Police look for diamond thief

Perkins police are trying to identify a man who swiped two diamonds from a mall jewelry store on Wednesday.
Jessica Cuffman
Aug 28, 2013


The suspect showed up at Osterman Jewelers at the Sandusky Mall just before 3 p.m., entering through the doors at Elder-Beerman, according to a police report.
The man said he was looking to replace a 1.5-carat diamond his wife lost from her ring, which prompted the clerk to pull out two 1-carat diamonds — one yellow, one white. The clerk held them in her hand for the man to see, and she also allowed him to hold one diamond while she held the other, according to the report.

Watch a surveillence video in the player to the right

The man snatched both diamonds and ran out of the store and toward the movie theater, the report said.
Osterman employees told police the suspect was a black man wearing bleached or faded blue jeans, a white shirt and a white hat with writing on it. The suspect also had a noticeable gap between his teeth. Police were working to lift fingerprints from the counter at the jewelry store and at Elder-Beerman.

Anyone with information in the case can call Perkins police at 419-627-0824.


2cents's picture

LOL, We discussed this at breakfast how so many places have their security cameras pointing at peoples heads. Wear a hat like he did with a long bill and you are not seen.

Trigger from Erie

The video contradicts the story that the clerk allowed him to hold one diamond while she held the other. She clearly handed both to him. He may have snatched them from the store, but he didn't snatch them from her, as the article implies.

And the fact that he said he was looking to replace his wife's diamond, but wasn't even wearing a wedding ring himself, might have been an indication that something was up. I know, I know--not all dudes wear wedding rings, but a little situational awareness never hurts.