Two-tone lobster shown in Maine

Orange-and-brown lobster is one in 50 million
Associated Press
Sep 3, 2013


Maine has seen its share of blue lobsters, orange lobsters, albino lobsters and calico lobsters. But one on display at a Portland research facility has all of those turning green with envy.

The lobster at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute is half orange and half brown.

The lobster was caught by lobsterman Jeff Edwards and was donated by Ship to Shore Lobster Co. in Owl's Head.

Research Institute spokesman Steven Profaizer says it's being kept in a tank used by the LabVenture education experience. For the program, the institute transports about 10,000 students each year.

As for the lobster, it is indeed rare. The Lobster Institute at the University of Maine tells WMTW-TV this type of two-tone lobster is one in 50 million. Only albino lobsters are more rare.




I've seen this story a few years back.
Is this another two-toned lobster?

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I bet he'll look even better doused in warm butter.

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Probably swam over from Japan : 0