How much does your school's superintendent make?

Every area superintendent's contract posted here, as well as up-to-date salaries; pick up the Register today for full story, including interesting contract highlights
Alissa Widman Neese
Aug 26, 2013

When most area districts kick off their school years this week, a majority of their superintendents are poised to earn above-average salaries, according to a Register analysis of Ohio Department of Education data.

Among 16 local superintendents, salaries range from $77,000 to $158,000, according to the data.

A PDF of each area superintendent's contract is posted below.

The region’s top earner is Eugene Sanders, superintendent of Sandusky Schools, the area’s second-largest district. His five-year contract, finalized earlier this year, will land him about $900,000 in salaries, bonuses and benefits if he remains in the district through its completion.

The area’s lowest-paid superintendent is Steve Poe, of Put-in-Bay School, the area’s smallest district with just 72 students.

But when considering some of Poe’s unique contract benefits — such as the South Bass Island home the district provides his family during the school year, as well as work-related travel and lodging reimbursement on the mainland — it’s clear comparing superintendent compensation isn’t always clear-cut.

The second-lowest area superintendent salary is Gregg Elchert, a one-year hire at Monroeville Schools, at $85,000. The third-lowest is Benton-Carroll-Salem Schools superintendent Guy Parmigian, at $95,000.

All other superintendent salaries exceed $100,000, excluding other benefits, for an overall region average of about $112,300.

Statewide, the average superintendent salary is about $101,500, when accounting for all districts, community schools and educational service centers, according to the Ohio Department of Education’s most recent data.

Despite the ranging pay rates, many critics across Ohio claim district administrators — specifically their top-earning superintendents — simply receive too much. The scrutinizers take note of the faltering economy and budget cuts not just to public education, but all levels of government.

Those who support the wages, however, call attention to a superintendent’s vital, challenging role — working long hours, managing multimillion-dollar budgets, and representing hundreds of employees and students in the public eye.

Still others declare an appropriate superintendent salary is situational, depending on what a district and its taxpayers can afford.

To kick off the “back to school” season, the Register compiled a list of the area’s 16 superintendents, including their salaries from the past school year, contract highlights and characteristics of their districts.



NAME: Kim Schubert

SALARY: $100,485 

YEARS: Aug. 2012-July 2018


DISTRICT BUDGET: $21 million 



NAME: Guy Parmigian

SALARY: $95,000

YEARS: Aug. 2012-July 2014


DISTRICT BUDGET: $19 million



NAME: David Stubblebine

SALARY: $103,500

YEARS: Aug. 2013-July 2016


DISTRICT BUDGET: $21 million



NAME: Dan Parent


YEARS: Aug. 2011-July 2015


DISTRICT BUDGET: $10 million



NAME: Tom Roth

SALARY: $111,485

YEARS: Aug. 2011-July 2014


DISTRICT BUDGET: $14 million



NAME: Sharon Mastroianni

SALARY: $119,332

YEARS: July 2012-June 2015


DISTRICT BUDGET: $13 million 



NAME: Traci McCaudy

SALARY: $146,595

YEARS: Aug. 2011-July 2016


BUDGET: $39 million 



NAME: Dennis Muratori

SALARY: $124,989

YEARS: Aug. 2013-July 2016


DISTRICT BUDGET: $16 million 



NAME: Ed Kurt

SALARY: $113,771

YEARS: Aug. 2013-July 2016


DISTRICT BUDGET: $14 million



NAME: Gregg Elchert

SALARY: $85,000

YEARS: Aug. 2013-July 2014


DISTRICT BUDGET: $7 million 



NAME: Dennis Doughty

SALARY: $110,259

YEARS: Aug. 2011-July 2015


DISTRICT BUDGET: $24 million 



NAME: Jim Gunner

SALARY: $117,200

YEARS: Aug. 2011-July 2015


DISTRICT BUDGET: $22 million 



NAME: Patrick Adkins

SALARY: $104,578

YEARS: Aug. 2011-July 2016


DISTRICT BUDGET: $21 million 



NAME: Steve Poe

SALARY: $77,000

YEARS: Jan. 2012-July 2014


DISTRICT BUDGET: $3 million 



NAME: Eugene Sanders

SALARY: $158,000

YEARS: Aug. 2013-July 2018


DISTRICT BUDGET: $44 million 



NAME: Phil Pempin

SALARY: $122,522

YEARS: Aug. 2013-July 2016


DISTRICT BUDGET: $24 million 


Pick up a copy of today's Register for a full listing of contract highlights of area superintendents.




Perhaps you missed the part where I said that I am not talking about pure age.


I get that you're gleaming with pride after a big win, but why does "pure age" matter? Perkins feels entitled while other schools get it done with what they have. Big difference. We could have the biggest and best school and we still would provide a mediocre, at best, education. The Perkins mentality. Also, check that scoreboard. Pay to play isn't hurting anyone!!!


I agree. A small group of people have been sounding the alarm for years about the decline in Perkins academic performance to Gunner, to the BOE for years. The response from them? Lets build new facilities! Ridiculous. I really think that if the district focused on improving education, the money would follow with affirmatives on levy votes.


Amen to that, underthebridge.


"A small group of people have been sounding the alarm for years about the decline in Perkins academic performance to Gunner, to the BOE for years."

Or worse.



If the result of one football game is what you think my comments are based on, or is how you are judging the PTP situation, then I fear you don't "get" it.

Other schools "get it done with what they have."? Really, so no districts in the area have raised millage? We are certainly getting it done with less per student than most districts. As far as the state scores, Ohio hasn't been able to figure out how to fund schools fairly in 20 years. What on earth makes us think they can grade schools fairly or appropriately?

Entitlement and pure age? I don't care if our facilities were 200-300 years old. It's the conditions that matter. If anyone wants to compare our facilities to that of other schools, age alone is not an accurate measure. How were they built? What materials used? Any hazmats still exist? What are maintenance and repair costs? What conditions exist? How is the infrastructure? Electrical system? Plumbing and sewage? Environmental factors, such as air quality? What is going to happen with all of these things in the next 5-10-15 years?

If looking at the situation that way means a supporter feels entitled, then we have very different definitions of that word.

MP and oldtimer bring up some very valid points? How is it that Perkins wastes money when we are in the bottom half of the rankings in spend per student?


Are MP and oldtimer factoring in the state compensation we receive for the 500+ open enrollment students? Are they included in those numbers?

Again, the building is a non issue until the finances are squared away, and I don't see that being anytime soon.


yes, I am factoring in OE$ for Perkins and ALL the schools on that list


Are you providing these numbers or is the Register?


Thu, 08/29/2013 - 12:32pm

"Interesting data when you break it down and sort it out. I know that Perkins is the target of alot of scrutiny, however look a bit closer. Perhaps they are doing the best they can with what they have. Based on Register stats provided, sort by cost per pupil:"


double checked with Cressimano...

The Perkins budget is $22M per year INCLUDING the $3.2M that OE brings in. According to your past posts you think we should stop that too. Where would that leave us? You do not support a levy that we desperately need or the BOE using other sources of funding (OE). Do you want a state minimum school?


The majority of the voters didn't approve the levy for a third time. What is the district's agenda? School? No school? Teachers? Less teachers? Programs? Less programs? Operating money? No operating money? Wait? Don't wait? Now? Later? Maybe? What is it?

True Blue

Do any of you Perkins fans know what the digging is all about in the field behind the stadium? Puckrin, the farmer, was told he wouldn't be able to farm that land next year. Is Gunner and the BOE going ahead with their multi-million dollar campus? Just wondering if anyone can explain these actions.


I think the Ohio EPA said the mounds were a hazzard of some sort and had to be knocked down. Another unfunded mandate.


Have to check it out.


15th your problem is that you keep wanting to go back to a better time. The day of what I will call Heavy industrial,unskilled, good paying jobs are a thing of the past. The shift is toward light industrial, skilled computer savy jobs. Hence the schools desire to graduate students with the skills needed to compete for good paying jobs. This will require some investment by the community. It is useless to pine away about what once was.


I'd say it is our problem, oldpirate. If we can't go back in time to when times were better in Perkins Township, I think the schools will have to remain idle, as well, until something is resolved and progress is made. I don't see any light industrial and skilled computer jobs being created in the township as a result of an adjustment being made by the schools or anyone. Maybe a cash register clerk or a bar code inventory scanner job. It's really no fault of anyone except those oblivious and naive to think this community is ready and able to support such a high priced school district with very limited, higher paid supporters and resources. I think it's impossible unless the very investment you speak of occurs first. I'm with you, though in your thought process.


We all knew/know that we were/are preparing our children to leave the area to find jobs.


Again, look at the data... cost per pupil…

Norwalk 8492… new school
Edison 9259
Perkins 9623
Fremont 9747…new school
Clyde 10233…new school
Bellevue 10479…new school
Perkins IF levy passes in November $10,892
Huron 11299… did they buy new land or not? I heard they did
Monroeville 11667
Vermillion 12532…new school
Margareta 12556
Oak Harbor 12599
Port Clinton 12971…new school
Sandusky 14286
Danbury 18116
Ehove 18131…new school

15 says 'It's really no fault of anyone except those oblivious and naive to think this community is ready and able to support such a high priced school district with very limited, higher paid supporters and resources.'

We are NOT presently a high priced school district (see data above), NOR- if the levy were to pass- we STILL would not be a high priced school district (again, see data above). Our high paid supporters are the commercial real estate owners (who pay a staggering 60% of property taxes for the district). Perkins homeowners have it good compared to neighboring communities due to the high commercial/residential ratio.


I didn't say we were a high priced district. They want us to be and the community can't support it in its current state. You've made a great point that we are well below the other districts, thus spending less as things will continue to get worse. I think we are set up to be able to function for years to come without further assistance from the tax payers....based on your data. Will be very helpful come November. Thanks.

Also, not sure where you're getting your information on "new schools" at your listed districts. Maybe a building here and there, but not an entire damn 50 million plus campus!


Again, here is your quote: ‘able to support such a high priced school district.’ Your words, not mine. Perkins is not a high priced district now and will not be even if the November levy passes. The numbers do not lie.
And yes, to your other post, the Perkins budget is $22M per year INCLUDING the $3.2M that OE brings in. According to your past posts you think we should stop that too. Where would that leave us? You do not support a levy that we desperately need or the BOE using other sources of funding (OE). Do you want a state minimum school?


I want a school district that won't spend taxpayer dollars frivolously and don't continuously flip flop on their agenda. You and the district will continue to lose until the right leadership is voted in and the community regains much needed trust and confidence. The facts and "numbers" regarding your data are the same as the facts regarding the districts ODE report card. Just facts!


Were probably the last two on this stream but what the heck-

Frivolous?  We are the the 3rd lowest in the entire area with one increase in 18 years.  I call that frugal. 

Flip flopping agendas?  Seems like a consistent message to me- prepare kids for the 21st century. What has changed?  

Test scores... I'll give it to you that they suck but it's not lack of effort. They are working on it not ignoring it. I want improvement here too. But there is more measurements to successful schools than just test scores. 


Agree! It will all work out. I think it is just going to take some time to sort everything out and again, regaining the trust of all parties involved. It certainly isn't for lack of caring on anyone's part. We all love the Perkins Schools, but there has been a severe decline in many areas and that has to be directed at the top. It may or may not be the right person(s) to blame, but as with any leadership position, the top usually has to change for the people to buy into the message being delivered. We'll see. Going to be an interesting Fall. I just hope people continue to get the facts..and data :) out there for all to digest!!!! We'll all come together in the end...we have to!