Okamoto hit with 15 OSHA violations

A Sandusky plant faces a $58,500 fine from OSHA for not properly locking out machinery to prevent unexpected starts.
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 30, 2013


Occupational Safety and Heath Administration cited Okamoto Sandusky Manufacturing LLC, on West Monroe Street, with 15 health and safety violations. This was the first OSHA inspection at the plant, and it came after OSHA received a complaint.

OSHA inspectors found 14 serious violations, including: failing to conduct inspections or training for the lockout of equipment; not developing an emergency response plan; lack of guards on rollers and conveyors; using non-approved electrical equipment in areas where flammable vapors may be present; inadequate labeling of hazardous chemical containers; and failing to provide employees with information and training for using hazardous chemicals.

The plant was also cited for not having comprehensive respiratory and hearing protection programs. The Sandusky plant manufactures vinyl products for the automotive industry.

The company has 15 business days from receipt of the citations to contest the findings and the proposed penalties.


Darwin's choice

How long before they close.....?


How long before a worker is killed?

looking around

Another company that needs a union.

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I dint's know they were a condom maker. Their aloe-enriched ones are made with four times more lubricant.

Mr. D

Safe working conditions, providing safety training, establishing and initiating safety procedures do not cause plants to close. Lazy management and HR people not doing their jobs cause injury, death and closings!


It says The Sandusky plant manufactures vinyl products for the automotive industry, who said anything about condoms???

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(This was the first OSHA inspection at the plant)

Ok, now they know what is required. Give them a chance to fix it. Why blame people at this point, if workers had problems with management not responding to issues then fine the plant, if management never knew about the concerns then just fix it and move on. There needs to be communication and understanding between all or we will loose all manufacturing to countries that have no laws. How many of you would work inside a die set?


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Before I comment, what's your point with the Chinese press operators?

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It is an example of a country operating with no guidelines at all for factory workers. Basically no rules.

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Is that what you are suggesting for here?

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By the way, I have to laugh when you say "management never knew about concerns". Do you say that with a straight face?

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You forgot the "IF" I had in there my friend!
Some people are quick to blame those who may not have known, like I said people need to communicate. Obviously you do not care for management, 30 years ago I was designing and installing anti tie down press controls so my people would not get hurt. I toured the MTD plant in Willard where most of the machines had one control tied down. Not good!


It is management's responsibility to know the rules and laws required everyday. Don't make excuses for them!