I know the nightmare of not having health insurance until my only daughter be
Sandusky Register Staff
May 13, 2010

I have always had good health insurance, so little did I know the nightmare of not having health insurance until my only daughter became gravely ill in June 2009. At the age of 31, with no health insurance, my daughter died on Thanksgiving Day 2009.

The hospital put her on Medicaid, but with this we could not find a primary care doctor to treat her. The clinic on Hayes Avenue that treats those without insurance was so busy it couldn't give her an appointment until January -- too late.

So with every crisis during a six month period, she had to resort to emergency room treatment. Every time I had to go through the entire history of her medical problems with the staff. Believe me I am not in anyway belittling the fine professional people at Firelands Hospital (Sandusky), St. Vincent's and St. Ann's (Toledo). They did what they could with the information they had. However, her problems were severe, and at the time we did not know that they were life threatening.

The point of this letter is to show what is wrong with our national health insurance problems. Health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are making millions of dollars profit each quarter. Our country is engaged in an eight year plus war that is costing taxpayers millions of dollars, yet we can not afford to have good health insurance for all Americans.

Last week on the news a health insurance company in California reported over a one billion dollar profit in the last quarter, yet they were raising rates by 30%. What is this all about? GREED.

I love my daughter, and I wanted the best for her. Unfortunately, those with good health insurance get the best. The rest of Americans uninsured are not so fortunate.

Judy Bishop




If she was on Medicaid, I doubt she could afford any “catastrophic” insurance policies. Especially with an obvious pre-exiting condition. But, way to ram your right wing talking points by belittling a grieving mother. Real class there.

brutus smith

It was bad enough that friend felt the need to spew his hatred on this letter, but then the woman hater had to jump in and spew his venom. There are plenty of other letters and views on here to post your hateful comments other than the one where a mother lost her daughter. Do you feel better goofus????? How about you friend???? What a waste of flesh, the both of you.


My condolences maam. Death is a part of living that is difficult to justify in the grand scheme of things. However, I have a few concerns. It's no question that a plurality of the people that die from no health insurance are those young 20 to 35 year olds that choose not to get health insurance because they feel bullet proof. They feel fine and nothing is going to happen to them,spending their disposable income on material gains. I take it your daughter had a chronic illness,but she was insured by medicaid. Your letter seems to reflect a misdiagnosis. Your scathing rhetoric sounds like a damnation of Medicaid. If medicaid (a free health insurance) failed your daughter and the government is responsible for the administration of it, how can you trust the government to adequately administer Obama care. A disaster waiting to happen. Blue Cross is owned by Wellpoint Inc., the nations largest health insurer. Did Obama or any of the leftists ever have bothered to mention that Wellpoint sold it's Net RX division for 4.75 billion dollars in cash and equity. A payment such as this will result in the bottom line going up. One last question, did you or your daughter ever look in to a catastrophic health care plan?


In response to my letter on health care and to answer your questions. I did write to the President and all our federal representatives for the state of Ohio, with the same letter that I sent to the Register. The health insurance co. in Calif. that reported over 1 billion dollar quarterly profit was Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Families reported that their monthly payment of over $500 was going up to over $700. As for my daughter's personal life I will not respond. But I am sure that there are many, many 20 and 30 year olds without health insurance. She was a part time student, and where she worked offered no health insurance.

Chung Lee

"friend" you are a pathetic loser to mock a gieving mother who just lost her daughter. It may come as a surprise to your silly little mind that 45,000 people die each year for lack of coverage and that 31 million Americans do not have insurance. With the current trend with rates going up double digets, more and more people will lose their coverage. That sort of attitude shows the compassionate conservatives that they are neither. I hope you feel like a big man you sad little man.


Watch'n, no, we shouldn't be entitled to healthcare. It's not an entitlement.

Dorothy, I guess you would not want to make a profit if you had paid over $150,000 in university and medical school fees? How do you expect a doctor to pay off their school loans if they can't make a profit? Just curious.

Why did your daughter not have insurance? Had she ever? There are a lot of facts missing from this article.

What insurance company reported a $1 bln quarterly profit?

brutus smith

You said it all Judy, GREED. Your daughters death shouldn't have had to happen like this. My deepest condolences. To many people are on this bandwagon that the ER is the end all cure all answer to people without health insurance. They keep repeating the lies of these highly paid right wing pundits, Senators and Congressmen. Shame on you people, and one day you will meet your maker and try to justify why it was OK to let people like Judy's daughter die.

dorothy gale

Thank you for your letter, Ms. Bishop. My heart goes out to you. Have you sent this letter to the White House and to Ohio's congressmen? Maybe if those who are wasting time trying to block legislation that ensures this sort of tragedy never happens in this country again would be bombarded with letters from people who have endured similar ordeals, there MIGHT be a chance something would be done to change the system. How many more people will have to watch loved ones die because they don't have insurance? Does it state anywhere in the Hippocratic Oath that doctors are entitled to a profit? So sad and so needless. Again, my condolences to you and your family.

looking around

My condolences on the loss of your daughter, I hope your letter and millions of others will reach congress and drive the point home that we need reform.

Interestingly just recently on a news cast about former VP Cheney suffering his 5th heart attack they spoke of his long history with heart ailments and how he has continued to work, that being accredited to his excellent doctors and the first rate medical care that he receives. Shouldn't we all be equally entitled?